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  1. Whisper

    Hospital under fire

    http://www.patientopinion.org.uk/default.aspx was the site they mentioned on the dispatches show, I found some really great comments about my Trust.... and ignored all the bad ones :)
  2. Whisper

    Hospital under fire

    I thought the dispatches programme was not as bad as it could have been... They seem to agree that if nurses had fewer patients to look after we'd be able to do a better job!! Which seems to point the fingers for poor care back at the managers. But overall it seemed to be more 'patients moaning about staff' rather than confessions of nurses. I don't get on the internet much any more (credit crunch and all :)) but after this show I did look my Trust up on the patient opinion website...
  3. Whisper

    nurses as patients

    I think nurses as a general rule make terrible patients. I know I certainly do.... I don't mention what I do for a living anymore, I think you get labeled as a bad patient, and I'd rather they judge me rather than my job. I usually say I'm an NHS employee, so I still get a Mrs A screen, but I let them assume a ward clerk or something similar. But I am a TERRIBLE patient, I just want to go home even before I arrive, and I have to be really ill (ie turning blue) before I consider getting help. Goodness knows how I'd manage if i had to have an operation, I be a DNA... unless i was escorted into the building. At the moment, I restrain myself, to lying to physios (yes i've walked around the ward twice this morning already, and done my deep breathing exercises every hour;) ) giving the PEFR a little nudge so its higher so I can go home sooner. and I clean everything, I think I devlop some kind of compulsion, i use bottles and bottles of alcohol gel. I try not to annoy the staff, but last year I insisted on making my own bed, whilst still attatched to wall's o2 supply!! I always remember a lecture at university when we were told, nurses were not just service providers but service users. I pray every shift not to get a patient like me.
  4. Whisper

    handing in notice

    I wouldn't have told anyone I was looking for another job, just given my notice. That's the common practice on my ward, if you speak to much about wanting to leave without doing it there are always people who'd take the opportunity to bad mouth.... but once you've got your new and better job, you've restricted what they can say! It's a shame that for such a caring profession we don't always get the support and are made to feel guilty for moving on. Congratualtions on your new job, I hope you enjoy it, and I'm sure (especially with the current job situation) your old wards vacancy will be filled quickly.
  5. Whisper

    What do you wear to work?

    we have no changing facilities or laundry at work, We are allowed to travel driectly to and from work in uniforms, as long as it is fully covered. They are currently completing a new build, and when we move we should have showers and changing rooms at work.... but still no laundry:(
  6. Whisper

    What do you wear to work?

    My uniform is very similar to that Sharrie pictured... I have three sets of trousers and tunics and two dressess. The no wrist wathc policy is firmly enforced, I could never imagine wearing a wrist watch to work now, it would feel odd. The only problem I had with my new uniforms was that my dresses were supplied 3 months before my tunics and 5 months before my trousers arrived!!! This is a reccuring habbit in my trust, and i've heard of it happening at others. Because the trousers are uni sex, priority is given to male staff, and there is always more demand for the tunic/ trouser speciality. (Some PAMs eg Physio only have a trouser /tunic option) I've heard of some people being allowed to wear their own trousers (on religious grounds) until a uniform set could be provided, but often you just have to wear a dress.
  7. Whisper

    Care Plans-Any good books/websites for them

    A good book that looks at a lot of different models of Care, is Nursing Models for Practice, by Pearson, Vaughan and Fiztgerald. It looks at the evidence behing care plans, and discusses most of the 'big' names, such as RLT and Orem's model of care. I also used Royal Marsden, when writing about care plans as they talk about method and rationale,- very easy to link theory to practice. Another great book, is Nursing practice: hospital and home. But this book is huge ( and very expensive, if your library does not have it) but would provide rationale not just on care planning but background information and teaching as well. Hope these help :)
  8. Whisper

    US names for medications

    I just found out that dihydrocodeinone (df118) is called Vicodin in the US, (if everyone else knew, sorry, but I was watching 'house' and curiosity got the better of me.
  9. Whisper

    compassionate scoring...

    I can't believe that RCN is supporting this rubbish! I look at the ever increasing price of being in a union and i was feeling justified for my membership and they pull a stunt like this?! Smiling at work is something we've been encouraged not do.... We have had families complain about nurses caring for their dying realtives daring to smile! so management have been firmto jump on board this outrages behaviour, and increase workload and decrease moral to enforce the new 'professional behaviour'... i think we'd fail this new scoring system. It seems like a Mcjob code of behaviour,
  10. Whisper

    funky situation + cardizem = eep!

