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I am an R.N.and Midwife and have just completed my post-graduate diploma in Community Mental health I am starting my Masters in Clinical Nursing with a Major in Mental Health

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  1. MHN

    New Guy here, I'm considering nursing as a profession

    Hi Nathan ,If you are not sure that you will like nursing take the shorter course and see i,m in Australia so I'm not sure of the difference between lPN ect .by starting at the bottom so to speak you will learn all the basic stuff that forms the platform of care that will be of benifit to your patients if you go onto further studies.
  2. MHN

    OB Clinicals

    Carolynd ,In the eaerly 70's I had limited experience in my general nurse training in gyny wards because i was a nurse who happened to be a male,however by the time I had finished the veils had been lifted i trained and a pupil midwife and completed the training and have been a licensed Midwife for about 30 yrs now. there are always some Ladies who prefer female doctors and nurses and there are probably more who are not bothered by the gender issue as long as you are competent to do the care required and have some practicale experience you can pass on to them and there husbands.
  3. Hi everyone ,Im looking for a tool that is used to determine staffing levels in acute psychiatry inpatient units by way of an acuity measurement instrument i don't know if there is such a thing in psychiatry i know there is this type of tool in general nursing so heres hoping someone can help.Regards MHN
  4. MHN

    I need your help with my job application

    georgia girl,Maybe you could say you are looking for new challenges and by working with juveniles you'll be able to put something positive back to society.
  5. MHN

    Pay increase !

    my understanding is they have sold a good number of their hospitals in cluding the national capital in canberra
  6. MHN

    Shane Warne

    send him to coventry
  7. MHN

    Help, looking for...

    lismct, try doing a telephone number search in the white pages I was able to do one to find my wifes cousins number in uk from here.else the other suggestions like electoral rolls or NRB are good ideas.The Salvation army also finds lost people MHN
  8. MHN


    We are lucky parking is free either in open or under cover multi story parking (if you are early or lucky enough) security patrols area it pretty well lit they also have distress alarms in the carpark to call security if they are needed urgently
  9. MHN

    Pay increase !

    Too late for mayne health though isnt it.they sold up maybe they left a legacy for those who bought it
  10. do any of the psych units you work in allow patients to keep their mobile phones or does the unit have a policy that requires all phones to be handed over on admission and returned on discharge. thanks in anticipation MHN
  11. MHN


    Kavi "bugger Me" definately doesent refer to acts which some would label as indecent or illegal. MHN
  12. MHN


    commentary on flatus volume/amount "a bit more choke and that would've started"
  13. MHN


    describing the strength of a wind as being to"blow a dog of its chain"
  14. MHN

    Any idea's to relieve facial swelling?

    Rachy,Try some witch hazel used to use it post ops for face lifts and bleps works well at reducing swelling around eyes
  15. MHN


    How about "would'nt it tear the fork outta your nightie" in response to sad story.
  16. MHN

    To Male Nurses!

    Ted maybe there should be some in put about teamwork. also why does there have to be a focus on the label "malenurses" they are really only nurses who happen to be men as well.show the kids that nurses can be of either gender. MHN (RN,RM,MHN) nurse as well as MM