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  1. That is very interestihng. It sounds as if you like your job. I am now in rehab also. Pm me and maybe we can talk soon, Carrie
  2. cargal

    Isn't pain whatever the patient says it is???

    "..Requested her order for be increased to 30 gm oxycodone TID (now on 20 gm TID) w/breakthru pain meds PRN. " I'm thinking you mean oxycontin 30 mg for continued long acting relief? What are you using for breakthru pain? An addition of elavil o...
  3. cargal

    Foot care training

    All look like great opportunities! Am thinking hard on this one! Thanks to all. Carrie
  4. cargal

    Foot care training

    I don't have a computer at my new house and I ask your understanding in answering my question, as this is a long thread and it may have already been answered. My professional and personal lives are currently in disarray, and my time is very limited....
  5. cargal

    End-Stage O2 Research

    Our acting medical director today addressed a family wish for over 6L for a dying elderly man. The MD stated that MSO4 is the best choice, as someone above stated. He stated that a pulse ox would determine hypoxia verses dyspnea. My thoughts are t...
  6. cargal

    Colon therapy and enemas.

    did anyone see the multiple ads at the right side of the screen for colon hydrotherapy? Is there a 900 number?
  7. to a college student that could pay for college education with a full athletic scholarship vs school loans. FYI, this student is very unhappy in the paying sport. TIA!
  8. Hi renarian, Iam looking for somewhere warm for the winter, near a beach preferably! Have any suggestions?
  9. cargal

    San Marcos

    Awe, passing thru, Right now I feel so shell shocked by my Hospice job and my divorce that I can't even think of getting out of it. I will stick around for a year or so and fix up this house- it is like a big old dog house on a foundation- a tiny ...
  10. I would love to do travel nursing also, but my backround is LTC, assisted living and hospice/homecare. Anyone give any info? TIA!
  11. cargal

    San Marcos

    Found out today that the sales agreement for the house I am buying can not be backed out of- long story, so I am stuck here. Have to look for a new job though cuz I will be committed if I stay where I am. May be able to fix this house up some and s...
  12. cargal


    Update: The pain doc had not communicated with us as a homecare/hospice service. I left a voicemail for the nurse with our recommendations as stated above. Out of the blue the pain doc started her on methadone 60 TID without so much as a phone c...
  13. cargal

    Short Tempered Nurse

    Right now in hospice I have a daughter that is very angry that her mother is dying, and she goes from offering me a soft drink at the beginning of the visit to verbalizing every dislike about her mother's care and things get worse as the visit goes o...
  14. cargal

    San Marcos

    mmm, passing thru, stop it some more! Thanks! Hope it works out for me!
  15. cargal

    Neurontin: "What are you using it for?"

    Used in hospice for nerve pain, most often described as "burning".
  16. cargal

    Hospice and Families

    I was removed as case manager from the pt whose husband expected hospice to "come in and take over everything". He told my supervisor it was because I wouldn't commit to a four hour time period 2x a week. He told me he needed hospice there at the s...