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  1. nakitamoon

    Cervical fixation devices

    I received the surgical report from the hospital via fax today,,, the fixation device wasn't mosher (morscher),,, it is aesculap,,, and currently awaiting a return phone call from them,,, If anyone has information on this company and fixture I'd apprieciate the information,,, Thanks once again for all your help,, btw,, the screws are from Synthes,,, and Braun distributes the fixation device for aesculap have a good one,,, Nik~
  2. nakitamoon

    Cervical fixation devices

    P RN,,,,, thank you so much for the 'synthes' info,, and I will do an Fda recall,,, and an adverse event search,,, I have gotten so much support and info. from here I should of started here first,,, Just not thinking clearly as all this has happened so fast. I always have gotten the best support and infomation from this site, and it is nice to know it hasn't changed,,, Love ((( hugs ))) to you and thank you. Regarding proving the plate is causing problems,, I don't think I will have that much trouble,, (maybe I am being niave in this) but the muscle spasms,, most of the symtoms it is causing are evident even to a lay person,,, I have had one second opinion in florida, and now that I am in NC I am planning on seeking opinions here, I am so glad I have been able to reconnect with the all nurses family and I hope you have all had a wonderful Easter,,, take care,,, Nik~
  3. nakitamoon

    Cervical fixation devices

    Regarding replacement of the plate~my surgeon says unless nerve impengment in continual or spinal cord in danger he will not replace the plate, From the x-rays it appears the plate has broken between C6-C7 the bottom 1/3 of the plate separated from the top 2/3'rds, mobility which was limited has greatly decreased and when the edges of the fracture 'pinch' the myofacia tissue in the area, the pain is like no other I've experienced. Basically, I was told you are a nurse you have the equipement you need~tens unit, traction, heat ice, medication~ "If it hurts don't do it",,,, As a person who is used to working long shifts, being DON of an assisted living facility and constanly occupied with my career, this has been, and is the hardest transition of my life. I have been trying to do as much research on this as I can and as my neck and arms allow me, to date I haven't found anyone who has had a fixture fracture. And as I've asked,,, I am interested in any opinion, direction, anyone can give, and thank you so much for it. Take care, Nik~
  4. nakitamoon

    Cervical fixation devices

    Thank you so much for your reply and advise, I will definitly look into those options, This is so new, learning to deal with the loss of mobility, pain, attempting to find out how to live life with the best quality I can. And once again, anyone who may be able to direct me in anyway to finding who manufactured the 'mosher system' would be so apprieciated. This has been a major life change and moment by moment I am adjusting. It is nice to be back here though,,, Seems forever since I sat at the pc, Have a wonderful Easter, Nik~
  5. nakitamoon

    Cervical fixation devices

    First,,,, I'd like to say hi to everyone,,, It's been a long time since I've been able to visit the site,,, or anyother for that matter,,, Hope all are well to the old members I was familiar with and hello to the new ones. This time I need some input for myself,, any information or suggestions as to which way to direct me will be so apprieciated. Twelve years ago I had a discetomy between C5 and C7 with insertion of a cervial fixation device. A titanium plate and a bone graft. This past summer, pain changed and I found out the plate had fractured into two pieces. The screws still are fixed. Trying to do research on the manufacturer of the plate has been difficult. My surgical report, doctor, and the hospital all tell me it is a "mosher system",,, The company may have changed hands. I don't know,,, I do know this has changed the quality of my life greatly. I now cannot work, waiting for disablity to start and trying to figure out who I am without working, I miss nursing, hate the limited mobility. As I've said I'd appriecaite greatly, advice, information, direction on anything regarding this, I have sold my home, moved back to my parents, hope to visit the site more often as I miss it,,,,, Have a Happy Easter Nik~
  6. nakitamoon

    nursing and s e x

    ,,, after a horrible day,,,, when I've had my bath,,, the only thing I want is to be in my DH's arms,,,,, whether or not it ends in sex,,, or orgasm,,, isn't important,,,,, Just need to feel him,,,,,,,,,
  7. nakitamoon

    HAD to share,,,,,,,,,,

    Thanks for the well wishes,,, everyone!!!!! They mean so much,,,, Regnursein99,,,, you hit the nail on the head,,,, administration,,, other dept.heads,,,,, biggest problems I had,,,,,, & I am considering Home Health,,, actually have appt,,, for interview next week,,,, Thinking this will give me the time,,, I want/deserve for life,,,, plus allow me to continue working,,,,,, I am not stressing over it,,, as I say,,,, with the $ held back,,, pto time,,,, I will be getting,,,, full paychecks,,, through the end of June,,, well last one will be the 27th,,,,, So no rush,,,, I am going to look till I find something I can enjoy,,,,,,, Thanks soooo much again,,, everyone,,,, You all rock!!!!!!
  8. nakitamoon

    Roll of the Dice?

