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Grace Oz

Grace Oz

Med/Surg/Ortho/HH/Radiology-Now Retired
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Grace Oz specializes in Med/Surg/Ortho/HH/Radiology-Now Retired.

Retired. Mother of two. Grandmother of two adorable munchkins.

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  1. Grace Oz

    Brian Short News

    It is with unbelievable shock and deep sadness that I learned of this tragic news here in Australia today (Friday 11Sept) - (thank you Dianah ..will be in touch). To all my former fellow allnurses guides, admins, mates etc ...my thoughts and heart is with you all. To all who knew and loved Brian, Karen and the children....I hold you in my thoughts and prayers for peace and comfort. Sending my love from Down Under..... Grace xxx
  2. Grace Oz

    The Wisest Thing I've Ever Heard on Allnurses ...

    The Wisest thing I've Ever heard On Allnurses: Stick to the topic of the posted thread.
  3. Grace Oz


    WELCOME to AN! Hope you join in the forums often and contribute to the discussions.
  4. Grace Oz


    CRIKEY! I'd forgotten about this thread! It's like me - old! lol Glad you found it, julianne, and have enjoyed reading it! WELCOME to the world of OZ!
  5. Grace Oz

    Welcome to the Forum - General Aussie Chat

    g'day julianne and welcome to the aussie forums! just a tip if you're coming down under ..... nappy! here in oz we call them nappies - not diapers. i hope you enjoy your travels to our beauitful land here down under and that your stay here is filled with lots of fun and interesting experiences. i'm not in nsw, but hopefully someone who is will make contact and offer to join you for tea!
  6. Grace Oz

    Why can't you write people's names in your note: Rationale?

    two rules by which to practise: ~ 1) "if it isn't written- it didn't happen". always document document document. ~ 2) always remember; whatever you document/chart/write, might one day have to stand up in a court of law. i see nothing inappropriate with you charting/documenting as you have exampled here above.
  7. Grace Oz

    Unemployed for 2 years, No one wants me anymore.

    Am sorry you are having a tough time of it. Unfortunately, despite what the spin docotrs say, us older folks do get discriminated against. Wisdom and experience only come with age, sadly that fact escapes many people in positions of power. Stay positive if you can, I know that's not always easy, and I wish you every success in your quest to find a suitable position.
  8. Grace Oz

    EBA 2011 - here we go again

    I saw something on the TV news this morning, but missed the details of the report. I got the impression that things were shifting in favour of the ANF, but don't quote me. My experience has always been that the public are supportive and encouraging of nurses fighting for better outcomes, regardless of it being wages, conditions etc. Most folks who have ever engaged with the health industry as a "consumer" or "consumer" support person, know only too well how nurses are the backbone and deserve a fair go and decent wages, conditions etc. Keep up the good fight kiddo, the baton's in your hands now! :hug: But .... if you ever need a back-up! .......
  9. Grace Oz

    need an OZ update! us rn seeking to flee country..

    I dunno, Ceridwyn will have to answer this Q. But ... if this is happening, then shame on them! I know we share the whole planet, but charity begins at home! JMHO. :)
  10. Grace Oz

    EBA 2011 - here we go again

    It saddens me that this once worlds best airline has come to this. Yet the loons in power keep alllowing into this country ....... oh never mind!
  11. Grace Oz

    EBA 2011 - here we go again

    of course! they'll jump on that like a full-back on the ball!
  12. Grace Oz

    EBA 2011 - here we go again

    Oh yes! - Those were such fun - not! The only time a split shift was of advantage was if you played softball for the hospital team and they "allowed" you the time off to play! But, you had to return to complete your shift! I'm guessing it was as much for the good PR of the hospital as for the wellbeing of the nurse - [that we were allowed to play softball!] Ahhh, those were the days! Ha ha, I can't even imagine that happening today! but ... I'm talking 1960's here!
  13. Grace Oz

    EBA 2011 - here we go again

    Well come on across and we'll take you down to the valley for a few reds! *wine:D
  14. Grace Oz

    EBA 2011 - here we go again

    And now QANTAS! Look at what's happening there! I was a member of the ANF all my nursing career and post for quite sometime. In the 1960's through to my retirement in early 2000's, we've fought like warriors for better pay, better conditions etc etc, and all the while managements would fight us each and every step. We managed to make some differences, but it pains my heart to see the younger generation of nurses still having to fight for the respect and a fair go. It was my generation who truly believed we'd make it better not only for ourselves, but for those who would follow us. It was the legacy we hoped to leave. Still, I guess there'll always be the divide between the workers and management for all time.
  15. Grace Oz

    Woo hoo!

    :yawn::zzzzz:zzzzz:zzzzz Can you tell I don't give a toss??!!
  16. Grace Oz

    US new grad moving to AUS