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  1. What Is a WOW Program??

    I get $30 hr for any time between 7P Fri and 7A on Mon. Full bennies. Must work 24 hours and commit to 49 weekends a year and call off no more than 36 hours scheduled time or get thrown off the program. I don't get a shift bonus if it is on the we...
  2. What is the status of this bill? Thanks!
  3. Mandatory overtime

    I thought I saw a thread here that stated Pa may ban MO with the bill being in the senate now, and has passed in the house. My question is how have hospitals in other states that ban MO been able to staff. This question came up at work last nights ...
  4. Couldn't tell who was a doctor or nurse!

    I'm not sure, but I think that the blend of staff that is dressed the same saves the hospital money-If certain attire was dictated by the faciltiy, they would be required to pay for it. So, scrubs that the nurses purchase themselves save the hospita...
  5. I don't fit into nursing& nurse eating

    I do agree that this is not unique to nursing. I do know however, that I am not suited to workiing in this type of environment. I still dream of a lingerie shop and being my own boss. Thanks for all the support.
  6. I don't fit into nursing& nurse eating

    I thank all of you for your replies. It is a beautiful day and I am taking a former patient who turned out to be my neighbor shopping for a dress for her grandddaughters wedding. She can't tolerate the experience without assistance d/t COPD. I am l...
  7. I am 48 and graduated 10 years ago. I have found nursing to be so hostile that I cannot endure it anymore, but I keep plugging on because I am now single and need to support myself. I was recently hired for an orthopedic rehab position that, during...
  8. Going to Santa Barbara as Traveler

    I too would like to travel to California. Any more input from anyone out there? The information so far has been an excellent start, but I would like to know if anyone else has had a good CA experience. Thanks,
  9. new to travelling

    rEAL nUT, Can you tell us why this will be the last time you travel? Sounds like you had a bad experience! I want to give this a try, but from the paperwork a company sent me, it seems I just don't have the backround! I think I can learn fast, but m...
  10. That is very interestihng. It sounds as if you like your job. I am now in rehab also. Pm me and maybe we can talk soon, Carrie
  11. Isn't pain whatever the patient says it is???

    "..Requested her order for be increased to 30 gm oxycodone TID (now on 20 gm TID) w/breakthru pain meds PRN. " I'm thinking you mean oxycontin 30 mg for continued long acting relief? What are you using for breakthru pain? An addition of elavil o...
  12. Foot care training

    All look like great opportunities! Am thinking hard on this one! Thanks to all. Carrie
  13. Foot care training

    I don't have a computer at my new house and I ask your understanding in answering my question, as this is a long thread and it may have already been answered. My professional and personal lives are currently in disarray, and my time is very limited....
  14. End-Stage O2 Research

    Our acting medical director today addressed a family wish for over 6L for a dying elderly man. The MD stated that MSO4 is the best choice, as someone above stated. He stated that a pulse ox would determine hypoxia verses dyspnea. My thoughts are t...
  15. Colon therapy and enemas.

    did anyone see the multiple ads at the right side of the screen for colon hydrotherapy? Is there a 900 number?