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  1. cargal

    What Is a WOW Program??

    I get $30 hr for any time between 7P Fri and 7A on Mon. Full bennies. Must work 24 hours and commit to 49 weekends a year and call off no more than 36 hours scheduled time or get thrown off the program. I don't get a shift bonus if it is on the weekend, but I get a flat rate if I pick up a weekday shift, plus a bonus. I think $30 is paltry for a weekend rate; it is what all nurses should be making- at least as much as plumbers and electricians. Does anyone else get bonuses for picking up extra time on the weekends, in addition to benefits?
  2. What is the status of this bill? Thanks!
  3. cargal

    Mandatory overtime

    I thought I saw a thread here that stated Pa may ban MO with the bill being in the senate now, and has passed in the house. My question is how have hospitals in other states that ban MO been able to staff. This question came up at work last nights with some nurses stating MO was necessary. I myself would encourage Pa nurses to call their state senator to encourage them to vote for this bill.
  4. cargal

    Couldn't tell who was a doctor or nurse!

    I'm not sure, but I think that the blend of staff that is dressed the same saves the hospital money-If certain attire was dictated by the faciltiy, they would be required to pay for it. So, scrubs that the nurses purchase themselves save the hospital money in more than one way. Unfortunate, as mentioned, it is a screen for low nurse staffing.
  5. cargal

    I don't fit into nursing& nurse eating

    I do agree that this is not unique to nursing. I do know however, that I am not suited to workiing in this type of environment. I still dream of a lingerie shop and being my own boss. Thanks for all the support.
  6. cargal

    I don't fit into nursing& nurse eating

    I thank all of you for your replies. It is a beautiful day and I am taking a former patient who turned out to be my neighbor shopping for a dress for her grandddaughters wedding. She can't tolerate the experience without assistance d/t COPD. I am lucky to know her. Then I am going to make fried chicken for my BF and tomorrow will address the situation with HR as advised above. I knew you all would be there for me!
  7. I am 48 and graduated 10 years ago. I have found nursing to be so hostile that I cannot endure it anymore, but I keep plugging on because I am now single and need to support myself. I was recently hired for an orthopedic rehab position that, during my orientation, morphed into a long term acute care hospital. The staff is very upset about it. We get patients right from critical care and the delivery of patient care was recently changed from primary care to team nursing. I must state here that the staff has a reputation for chasing out new nurses because they are nurse eaters. I don't do well with this. For compensation purposes an RN must do a full assessment at least once in 24 hours, so the assignments are set up-(like last evening) two RN's, one per hallway and three LPNs that pass the meds and do the treatment. The RNs are responsible for admissions, discharges, IV's, documentation, blood draws, etc. Most full assessments are done on daylight, so it is possible for an RN to make herself available for prn pain meds, transfers, etc. Any way, I have had a very hard time with the other staff. It seems that if you are not easy with a quick witted comeback or in the cool clique, you are fodder for their nastiness. I have been told in report that if I press the pause button one more time (d/t interruptions) that this nurse would "break my fingers". The other day we had an inservice on hospice and the discussion was who was going and who would stay on the floor. Due to my former position as a hospice nurse, it was decided that I would stay on the floor. When the supervisor walked away, this same nurse who threatened to break my fingers stated "just last week I killed a pt with IV morphine" Another nurse said, "you had MD orders to give it" and I stated, somewhat lamely " you didn't kill him Susan, what was the dose?" and she turned around and spat at me with venom-"How long were you a hopice nurse, a month?" I backed down because she can get very mean, and I walked away stating "I just don't like to see a nurse beat themselves up because they gave morphine and the pt died." She said "I wish I could kill you with IV morphine." I was very upset for the rest of the day and into the evening. I finally went to report her but the supervisor was in a meeting. The next day she begged forgiveness, and I did forgive her but told her that I was very upset and that it was extremely damaging and hurtful. We spoke congenially after that, but the emotional toll was great. As luck would have it, the next day a pt came in and the wife and dtr told me they were told "he came her to die". I asked if anyone had mentioned hospice, and she said "what is hospice?" We don't contract with a hospice and we are still a rehap hospital, so it has been very confusing to the staff and family- the wife decided to give it a week to decide and she had much family and friends telling her what she should do. I gave her much impartial support and told her that it was not our job to tell her what to do, but to inform her as much as we could and she decided to take it day by day. NG tube feedings, copious pulmonary secretions, prob pneumonia and aspiration and ESRD. Yesterday the wife decided to let him go. On my 3-11 the pt had another nurse. I was alone at the station when the wife came up and asked me a question. I found out the answer, went to tell her and got involved with much emotional support and letting her know what she would see as far as the death process and how we would make him comfortable. He was very gurgly from the admission and I really thought he would not dry up (he had a scop patch and attropine gtts) and I emphasized that the mso4 would make him comfortable. She cried on my shoulder and I held her. We spoke about how long he could go on and her choices of inpatient if he lasted a couple days. I felt that he could since he was getting water flushes via NGT. I found out that all the nurses and techs were at the station livid that I was in there and "who did I think I was?" I was then told by the evening supervisor to stay away and let the assigned nurse "handle anything else that comes up" I agreed, but I was really disconcerted by the mentality of the people that I work with. I examined my boundaries. I do not feel I was the only one who could do the job, although my backround and relationship that was established with the wife gave me an ability to give her support in this time. She was very grateful. I just don't feel that I can fit into this profession. No matter what I do or how hard I try, I feel that my patients are grateful and benefit from my presence, but I just can't deal with the incredible hatefulness that pervades most nurses behavior. I don't have a mean bone in my body, but I come home every day examining my actions and blaming myself for either what comes my way (after all I must be doing something wrong to be so disliked) or hating myself for not standing up to them. I feel that standing up to them is a daily chore and it is just too draining. I have come to hate going to work and I am dreaming of the day I can open a small lingerie store or the like. Thanks for listening.
  8. cargal

