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prmenrs has 42 years experience as a RN and specializes in NICU, Infection Control.

42 years in nursing, ~ 27 years in NICU

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  1. prmenrs

    Nicu resuscitation nursing

    Paper towels. Just don't accidently throw it away. Find the clock in the room, use that for your time. You have the time of birth, so you can extrapolate age in minutes. We had a stamp w/all the admission data we could use on our charts. (showing my ...
  2. prmenrs

    Interesting study
  3. prmenrs

    Flu is CRAZY

    I don't think it's too late to get a flu shot. Might help! Maybe the Health Dep't would be interested in putting on a flu shot clinic @ your school site, or someplace near by. Just a suggestion. If someone is incubating the virus, the shot probably w...
  4. prmenrs


    I think old school docs used to call appendicitis, "the great pretender". It was almost expected that 1 out of 4 appy's turned out normal. I went to the ED w/abd pain, they worked me up, (the 3rd guy that came in to check for rebound tenderness was d...
  5. prmenrs

    Non-invasive NAVA and PPV *New Grad*

    It's not a stupid question! Talk to the Resp Care and/or more experience nurses, and develop a "game plan" in your mind. Stupid questions are way better than stupid mistakes!
  6. prmenrs

    NICU new grad help with assessment/time management

    Start w/observations: position, color, activity, O2 sat, what equipment, what drips, IV site(s). Resp status and support. Then tactile: gently place your hand on their back to count resp; place stethoscope to listen for breath sounds, move to front (...
  7. prmenrs

    Reasons for an unplanned extubation

    Visualize the length of the trachea below the cords. How much wiggling would it take to maneuver the ET tube out? Some babies are even strong enough to "tongue" it out. Part of your assessment is how slobbery the tape and tube junction are. If it's ...
  8. prmenrs

    Positioning an older, chronic lung baby

    These work well. And they have a variety of styles to fit different cribs/incubators, etc.
  9. prmenrs

    When Nurses Dream...and Have Nightmares!

    I had repetitve nightmares for years. Most involved blank charts @1830. I retired in 2002; as of 2015, I was still having them. Certain staff members featured in them, some positive, more not positive.
  10. prmenrs

    Flu Shots

    I always seemed to be in line behind the needle phobic customer. So I would hold their hand and try and keep them calm. Don't go w/the hip--no one has time for that! Positive attitude: this is going to keep folks healthy and at work, not home wishin...
  11. prmenrs

    No more lifting

    As a NICU nurse for many years, the patients may not weigh a lot, but, the equipment is another story. And, when you lift a baby who has a couple chest tubes, an ET tube, and pacemaker wires so someone can put a clean blanket under him/her, you feel ...
  12. 30 or 40 years ago, TB was "on the decline" also. Then, along came AIDS, and, whamm-o, TB was back, better than ever. Don't trust it. Having been one of the people who unwisely thought we had the beast cornered, and was soooo wrong, I think we shoul...
  13. prmenrs

    Ever forgotten to feed a baby?

    Aug 6, 2018 by llg, PhD, RN llg has 40 years experience as a PhD, RN and specializes in Nursing Professional Development. 639 Likes; 13,085 Posts; 58,214 Profile Views I also dreamed once that a very little one that I was caring for (with lots of tub...
  14. prmenrs

    Nurse as a Patient?

    Scared and angry. And taking it out on you, and everybody else. Suggest a Team conference and team approach. Charge nurse and/or supervisor should stop in periodically just to chat. Head off the complaints @ the pass. Within her dietary restrictions,...
  15. prmenrs

    How to get NICU job without experience?

    This is a great idea. Not only will you get experience w/"normal" newborns, you will learn a LOT about breastfeeding. That's a really useful skill set.

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