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teeituptom is a BSN, RN and specializes in ER, ICU, L&D, OR.

married, 7 kids

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  1. That is such a cute thought.
  2. Arnold Palmer has been my biggest influence in nursing practice Followed by Jack and Lee
  3. when I went into nursing money wasnt good at all
  4. Special treament of a patient with money

    Personally, I think special accomodations should be made for the wealthy at their request. 1- they can afford it, so be nicer to them. I find it much easier to much more especially accomodating to the wealthy.
  5. A Generation of Wimps?

    In other words dont hire wimps, right
  6. Drinks in the nurses station...

    Yes Its our workplace but yes we are very visible to every pt walking the halls every family member every visitor every whoever else
  7. Retiring, what is that?

    I dont plan on retiring the way I am They will just round a corner in the ER stretched out dead or EMS will be coming to pick me up off the golf course hopefully after I just made an eagle If I make it to retirement Im going to make one of my closets...
  8. Drinks in the nurses station...

    there should be no drinks at the nurses station where everyone can be seen drinking like seeing a cop at Krispy Kreme donuts very unprofessional doesnt look good at all
  9. Drug seeking or real pain? How do you tell?

    Even if they c/o pain of 10 out of 10 on abd pain while smiling and eating potatoe chips. It is whatever they say.
  10. Some parents amaze me

    Ive been to Universal studios and Disney World in Orlando this past week. And it amazed the number of people who in small groups would rent wheel chairs and take time pushing each other around so they can take advantage of the Handicapped line rather...
  11. Just take some yogurt smoothies or some iced cappucino on the course with you, maybe some raisins also. or an apple.I like healthy munchies snacks
  12. ahhh lets just fire one up
  13. Im waiting untill I turn 65, then when I retire if Im still alive. I fully plan to get a little hydroponics kit and grow 2 plants of marijuana for private use. Then no one will know if Im just stoned, or have Alzheimers, or Mad Cow disease, Or dement...
  14. A Generation of Wimps?

    Stupidity with a wimp chaser, now thats a combo that is increaseingly more common
  15. A Generation of Wimps?

    I only go to ER for little problems, Appendicitis, Cholecystitis, Acute MI, # er visits, 2 trips to OR and 1 trip to the cath lab. Yes the younger generation is raised to be very wimpy. Thats ok call it Job security. Really think about it. If it were...