    ,,,, from my personal experience,,,,, through school,,,, and with nclex,,,, katscan's,,,, answer is correct,,,, In multiple choice,,, usually two,, you can discount right away,,, two that are correct based on info in question,,,,,you have to pick the "most" correct answer,,,,,, Good luck on you studies,,, keep you eye on the goal,,,, just do your best,,,, on the tests,,,,,,,,, Take care Nik~,,,,, btw,,, very nice to meet you,,,, you are in the company of some wonderful ppl,,,,,,
  9. nakitamoon


    silent,,,,,,,, I am sorry to hear about your experiences,,,,, so far,,,, the right job will come along,,,, I am very far away from Canada,,,, so giving advise,,, about the area,,,,, I can't,,,,, Do have to ditto,,, some of the posts,,,, time of year,,,, you may have to take a job in an area,, you don't exactly want,, to get your foot in the door,,,,, Have you done a follow up to the other 4 hospitals,,,, maybe they have just been swamped,,,, let them,,,, know how interested you are,,,,, Try not to get down over this,,,, You will work,,, and You will end up in the specialty of your choice,,,,, just keep your eye on the goal,,,,,,,,,,,
  10. nakitamoon

    Drug Abuse Among Us??

    ,,,, in my last job,,,, (love saying that,,,, only as of yesterday afternoon),,,, when I started ,,,,, as DON,,,, there was no control on narcs,,,, they were with the routine medications,,,,,, I didn't have a nurse working the night shift,,,,, but I immediatly initiatied,,, a "count" at shift change,,,,, We had a SNF,,, on site,, so at 11p,,,, that nurse counted with my charge nurse going off duty,,,,, and again,,, in am,,,, with the one coming on,,,, Did they like it,,,,,,,,, No,,,,,,,, were the narcotic issues solved,,,, Yes,,,,,,,
  11. nakitamoon

    HAD to share,,,,,,,,,,

    Some news to share with you,,,,,, I haven't been in to even read the boards, in a couple of weeks,,,,,, Work has been driving me crazy,,,,, as DON,, of asssited,,living facitily,,,,, not my residents,,, but the staff!,,,,, With all the other stressors of life,,, I wanted a job,, where I could have a life,,,,,, I resigned,,,,,,, I am now,,,, gainffully,,,, unemployed!,,,, lol,, I say that as I am covered another six weeks, with pay,,,,,,,, So,,, taking a few days for myself,,,, going out into the job search world,,,,,, & find something,,,, that will make me happy,,,,,, Just HAD to share,,,,, now have lots,,, of posts to catch up on,,,, lol,,,,, take care,,,, Nik~
  12. nakitamoon

    Best/Worst Jobs Before Nursing?

    Best~,,,, tending bar,,,, two years, in a town,, where I knew everyone,,,, the place rocked,,, I made excellent tips,,,,, Worst~ the two weeks,, I tried to work in the pottery,,,, stamping and waxing,,,, somehting after something,,,, the$$$$$$ was excellent,,,, but ,,,,, well I worked nine days,,,,,,,,
  13. nakitamoon

    Happy Nurses Day, you wonderful nurses!

    ,,,,, happy nurses day!!!! :balloons: you all rock!!!!!! have great week!!!!! take care,,,,, nik~
  14. nakitamoon

    Disturb you to see a tongue pierced?

    I agree with "too each his own",,,,, but I also feel there is time and place,,, for display,,,,,, I have tatoos,,,, 3,,,, piercings,,,,, (not my tongue,) navel,,,, and several in my ears,,,, I choose places on my body,,, I would be comfortable with the tatoos,,,, what I wanted drawn,,,, But,,, they are all where I can show them if I want to,,,, or have them covered by my choice of clothing,,,, when I dont' think it is appropriate,,,,,, Sad to say,,,, people judge you by your appearance,,,,, not your performance,,,,,, I have no problems,,, with anyone having a tongue piercing,,, some I haven't known were peirced for months,,,,, Personally,,, for many reasons,,,, I would not do it,,,, I think it takes a very attractive woman,,, to pull of a nose ring,,,, and I have yet to see someone with a ring in thier eyebrow that looked good,,,,, my first thought,,, is "what is that growth?" Everyone should have the right to express thier "wild side",,,, but I feel,,,, not at work,,,, you need to project an aura of professionalizm,,,, trust,,,,, etc,,,, I don't want to be wondering about your tongue,,,, if you are trying to talk to me about my tx,,,, IMHO,,,,, take care xoxo Nik~
  15. nakitamoon

    I need an Exorcism - NOW! (pretty long post...sorry)

    ,,, praying things get better for you!,,,, Ya know,,, it has been a "full moon" around me,,,,, for couple of months now,,,,, Someone told me about a bunch of metoir showers,,,,, think that has something to do with it,,,,, hiding :chair:
  16. If anyone one of you I have sent,,, an ecard to,,, email to recieved a really rude letter from a person,,,, Max headroom,,,,, I apologize,,, this is inadvertantly my fault,,, I believe, this is sometime of glich,,, in my msn IM,,,, (if you remember,,, when I sent,, Christmas cards out,,, several over you appeared on my IM,, without okay'ing it,,, ) Anyway,,, I replyed to Max Headroom,,, assuring him,,, it,,, whomever,,, that there never would be mail from again,,,, and if I had been informed the first time,,, there never would of been a second time,,,,, I know,,, I am not responsible for his words,,, but I apologize at the tone of the message,,,, Once again,,, if this affected you,,, I am so sorry,,,, take care,,, Nik~