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Grace Oz

Grace Oz

Med/Surg/Ortho/HH/Radiology-Now Retired
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Grace Oz specializes in Med/Surg/Ortho/HH/Radiology-Now Retired.

Retired. Mother of two. Grandmother of two adorable munchkins.

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  1. Grace Oz

    Socialised Medicine the myths and the facts

    Ok, I'm out! Soooo ... how ya been old girl? What's new? Did you know I'l be a first time granny in 6 weeks time? :redbeathe:D
  2. Grace Oz

    Socialised Medicine the myths and the facts

    Ok mum! :chair:
  3. Grace Oz

    Huge Wave of Baby-Boomers Retiring? Not So Fast!

    whoa! not so fast! i've been retired since my early 50's - i'm now 60 - and do not feel - some also say; not look :) - a day older! in fact, i get up early every day and live a rich, full and productive - retired -life! retirement does not = decline. in fact, it's the best way to live after years of hard slog, sweat and tears. retirement brings many opportunities which are not possible while in the workforce. see .... most of us "oldies" run rings around the "youngies!" retirement- getting older- does not = inactivity and/or decline.
  4. Sending thoughts, prayers and cyber support to all our members in Queensland affected by the dreadful floods. Hoping you and your loved ones are safe and that this nightmare will soon be over.
  5. Grace Oz

    Daytonite has passed away...

    I had no idea! Have only just now read this thread. RIP dear Joyce. Condolences - albeit, belatedly - to the family. Sadly, as sometimes happens, our correspondence dwindled, and I feel dreadful about that. I knew how ill Joyce was, we talked about it in our correspondence. Then ... time and events preoccupied our lives and now ..... I'm so very very saddened to read this sad news. I'm glad you enjoyed wearing the T-shirts dear Joyce! :) I'll always remember you. Your generosity was humbling and I'll forever associate "Damages" with you and our critique's after the shows! :) A candle is lit and prayers said. The world is a better place for having you in it. Love ... Grace xxx
  6. Grace Oz

    Blue Christmas - allnurses.com Christmas Carol

    :lol2::lol2: Thanks for the laugh, TN! MERRY CHRISTMAS!
  7. Grace Oz

    Thank you....all of you

    Best wishes with the exams, Shari! Pass or fail those nursing exams ... you are already a success! My continued support, encouragement and very best wishes for the future! :)
  8. Grace Oz

    iPad winner at the AN exhibit booth at NTI

    SO glad more folks now know about AN! :) The word certainly is out and AN well promoted here in Oz! :) CONGRATULATIONS to Tammy!
  9. Grace Oz

    schapelle corby

    Schapelle who???????
  10. Grace Oz

    The culture of nursing - Professional behaviour & conduct

    G'day Rachel ..... many thanks for your kind words in your PM, I'm only too glad to have been able to offer some advice and support. Other than to second some of what the OP have written, I really have no further advice or suggestions to share with you this time. Ultimately it's up to the individual to learn, grow and be the best they can be in any given situation. Nursing, as is life generally, is one continuous learning curve. The main thing is to not be your own harshest judge .. others will openly, gladly and at times, cruelly, be that for you! Learn to listen to your instincts, learn to trust yourself and your own judgements. The [earthly] person who we owe the most to is the one looking back at us in the mirror. Apart from the above, I really have nothing more to add but do wish you continued success and encourage you to hang in there and keep on keeping on.
  11. Grace Oz

    New Forum: Natural Disasters - Worldwide

    Thanks Brian. I heard another quake hit Haiti in todays news. So terribly terribly tragic. Continued thoughts and prayers for all affected by this tragedy, and also for the brave volunteers and other rescue personnel who are doing all they can to help. Appeals for donations have opened here in Australia and as always, Aussies are responding generously. In times such as this, the world needs to come together as one. One of my favourite songs is John Lennons .... IMAGINE.
  12. Grace Oz

    Welcome to the Forum - General Aussie Chat

    Are you serious?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Snow??????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CRIKEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Grace Oz

    Welcome to the Forum - General Aussie Chat

    Glad you're receiving some rain there too. We did today and the temps have cooled .... which makes this ..... http://au.news.yahoo.com/a/-/mp/6670460/four-dead-in-smash-near-barossa/ ......... all the more tragic. I can't understand why they were evacuating given temps had dropped and we had rain. This is not far from home here. We travel to the valley on that road all the time. Heartbreaking. We did have code red for the past several days, but I didn't think we had it today.
  14. Grace Oz

    Welcome to the Forum - General Aussie Chat

    CONGRATULATIONS sydneymum14! Wishing you every success. Talaxandra ... makes you appreciate what their [ fireies] job is like somewhat, doesn't it? I swear I could've fried an egg on the back patio it was so hot! Thankfully today we've received a respite!
  15. Grace Oz

    Welcome to the Forum - General Aussie Chat

    The same number melting in SA I'm guessing!
  16. Grace Oz

    Help! How do I sign my name??

    I'd put it exactly as you've posted. your title of RN first, then the other qualifications after. CONGRATULATIONS on obtaining your degrees!