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  1. I have never known anyone to be charged in the US for a wasted med. Accidents happen.
  2. interested in australia nursing

    F Carre: What is the RMA Code under your name?
  3. Aesthetics Nursing

    Tanya: Try doing a search on the Internet for associations or certifications for Nurses in this field. Mentoring is the way to go for me; I still hold onto a dear friend who was "literally" my first preceptor. Call your local Chamber of Commerce and...
  4. Aesthetics Nursing

    Tanya, the only added comment I can make is regarding the Chamber of Commerce. I did join, with my Legal Nursing Business. It is about $300 a year, here in Colorado's small town (approx. 50,000). I get free advertisement, and also to my website. I di...
  5. Travel Companies (On Assignment)

    I think it is important to review what you want: position, hours, location, size of facility, and to think about the pros and cons of what you have like about what you have done. That said, start your research. If you know where you want to go, and ...
  6. Positvie/Negative Feedback Regarding VMI Course

    [bANANA]WOOT!!![/bANANA] Congratulations! Will you be going to the conference in March?
  7. Staff medications

    BSNtobe2009: Have you ever been a Camp Nurse?
  8. Suburban Hospital

    Slow down. What is the rush? It sounds like you have not doen your research and you are talking about giving notice. Perhaps someone will know about Onward Health but I am not familiar with them. What did they offer you.What town are you planning to ...
  9. CA Prison Strike

    Is there a strike coming up for CA Prison in the San Francisco area? I heard there was through the grapevine; is this true?
  10. Aesthetics Nursing

    It is exciting to see this growth and inclusion of Nurses in Aesthetics. I am additionally proud to see the conversation and sharing of information of this specialty on this Bulletin Board.
  11. Anything good about CO nursing?????

    RN in 08, have you worked as a Nurse yet in Colorado? I am just curious.
  12. Please help me

    I have moved your thread to the International Forum.
  13. Positvie/Negative Feedback Regarding VMI Course

    The course cost, with the VIP package, IMHO, is well worth it. I have enough material to be certified for five years. Ther material covers everything I could imagine at this early date. I do wish I had studied more before I went. I do a lot of contr...
  14. 4 Week Travel Assignments

    From the get go, they sound difficult. Have you told them to not call every day? I would tell them you will get back with them.
  15. independent contractor forms for nurse

    I do not know of a website but I can tell you what works. Ask the facility that you want to contract with for the form they use. It will have information that is outlined for their state and what is important information that they are used to in thei...