    I had a similar patient, bombing along at around 160-170, pressure fine for most of the night then suddenly dropped, but the patient was fine and alert and talking with bp 65-70 mmhg systolic! He had both po loading doses of digoxin, with no effect, was not to have ammiodarone as he had previously flipped from af to vt with that. We did, nothing, well we watched him like a hawk, trickled more n/saline in with his IVAB (the guy was an SBE that had MV/reg) and were told not to give any more rate control unless he became symptomatic with the low bp. His rate dropped on its own and BP started improving, but this happened on a busy nights shift and we felt like we were doing nothing, trust me we had everything documented, just in case
  11. Whisper

    mentorship courses

    I am sorry to post a question after lurking for so long but I am trying to find out about doing Mentorship and wondered if some one would be able to help. I have contacted my Trusts PPF, but she is on leave for 2 weeks!! So here it is... I would like to become a registered mentor, the university near my hospital runs this course, and is accreddidated with the NMC so you can be put on the live mentorship regsiter, but there is a long waiting list, and you have to get many friday mornings off work to attend. Which my manger doesn't really won't me doing at the moment, they can't even promise me it as a day off if I do it in my own time. So I have been looking on the internet and found that the Open University do a course Assessing Practice in Nursing and Midwifery (K350) which from their website seems to be accepted as en entry to the mentor register... but I can't find any mention of this or other courses on the NMC website. Has anyone done this course, or know what is accepted to become a mentor? Thanks for reading my question/ ramble, I hope some one can help. Whisper
  12. Whisper


    over all i like the angioseal system, as we can ambulate patients much more quickly, but i have seen some wonderful complications!!! We now keep all angioseal patients on bed rest for one hour as we've seen far to may bleeders, but the strangest has to be one chap who complained of leakage, I couldn't see any through the dressing so i pealed it back to have a look and saw a small hard white object emerging from the insertion site, the docs said the suture had snappedm, but the scuttle thought it had just been put in wrong! (we weren't using them much at the time) The best recovery, seems to be the patients who's sheaths are pulled on the ward, with just digital pressure. Whisper. PS sorry for any typing errors, on y way to bed when i saw this post.
  13. I have been well and truly evil today, and nearly very nearly became a 'traitor' and went to PALS to report the staff, medics and just about everyone else i could think off. Thankfully PALS was shut and i have now had time to reflect before I opened my mouth and inserted my foot. Yes the care my GA is receiving is terrible,but i think as well as stuggling with a heavy patient load i was the worst visitor imaginable to the poor RN as well. We were rang at 0630 this am to say my GA was dying and that we were to come in to the hospital so naturally we turn up.... and wait and wait to speak to someone. Now i may not work in respiratory ( My GA has COAD and possibly aspestosis but she was on a venturi at 40 % and her sp02 was about 89-90% rr about 16) but I know it does NOT take 4 hours for an ABG to come back!! I don't even work in the same trust, let alone the same hospital so ~I may not be fair to judge but, I got fed up of waiting and at about 1100 I went looking for an RN, unable to find one I questioned a PRHO and got them to chase the gas results. Then the RN met her very own visitor from hell, I was rude and annoyed that she didn't know basic things like the fio2 my GA was on and why the whole family was sat around her bed!! Now thankfully when i say rude i mean i wasn't my usual dormat and never shouted or was abusive, but as i walked away they knew, that i was something to do with hospitals, and commented that 'They' always made the worst visitors! SO, (and there is a point to this ramble) What does everyone else think of RNs as visitors, do we make the worst...I think i probably was because i knew what to say to worry the staff into getting to the basic care my GA needs Whisper
  14. Whisper

    You Know You're a Nurse When...

    The signing thing can be an advantage, I accidently signed RN when i was picking up a prescription for my mum, and it saved me the lecture on how to take the tablets! (The fact i looked like the living dead after the night shift from hell probably helped too) :)
  15. Whisper

    Okay hands up who knew...

    I voted for that!... or at least I think I did!:)
  16. Whisper

    Okay hands up who knew...

    I voted for that!