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Brian, I go on allnurses .com everyday to check what is happening with these great nurses who come here to discuss whatever is on their mind. I often reccomend this board to fellow nurses and it sometimes takes forever before they have the time or inclination to get on. May I suggest a printable page with information on how to find to hang on our bulletin boards at work? I would love a bumper sticker or a Tee-shirt too!

Can anybody think of anything else? There are times I would love to print off a page and put it on car windshields in the staff parking lot!!!! So much here to share!

nursedawn67, LPN

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:nurse: what a great idea!! would love to be able to advertise!! wtg!!! :balloons:

prmenrs, RN

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Hello, Brian? Are you there?? Earth to Brian.....

p.s. HAPPY NURSES DAY!!:balloons: :nurse: :lol2:

Brian, ASN, RN

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That sounds like a great idea to me :) I'll try to whip something together this week and post it. If anyone else wants to submit ideas for a flyer or something, I'd love to see them. Thanks for the suggestion.

Mary Dover

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Yes - I would love a t-shirt - PLEEEEEAASE???

(and in multiple colors of course!)

prmenrs, RN

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:saint: :nurse:

Hey, let's put all the :eek: :blushkiss emoticons :chair: on the t-shirt!!!

maire, ASN, RN

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Thanks for your response, my great web colleagues! Happy Nurses Week! PRMENRS, retiring in 60 days, ooooh aaaah, what is on your horizon? Congratulations, I am so excited for you!

ma kettle

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I agree.. I also think a tee shirt with the printable emotions would be perfect.


prmenrs, RN

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Thanks, Cargal. My son and I are going on a road trip across country and back. Will take 4-5 weeks. After that, I'll probably be broke, so will need to find a job and work 1-2 shifts a week.

Brian--think about a tote bag--one size REALLY DOES fit all!!

micro, RN

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i just want the emoticon of under the cracks me up to my already cracked coccyx......... got a good thing going...........

i will never leave, quite.....

sorta like the hotel california...........

night owl

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Hey Brian,

Whatever happened to the merchandise section of allnurses? Are you working on it? I want to go shopping!

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