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zumalong has 22 years experience and specializes in surgical, neuro, education.

Have been an RN for 19 years. Teach in nursing program for last 7.

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  1. zumalong

    Giving O2 without an order??

    Never be talked out of calling dr with problems. This patient could have thrown a clot or if he was a Copd pt too much oxygen may have suppressed his resp. You can't change what course you took this time, but next time contact who is on call. Follow your gut and CYA. For the patient's safety and your hard earned license
  2. zumalong

    Pertussis outbreak

    Sorry hit wrong key. I would be alarmed with flu but would expect to hear flu. Never expected to hear pertussis. Did not realize it was going around. Thanks to all who took time to answer my posts :)
  3. zumalong

    Pertussis outbreak

    Thank you for info. I would be alarmed if flu, but would at least
  4. zumalong

    Whooping cough in school in New York

    Most of the children who have the disease are current with tdap vaccine. But even if they were behind, I would think that chd would offer to community. My concern is other schools that were exposed during sports sectionals and may not even know. Letters were sent home to our school children only. And media was not aware of outbreak until Friday and superintendent and chd did not discuss how many of the children were on the baseball, lacrosse, and soccer teams Many parents continue to send ill children to school because we have state tests and finals. No one else sea to be taking this seriously.
  5. zumalong

    Pertussis outbreak

    Most of these children that are positive for purtussis have had tdap going into sixth and seventh. I am wondering if we are seeing a mutated strain dt parents that held off on vaccinations. My frustration is that there is very little communication and all we hear is there are nys state tests and finals. Three teams who went to sectionals in our region had the majority of the first cases. Shouldn't those schools know about the fact they were exposed??
  6. zumalong

    Pertussis outbreak

    Thank you it helps some. The numbers are conflicting one nurse in hs said 48 then on tv the superintendent of schools said 35. Most of th
  7. zumalong

    Pertussis outbreak

    Am going to post this here in the hopes that someone has some more info for me. Our small rural school is having a pertussis outbreak. So far there are over 35 confirmed cases in our school district. I am an RN who has very little peds experience, but am dismayed at the lack of response to this. Am I being super paranoid thinking that more should be done??? The county health dept nurse told me they are going to clean school after state exams and finals and hopes "things will die down over summer". Isn't this a poor response to an infectious and dangerous disease.
  8. zumalong

    Is it possible.....

    Working on a Uro floor for over twelve years this happens sometimes. Especially with enlarged prostate pts. My FIL would not see dr for 30 years and when he finally did his bladder was so stretched he put out 10,000 yes 10,000cc in a four hour period. He ended up with supra pubic tube for rest of his life.
  9. Have been an RN for over 25 years and a mom for almost 17. Our school district has had a recent outbreak of pertussis 48 confirmed cases. Most of these children are between 9 and 17 years old. Four of our sports teams (who all participated in Reginals) have been heavily affected. The county health dept nurse told me they are hoping for the best but there are big state tests and finals next week so after that they hope to "clean school, disinfect, and maybe it will die down". Am I crazy, or is this going to be truly taken seriously only if there is a tragedy in our small rural community. Everything I can find on web talks about outbreaks of 1 to 3 cases not 30 plus. Anyone out there with more information about the pertussis.reimmergence?
  10. zumalong

    Mandated Flu vaccine?

    The shot does NOT "give" you the flu. If you truly had influenza then you probably contracted it before the flu shot or a different strain than they used last year. Those elderly patients have decreased immune systems even with the vaccinations. Better safe than sorry I always say.
  11. zumalong

    Student nurse confused about suctioning

    Know your agency's policy, but I have never seen suctioning resp. secretions as intermittent unless it is pt. who can give you good airway clearance. The more important aspect should be length of time suctioning and need for supplemental O2. with many of our resp. compromised pts we give high flo O2 before and after suctioning.
  12. zumalong

    How well does misogyny work out in your facility?

