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Brian has 28 years experience as a ASN, RN and specializes in CCU, Geriatrics, Critical Care, Tele.

"Be the type of nurse you want to work with" - Brian Short RN Several years experience in CCU, Geriatrics, Long Term Acute Care, Telemetry. I started a hobby nursing website while I was in nursing school, way back in 1994, which has progressed its way into what is today.

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  1. As we prepare for a Nursing career, we have to consider our past. As care givers, we are held to some of the highest standards in order to earn the privilege of being licensed as a Nurse. Many times mistakes and poor choices are made that can blemi...
  2. Brian

    Nurses and their pens

    You know how you have that one favorite pen that fits just right in your hand and writes so smoothly? You get very attached to it....and then, much to your dismay it seems to grow legs and disappears. Be prepared by stocking up so you'll always have ...
  3. Nurses, There are always a handful of people that stay with you like this! Let's hear your stories! I'm sure there are hundreds of wonderful stories to share with each other!
  4. Brian

    Satisfying exhaustion

    Nurses truly work hard every single hour of every single work day. Many times, they skip meals and bathroom breaks. Not good, of course, but let's fact it, it happens all too often. Once they leave the job and finally can come home, it's hard to just...
  5. Brian

    Celebrity TV Nurses

    How many TV shows about Nurses have you seen? There have been many in years gone by. I remember watching reruns of one called "Temperature's Rising" that was made back in the 70's. And, of course we've had several more since then. They never seem to ...
  6. At best, hospitals have four walls and a roof and I seriously doubt that contained within these four walls is a Nurse's Break Room as described here. That would be heaven. But, who would be taking care of the patients? Maybe that's why we will never ...
  7. What does being a nurse mean to you? This Poem covers a lot of ground, but I am sure you can add more to it :) Reply with your comments. Being a Nurse Means You will never be bored. You will always be frustrated. You will be surrounded by challenge...
  8. Take a brief survey here : What is your biggest nursing challenge? We've had several articles and threads recently dealing with many problems and challenges that nurses are facing today. We get so caught up in caring for others that many times we fo...
  9. Brian

    She Wants A Cookie, but We Only Have Crackers!!!

    I started out in the nursing home and had those same feelings of just being a pill pusher and not really using my skills. I felt intimidated by all the experience nurses who were so wise and seemed to know everything. As I grew more confident, thes...
  10. The Nurse's job description doesn't include "household maintenance" but how many times have we had to take care of something other than patient healthcare needs? Tightening a loose screw, switching out a soap dispenser, changing a light bulb are a fe...
  11. Oh, how I remember those school uniforms. I couldn't wait to be rid of those things. I had a female friend who graduated from her program years ago who told me I was lucky because her uniform was a straight skirt with a kick pleat in back. For the li...
  12. Brian

    Wage for STNA or CNA

    FYI, I edited the title of the thread for more clarity to your question.
  13. Welcome to allnurses! Hopefully others will come by and give you some insights. You probably already searched, but here is link to discussions on AN
  14. Brian

    NCLEX Please share if you relate!!!

    Welcome to allnurses! I moved your topic to the NCLEX forum for better chance of people replying. Good Luck!
  15. Welcome to allnurses! I just wanted to reply quickly, I'm assuming this is for Sam Houston State University. Hopefully others will come by and respond to your post.