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  1. Rustyhammer

    How do You deal with Man-Hating Female Nurses?

    Currently I'm the only Man-Nurse where I work. Fortunately I haven't run into the problems you are having. I do wish for another guy to get hired. Sometimes the estrogen gets a bit thick. -Russell
  2. Rustyhammer

    kissing a pt/ resident

    I have no problem with giving your residents a peck on the cheek. It will make their day. Some never get hugs and kisses if it weren't for the staff who in some cases are the only family they have. -R
  3. Rustyhammer

    Why "male nurses" instead of "men in nursing"?

    I think things are changing. It used to tick me off when my mother in law would always introduce me and say "He is a male nurse". She always said it in a durrogitory (sp) tone. Now I hardly ever hear the term. Are times changing? Now when I tell people I meet that I'm a nurse they usually say "cool" but I can see by their face they are shocked. I guess I don't look the part. -Russell
  4. Rustyhammer

    Two newbie questions

    We didn't have to get naked in the classroom, we did it cause we wanted to. *kidding* You won't have anyproblems with your female pts. I've heard frequently that some prefer men. If you handle yourself in a professional manner you will be fine. -Russell
  5. Rustyhammer

    Roll Call

    I think it's a great thing to have a man forum here. Here's a recent guy picture. -Russell
  6. Rustyhammer

    An Ethical Dilemma

    Not that I want to form a base for your thoughts but If I were the NP I'd send Mom out of the room for a bit to create a chance to talk to this pt. If you bring up to Mom that daughter might be Pg then you have blown trust with your pt. This gives you the oppourtunity to chat with the pt and do a preg. test, and give resources. -R
  7. Rustyhammer


    3 years ago we took in a scared, neglected 8 year old boy who had been in 3 different foster homes in 3 years. I was terrified to meet my new son. I had only heard his story and seen some pictures. We drove around the block several times, each time slowing as we past the house. Robin put her hand on my arm and said, "We are going to have to stop one of these times you know." I stopped the truck and we met. 2 weeks later he was living with us permanently. The next 6 months were difficult. That little boy was stubborn, bad and generally tried about everything he could think of to make us not want him. But we just loved him all the same. We enforced the house rules, and let him know he was wanted and loved. Today my son doesn't test us this way (although there are other tests). Our other children have survived the early times as well. I can barely remember not having him with us. Many people have told me what a wonderful thing we've done, giving this boy a home and all but I never think about that. I look at him and see how much he's given to me. How much richer our lives are and how whole our family is. -Russell
  8. Rustyhammer

    Northern New Mexico Employment as Nurse Practitioner

    First, welcome to the boards. I work in SF and live about 25 miles from there. I'll ask around about jobs. Shouldn't be a problem for you. If you don't mind my asking, why SF? Been here before? Just want to check it out? I'm curious. -Russell
  9. Rustyhammer

    Roll call!

    Hi Cheryl, Long time no hear from. I get down to Clovis from time to time. I have a sister down there. You need to get on that bike more. -R
  10. Rustyhammer

    torn between CALIFORNIA or ILLINOIS

    I just can't take the hot summers of Illinois and the midwest. Too dang hot! -R
  11. Rustyhammer

    Good or Evil?

    This thread locked and troll prevention measures activated. -R
  12. Rustyhammer

    Merging Threads?

    You will always find quicker results by either asking the person (mod) who was talking to you in the first place or posting your question in the feedback forum with specific links to the thread(s) -Russell
  13. Rustyhammer

    MD/nursing: Is one more scientific than the other?

    Breath deep everyone. Remember that you need to keep this type of personal stuff to PM's. No personal attacks! OK? -Russell
  14. I guess those State Benefits were nice while they lasted eh? -R
  15. Rustyhammer

    Is this guy for real??????

    Once we had a nurses car broken into. Turned out to be her angry boyfriend. -Russell
  16. Rustyhammer

    Hospital RN/Will I ever grow to like it?

    After almost 20 years I feel that way sometimes. But most of the time I love my job. -R