    As a clinical nurse instructor for 8 years, and a nurse for over 22, this 'student' will not survive the nursing home rotation--let alone acute care. It sounds like he has read too many medical terminology books in his spare time (doesn't sound like he gets many dates) The attention he is getting from this rant is way over estimated. If we all get 15 min of fame his 15 is over. Something to be real proud of when you are old and having your TURP done for his enlarged prostate.
  13. zumalong

    Knowledge re: suicide and how we can help

    If your life has been touched by death by suicide--please don't let the would haves, could haves, should haves take over. Hindsight is 20/20 for everything we do. The statistics are scary as heck and I am afraid they are only going to get worse as our economy becomes more and more deeper in debt. We all learn to live at the level of our income and if it is decreased or taken away--many don;t know what to do. If there is anyone out there who wants to PM me or is in crisis--please dont hesitate to reach out. I dream that these statistics will get better one day.
  14. I have read several articles recently about the high rate of suicide in Dr's. I am sure it is a problem with all health care workers, I lost both my brothers to suicide (one in 1997 and one in 2001) I am posting this to help all nurses with education regarding this sad and devastating loss. Personally I look at suicide as cancer of the soul. But I realize that many nurses still think that it is a cop out and done to hurt family members who are left. Please familarize yourself with the American Foundation for prevention of suicide. (http://www.afsp.org) Every health care worker needs to understand the warning signs--just as we have had MI and stroke education. MAny times it is coexisting with substance abuse as a means of self medication and with bipolar disease. But even if these are not an issue--a loved one or patient can end up dead by suicide. It is hard for family and friends to deal with death in this manner because there is so much sadness, anger, confusion, and even embarassment. I never realized how common it is for more than one member in a family (or a group of friends) can be at higher risk when someone close to them commits suicide. I have had comments about how selfish this act was from well meaning friends. But I watched the downward spiral with my youngest brother and missed cues from my middle brother. I also remember having patients on the acute care units I have worked on over the years and the comments that are made by staff during report. March is suicide awareness month. Please stop and think that mental illness is a disease just like any other physical problem. I am now an only child...and my mom and dad will never be the same. Neither will I, but I am chosing to do something positive by educating the public and I believe this starts with the medical community. If you know of anyone who has symptoms of depression or has expressed the idea of killing themself---please please don't hesitate to do whatever you can to help them. If you have fallen into that dark well yourself and think there is no other way out--contact your suicide hotline. Many uninsured can fall through the cracks (and even insured as they will only cover so many mental health visits--most with copays.) I miss my brothers every day and treasure my children while being scared to pieces that they may inherit substance abuse or depression. If this post changes even one mind about how you look at patients or friends or loved ones--even yourself, I will feel like I accomplished something tonight. Take care of yourself physically and emotionally. All my prayers--Cheryl sis to Danny and Doug.
  15. zumalong

    Where can a disabled Nurse get a job??

    I too am a nurse who has been out on permanent disability since 2003, this is the first year I have felt well enough to get back out there and do what i love. What about teaching in an LPN program. They don't usually require a master's degree and you can stay away from clinical if it will harm your back. I am starting parish nursing at my church. I am going to go very slow and will probably not be paid much---if at all. But at least I feel I am doing something to feel like a help to others--which is why I became a nurse 25 years ago. Good luck. I don't know if you get an ssdi but even if you go back to work--they will work with you and if you do more to injure your back you can go back on ssdi. I wish you the best of luck. Take care. Cheryl.
  16. Thanks everyone who has answered. and for this site. As things stand now, I am going to start out as grief counciling and am setting up suicide survivors support group. I just found out I received scholarship money to go to Rhode Island in May to become a facilitator for my rural area--as there is no programs out here. I am also going to be a 1:1 immediate responder for families/friends in those first days after a suicide has occurred. I lost both my brothers to suicide and believe that God is showing me how I can help in this way. I hope to stay healthy enough to implement this and try to get some teaching done in our school systems. My biggest challenge is that I have so much I want to accomplish and then my body betrays me and I end up in hosp as pt. (have not been able to work since 2003. If you are reading this say a little prayer that my body holds out as long as my mind does. It gets very frustrating when you can't do what you feel you were put on this earth to do. Enough of my pity party. I will keep updated on this post and let all knowhow things are going. :)