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  1. shygirl

    Med error could cost my job? Need help!

    You should have told the nurse that came to get you about your patient that the pill fell, etc, and you'd talk after the shift?? Also, what's up with the "nerve" pill? If you are taking Rx. meds, you'll have to give a complete list of all thing you take. Goodluck, Shygirl
  2. shygirl

    Difficult Post/CVA Patient

    Hi, Did anyone do a depression scale on this patient? Sometimes after a stroke patients are depressed. Chemical imbalances are to blame. Is this patient getting any type of therapies? O.T. or P.T.? Are there any family members that you could talk to to find out what type of foods this person is used to eating? Just some ideas??? Shygirl
  3. shygirl

    funny names for nurses

    Very funny! Thanks for the laugh! Shygirl
  4. shygirl

    UPDATE: Nursing Education Loan Repayment Program

    So, Am I misunderstanding this. To "forgive" the student loans, one has to be out of work? I read something about willing to relocate? Shygirl
  5. shygirl

    RN floating as a CNA

    Only the LPN's can float as CNA's in our facility! Thank God! I don't think I could do the work. They kill themselves. Gos Bless them! Shygirl
  6. shygirl

    My 2 year old is orange

    Rock on Zoe!
  7. shygirl

    My 2 year old is orange

    Wow Mary! I'm glad it wasn't any of the other "diagnosis" that were offered here today! Shygirl
  8. shygirl

    I got the CRUD

    Sorry Zoe, hope you feel better soon!
  9. shygirl

    I made her cry

    You were being manipulated. Ask her to tell you next time you work together that if she is going for lunch and is going to be doing "work related things" to tell you first. Shygirl
  10. shygirl

    Husband or School?

    I'm sorry that this is happening to you also. Nursing school is very difficult, especially if there is family involved. Sit down with your husband and talk to him quietly about how things are hard for you. There could be some other factors involved.....like when you are finished, will you be earning more than him? Maybe he feels threatened? Tell him that this is a sacrifice time and ALL must sacrifice for the benefit of your education. Was he up for you going to nursing school? Was he supportive then? Ask him why the change. He probably isn't used to the chores that he must now share. Good luck. Shygirl
  11. shygirl

    ultrascope question

    Hi Amanda, I have an ultrascope too. You could try calling the company with your question. The number is 1-800-671-2673. Good lucl! Shygirl
  12. shygirl

    Little girl's dying wish...please help!!

    Thanks Heather!
  13. shygirl

    Karen can you find the new JAMA article?

    I'm not Karen but how about this? http://jama.ama-assn.org/issues/v288n16/ffull/jtw20036.html Shygirl
  14. shygirl

    Continuing Education Questions

    We have to attend seminars. We usually go in groups and somebody else drives.
  15. shygirl

    Do you wear gloves

    I work in LTC and pretty much KNOW what everyone has. Yes, of course I wear them when giving a suppository. No, I don't wear them when giving shots. Shygirl
  16. shygirl

    Trick or Treat