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It has been a long time since l last visited here - I have spent the last couple of hours checking out the changes and tidying up my messages.

It is nice to see that there seems to be a lot of people who were here still are here ! Does that make sense.

Anyhow - l thought that l would dip my toe into the water and maybe swim a while with old friends and maybe new ones.

I haven't yet had time to look at the topics and thread as it has taken me 2 + hours just getting this far.

Hope you are all well and happy.

I will revisit again in the next few days - I just wanted to say Hello.


Tookie :coollook:

Grace Oz

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Where the hell have you been girl?! Have often thought of you and wondered.......

Hmmm, 'spose I coulda sent you a msg huh?! Anyway.... great to see you here again.

Look forward to hearing all your news and seeing your contributions again.


Grace :clown:


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Lovely to see you again :)

Rachel :)

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Nice to see you again. Welcome back!

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Oh, wow........ANOTHER 'old' member who decided to come back today!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (doing happy dance)

We've missed you and Misti WELCOME BACK TOOKIE!!!!!! :D :kiss :flowersfo :w00t: :yelclap:


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Hi there Tookie...we missed you and glad to see you back online!

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Welcome Back! WE missed you!!!!!!!!!



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Thank you - I have just popped into work to tidy up my desk a little - So that l maybe able to get a clean start tommorrow. It has been very busy with work and other aspects of life.

I have had a few medical problems that are ongoing - If anyone is interested in a procedure called Radio therapy ablation - I can give you some information.

So for the last couple of years it has been a bit difficult to do life and keep up your energy. So sadly keeping in contact is sometimes difficult. I had hoped at Christmas l would actually get some letters out this year. However the Sat before christmas l decided to do a 'quality assurance visit' to the local hospital. They passed the ER section quite well and the CCU as usual passed with flying colours for the 2 nights that l had to stay.

It is amazing how quickly you can exit(pack) these qa visits.

Life really is good - My work contiues to be time consuming (more than l am paid l might add however l only do it as they are a good mob to work for).

Family are growing and we are 'darby and joan'- home alone. Cept for the cat.

Well there a few changes here on the board. The best thing about life is that you know that things will change and move on. It is going to take a number of visits l think to really catch up with them all.

I will have to lookinto how l can organise myself to be able to become a premium member. I am not keen on card over the internet - I know its safe but its my age l think !!!

Lovely to see some old faces (names!) Thank you all

Anyway l will log in a say hello when l have time - I will have to look att an appropraite avatar and get back into the habit of see whats up.

The board has grown heaps.

I best go and start clening up this desk - It is no wonder l cant find anything that l should really be doing.


Tookie :Melody: :Melody:

renerian, BSN, RN

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I did not realize you did QA. I hope you will be able to stop by more. I always enjoyed your posts.


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