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renerian is a BSN, RN and specializes in MS Home Health.

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  1. renerian

    Let's dialyze the actively dying pt....

    The poor family sounds like they are suffering with fear and grief. renerian
  2. renerian

    On Call

    In the 20 years I have done homecare, I went out more often than others have. renerian
  3. renerian

    Weekends and Holidays?

    In home health I worked alot of weekends, nights and holidays. Much more than when I worked at the hospital. renerian
  4. renerian

    mowing the lawn, driving and working

    I would offer private pay/big smile. renerian:devil:
  5. renerian

    How long does coding take?

    That is a very long time for 2 to 3 files. Accuracy is important but I don't think any employer would keep someone on who can only process that little of work. NO offense, just a thought. renerian
  6. renerian

    Please share nurse to pt ratio

    I have never heard the term'belly bath'either... renerian
  7. renerian

    Masters Degree while traveling

    I got my BS/MS in nutrition, distance while working a full time and a part time job. Was hard but I like others here, had to work while working towards other degrees. ren
  8. renerian

    Masters Degree while traveling

    Are you talking a masters in nursing? renerian
  9. renerian

    Starting own agency to negotiate own contract?

    Hubby and I have owned two companies, one still open. Paying the estimated tax payments to the city is a pain/required here for companies. We pay all our own taxes, malpractice insurance is not that bad for non direct patient care but we have both consultative and direct care insurance. Setting up an LLC company to avoid having someone getting access to your personal assets in a lawsuit is important for us. If you can get health/dental somewhere for a good price that is also important as employers pay a good chunk of that. Life insurance is an issue for some people as well. renerian
  10. renerian

    Are they trying to rip me off?

    Wow sounds really good to me too. renerian
  11. renerian

    Disease Management how many are there ?

    I was wondering also if any of the DM nurse are required to have some type of certification. I did obtain a certification but wondered if othere companies require it. renerian
  12. renerian

    Would this be allowed?

    I have seen people do both roles. Depending on how much you end up getting up at night, going out at night, how far you have to drive, the weather and most of all if you get "stuck" with admissions, recerts etc. I have seen agencies give the "on call person" a bunch of working visits. So for example, if your on call Friday-Monday AM, and there are 5 admissions and no one else to do that, the on call person gets stuck doing that AND taking calls/call visits. I have also seen huge coverage areas and in the dead of winter, that stinks. I would also find out if you are responsible for staffing or calling staff to cover call offs. If an agency gives the on call nurse, the duty of staffing call offs, it can take alot of time. Also I would find out that if you cannot get someone to cover, ask i f you are required to do all the unstaffed,call off visits. I hope this helps, renerian
  13. renerian


    Kim, I have the same white lines on both sides of my mouth from teeth grinding at night. Good reference information from posters. renerian
  14. renerian

    Who's charting is it anyway?

    I read all the thoughts about this post and felt a need to respond. As a person who processed a ton of OASIS and coded them as well, I found that calls often were made due to OASIS questions, conflicts in documentation, verbage or totally missed questions that as one person here posted, caused the OASIS to be unlockable. I have made many calls to nurses with this type of discussion, if a person is independent with ambulation, stairs, etc, then the admission should have been stopped if Medicare was the pay source realizing the homebound issue was not met. I have alot made calls to nurses, aides and therapists to find out more information about something that occured at the home for which alot of information is not in the note to CYA of the employee and the agency. On the flip side of this is I have been on the other end of that where managers asked me to change OASIS to reflect homebound status when I did not admit people if they were clearly not homebound. At times this is a non popular stance when an agency wants inflated numbers. renerian
  15. renerian

    home health forms

    JCAHO has nice forms for sale. Have you looked there? I have had to make my own before if an agency does not allow money for purchasing forms. renerian
  16. renerian

    Does this seem wrong?????

    May I ask the pay source for the clients? With Medicaid a person might have that happen more than Medicare. renerian

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