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  1. Tookie

    Navy Chopper Crash

    It is very sad that when the armed forces who represent us are lost in this way - when they are out there, helping people. They were so close to home - Almost there after 3 months and then turned and went back to help in such a devastated region, because of the earthquake - I grieve for their families and friends. At this stage we do not know their roles in this relief - (names are not known) but they were there to give medical aid - It seems that in this we have just lost so many younger people who are not only doing their job, but the right thing for thier fellow human beings and in the name of Australia - Vale - condolences to any who may have known them and served with them Tookie
  2. Tookie

    Sunny Queensland, eh?

    Well - :Melody: It is 3.30pm on Sunday 20th Feb. In the past l would be sitting in our home with the air conditioning roaring at this time of the year!!! I again put on a jumpy (light) this morning to get the paper. - IT IS WONDERFUL :rotfl: :rotfl: I love the cool and l think that this is the best summer we have had in ages. - Sorry to those who love the sun. Actually l am listening to the Pura cup - at least it is not raining there today Cheers Tookie
  3. Tookie

    Moving to the wonderful land of Oz

    l too will add my welcome - Come on down - (Or up ) I do believe that we are a welcoming courntry - because we have (Or our heritage was) in the most moved here. We are increasingly changing our profile, our face. There are very few - True originals. It is a great place and your sure to only enrich it and l hope love it. Your skills will be welcome and l would like to think that we welcome everyone Cheers Tookie
  4. Tookie

    cost of living in nsw australia

    I would like to be able to tell you - but l Live in Victoria and work in NSW!!! At the moment this is really interesting to me particularly your reply pmchap. My son and his partner are moving to Sydney soon. They are just beginning to learn the differences between Melbourne and Sydney. Cheers Tookie
  5. Good on you You may find it hard going at times - But you sound really focussed on your goals and that is half the battle. Good luck. Tookie
  6. Tookie

    What are Aussie hospital patients like?

    Bukko it sounds as though you will be working in the acute section of care. I am in the aged care sector. I would like to think that we in this sector - well at least in the rural area where l am that we maintain people well and caringly for their final years of life. From my recent visits to the acute sector. - Both my own and l recently stayed with my mother - (Night and day) whilst she was recovering from surgery (She also has a dementing disease as well as a numer of other problesm - so her recovery haas required a little more assistance from family than usual.) Anyway ny experince was in the public sector - paid for by our mediacre system - I find that there are a number of aged people - but this is geneerally because they have an acute illness. Yes there are few who are wiating for a bed in aged care. Some small bush hospitals do have permanent aged people. I found that the staff who cared for me were very professional and knowledgable. - There is an expectation of a high standard of care. The private hospital that my mother was at - (In Melbourne) whilst some of the care was excellent the 2 things that stood out to me was primarily the acue nurses have very little ability to care for confused people who require specific care whent ehy are confused and there was a large number of agency staff. - Some were excellent others were not. The person you may care for in Canberra will vary - depnding upon where it is - I dont know Canberra Hospitals. The demographic of Canberra would have perdominately have a anglo saxon background orginally - however we have had a long histroy of multiculturilsm - So we do have a changing 'face' in our country. Canberra being our capital has a lot of government people and it is our place for diplomats as well. Canberra in Spring is beautiful - the Floriade (Spring festival of flowers) is magnificant - A lot of people would not say it ia a 'happening place' Hoewever I think it has a lot of promise and should be a great place to base yourself in to be able to travel well. You will be able to travel top both Melbourne and Sydney which are our 2 biggest cities. Compliance - Most people will cooperate - some will question extensively some just go along. I think that you will find people are people - we have great fresh foos anf lots of different cuisines - thanks to the immigrants and their multiculturalism I am sure that you will find many diferet things. My very first job l had in London was at St Thomas's and l certainly came out after my first day with culture shock. But you will go with the flow. Welcome. I also apoligise about the spelling - cant find the spell check :rotfl: Cheers Tookie
  7. Tookie