    Going to Santa Barbara as Traveler

    I too would like to travel to California. Any more input from anyone out there? The information so far has been an excellent start, but I would like to know if anyone else has had a good CA experience. Thanks,
  9. cargal

    new to travelling

    rEAL nUT, Can you tell us why this will be the last time you travel? Sounds like you had a bad experience! I want to give this a try, but from the paperwork a company sent me, it seems I just don't have the backround! I think I can learn fast, but most of my experience just seems to have been geriatrics in some form or another: hospice, skilled and long term care. Even my new "ortho" position morphed into long term acute care, just another name for nursing home. Most of my experience seems to be comfort measures and cleaning up after incontinence. How can I travel with that? Do I need to hurry up and take BLS and ACLS? Will that give me what I need? I really need to get out of here for the winter Any input would be very welcome!
  10. That is very interestihng. It sounds as if you like your job. I am now in rehab also. Pm me and maybe we can talk soon, Carrie
  11. cargal

    Isn't pain whatever the patient says it is???

    "..Requested her order for be increased to 30 gm oxycodone TID (now on 20 gm TID) w/breakthru pain meds PRN. " I'm thinking you mean oxycontin 30 mg for continued long acting relief? What are you using for breakthru pain? An addition of elavil or neurontin would probably help. I suffered with "all over fibromyalgia like pain" and elavil worked wonders. I empathize with you, as a Hospice nurse I certainly have had my fights with MD's. I have found some success with asking for Kadian, or switching to MScontin as some people respond better to one or the other for some reason. I had a pt on 300 mg MS contin BID and 2-3 cc roxanol q 1-2 hours for breakthru, taking it pretty much on time w/a. He walked around and went out and had to be discharged from the program d/t improved status (after I left the job, I heard). I would have tried methadone to improve his lifestyle, and kept him on the program for pain med adjustment, if I could have.He also took ibuprofen and elavil. Good luck and keep us posted! PS, since Kadian is 24 hour coverage, you don;t have to depend on other shifts to medicate. I also think that working with the pt gives some relief, maybe the placebo effect, or the fact that they are validated.
  12. cargal

    Foot care training

    All look like great opportunities! Am thinking hard on this one! Thanks to all. Carrie
  13. cargal

    Foot care training

    I don't have a computer at my new house and I ask your understanding in answering my question, as this is a long thread and it may have already been answered. My professional and personal lives are currently in disarray, and my time is very limited. Where can I find a class in foot care such as the one refered to in Ontario? Can anyone give any specific information? I could travel if necessary. Thanks very much, Carrie
  14. cargal

    End-Stage O2 Research

    Our acting medical director today addressed a family wish for over 6L for a dying elderly man. The MD stated that MSO4 is the best choice, as someone above stated. He stated that a pulse ox would determine hypoxia verses dyspnea. My thoughts are that cellular death prohibit intake and use of O2 and H2O and nutrients also. See https://allnurses.com/t12171.html and https://allnurses.com/t12171.html for a couple excellent articles, thanks to aimee and nursekaren
  15. cargal

    Colon therapy and enemas.

    did anyone see the multiple ads at the right side of the screen for colon hydrotherapy? Is there a 900 number?
  16. to a college student that could pay for college education with a full athletic scholarship vs school loans. FYI, this student is very unhappy in the paying sport. TIA!