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Tote bags and t-shirts would be cool. The window sticker should be big enough so that when we travel all our breathren will recognize us as addicts to

Love this site--it is the most positive thing for nurses we have going. Keep up great work Brian. (maybe your face on front and all emoticons on the back.


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Greetings all......and Happy Nurses' Week! I love some of the ideas for paraphernalia--the teeshirts with Brian's face on the front and the emoticons on the back is clever, and personally, I can always use another coffee mug.

nightingale, RN

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Heh... I could do the T-Shirts and Tote Bags off my computer.

I have been looking for some way to make a few extra bucks.... hmmmm... entrepeneural potential.... teee heeee

... Love you guys!



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nightngale1998 Hey I just received a credit card for a small business account. I don't have a small business---so its all yours if you want it.


How about a flag. Hang it under the American flag. Maybe a different emoticon for each holiday. Hey this could work:biggringi :balloons:


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Great ideas! I can't have too many pens or t-shirts or tote bags! Brian should seriously consider looking into it--he could become a millionaire all over again!


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Dont want to put a spanner in the works - but you will have to think about how we can pay for these items from over here.

Would love to have a couple of these things mentioned before

we have dollars here to but not quite the same equivalant as yours.

Tookie -

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Let's just get him to GET the stuff, first. Then we worry about exchange rates!! ;)

I haven't seen a response from Brian in a while--are you still there, Big Brian???

nightingale, RN

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Heh Thanks Zumalong... Heh you can front with the capitol for ink, shirts, supplies, and well... I will be the worker bee.

Brian.... oh Brian... can we work a deal for some free advertising?




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Save me a shirt, bumper sticker, banner, and anything you've got!

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Howdy yall

from deep in the heart of texass

Hey brian let me know if get a a golf hat, or a golf club bag with this sites endorsements, or a golf umbrella

keep it in the short grass yall



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Ok lets think big here on the merchandise thing! Tee-shirts are great, key-rings, totes, fleece jacket with the logo as a crest (I love wearing jacket when on nites and I'm freezing!). How about coffee mugs? But make em BIG coffee mugs!! I want something I can wear/bring to work!!

P.S..make sure it's accessible to your Canadian Nurses!!

:) JO


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Just found this thread, and I think some of the suggestions are fantastic, I would especially like to see a car sticker or pens.

Dennie, I also have this set as my homepage! It saves so much time!:)

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