    Tookie is putting her toe in the water

    Thank you - I have just popped into work to tidy up my desk a little - So that l maybe able to get a clean start tommorrow. It has been very busy with work and other aspects of life. I have had a few medical problems that are ongoing - If anyone is interested in a procedure called Radio therapy ablation - I can give you some information. So for the last couple of years it has been a bit difficult to do life and keep up your energy. So sadly keeping in contact is sometimes difficult. I had hoped at Christmas l would actually get some letters out this year. However the Sat before christmas l decided to do a 'quality assurance visit' to the local hospital. They passed the ER section quite well and the CCU as usual passed with flying colours for the 2 nights that l had to stay. It is amazing how quickly you can exit(pack) these qa visits. Life really is good - My work contiues to be time consuming (more than l am paid l might add however l only do it as they are a good mob to work for). Family are growing and we are 'darby and joan'- home alone. Cept for the cat. Well there a few changes here on the board. The best thing about life is that you know that things will change and move on. It is going to take a number of visits l think to really catch up with them all. I will have to lookinto how l can organise myself to be able to become a premium member. I am not keen on card over the internet - I know its safe but its my age l think !!! Lovely to see some old faces (names!) Thank you all Anyway l will log in a say hello when l have time - I will have to look att an appropraite avatar and get back into the habit of see whats up. The board has grown heaps. I best go and start clening up this desk - It is no wonder l cant find anything that l should really be doing. Cheers Tookie :Melody: :Melody:
  8. It has been a long time since l last visited here - I have spent the last couple of hours checking out the changes and tidying up my messages. It is nice to see that there seems to be a lot of people who were here still are here ! Does that make sense. Anyhow - l thought that l would dip my toe into the water and maybe swim a while with old friends and maybe new ones. I haven't yet had time to look at the topics and thread as it has taken me 2 + hours just getting this far. Hope you are all well and happy. I will revisit again in the next few days - I just wanted to say Hello. Cheers Tookie
  9. Tookie

    A patient died today. . . .

    My thoughts are with you Thank you for sharing that Tookie
  10. Tookie


    Travelbug - l think we may have to try and work out a thread for nurses who want to find work over here (we need and information type person such as Karen) who can pint you all inthe right direction However - First of Search web sites for Australian nurses - state registration boards The depending upon your qualifications - you can start looking from there - OK each state has its registration board and you cant work in a state unless you are registyered there - bummer l know - however you dollar is worth a lot more than ours - Again depending upon if you want to work city / rural / outback also where abouts your want to work ast wext coats etc - we have some very warm areas - top of Queensland / northern territory or sydney Melbourne Adelaide Pert and Adleaide Or down on our beautiful appl isle Tasmania JUst some thoughts to get you started Tookie
  11. Tookie

    Night Shift And Cancer

    I agree - l am still after 3 and half years of giving up nights suffering from poor sleeping habits - I frequently have some type of medication to get me to sleep - or back to sleep - I am curently trying a herbal tea - (not camoimile) - however until my general health is sorted out l will probably continue with the medication most of the time. I fully admit to my bad habits - but it is a bit like the chicken and egg - which creates which bad habits - due to nursing hours - poor health due to bad habits - due to nursing - Guess l could give up nursing - its only been 35 years - the way life is going l wont be able to retire until yet - should be able to work at least another 25 - By then there wont be enough people around to help support us in our old age!!!
  12. Tookie

    World Cup Rugby

    And those cute little cheeks (or muscles) in those cute little shorts - Roll on the cup
  13. Tookie

    LTC Drug Addicts

    Good post ktwlpn We must never forget the individual - it is very hard and we in LTC/ nursing home /hostels (I use these words as that is what they are reffrred to here) have heavy work loads and often people who do not have a lot of training in behavourial management - It gets back - to peoples rights. their dignity and their individuality - We had a very similar resident who never ate in the dining room - for a couple of reasons - (she too was mentally alert) - she was embarrased by the fact that she might occasionally spill her food and that managing the knife and fork etc showed everyone in the world that she was becoming dependent and disabled- Yes she was a very proud and spoilt lady - never had children - always had the comforts - She also did not want to sit in the dining room with others, as she couldnt eat with the noise of the other residents and she didnt like to look at other people who required assiatnce (feeding) with their meals - it made her aware of her own vunerability We had a number of issues with this woman and a lot of the staff had a lot of trouble caring for her - Good luck with your lady - I guess an alternative view is that at least she has the spunk to say what she wants and expects and wouldnt we all like to think that her age we would have our say and expect the best for ourselves However that dosent make it easier does it Cheers Tookie
  14. Tookie

    Qld nurse honoured

    Your right Gwenith - we should honour these nurses as they are the ones who have laid paths for us and a lot of them with innovative ideas have had a profound effect on where nursing is now in Australia.
  15. Tookie


    Yay go Storm We are now about to watch the state of origin - Go NSW- Sometimes here on the border we have to wait until later to watch the game - thank goodness it is on early - Starts soon - However l will stop watching it when the panel comes on - Love the panel Tookie
  16. Tookie

    Night Shift And Cancer

    Yes l agree we have to take responsibility (I am into this at the moment) for our decision and my decision was to work 14 and half years of night - however l wish that l had the foresight and the knowledge that maybe - just maybe it would have a long term effect in my life - l guess that is informed decision making I said earlier - it is something that should be included at school for nursing - not as --- this will happen if you choose to do nights - but this is a consequence if you choose to long term nights Also habits are hard to get out of - when l trained we were not encouraged to exercise or eat well - as such - it was get on with work etc However we are not the only night duty workers - there are many other professions out there that require night shift - I would hate to see one of my children doing it long term Tookie