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Satisfying exhaustion

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Nurses truly work hard every single hour of every single work day. Many times, they skip meals and bathroom breaks. Not good, of course, but let's fact it, it happens all too often. Once they leave the job and finally can come home, it's hard to just let it all go. Down time reflection for many of us reveals that yes ... we worked very hard, but the odd thing is, we enjoyed it especially knowing that WE made a difference in another person's life.


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I always feel like this after a hectic/busy night shift. Even though I will feel exhausted or overwhelmed sometimes, on the commute home I will do some reflection that I did the best I could and made someone's night (day). It keeps me coming back.


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Nurses work their bums off all day every day, however it is a very rewarding career! I have been so exhausted that I could not eat, and could barely even think after a 12 hour shift. 3 or 4 12s in a row kicked my butt...I would spend my first day off in a vegetative state on my couch! It's what we do though! :)

On many, many nights going home, I would call my husband to let him know I was on my way.

He would usually say, "you sound tired." My reply, "I am so tired, if it would help, I would cry."

I mean, I would be that tired.


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