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VicChic20 has 6 1/2 years experience and specializes in Nurse's Aide.

6 and a half years as a CNA in a nursing home. Best first stepping stone. I began LPN nursing school January 2016 and graduated in November 2016. I just got my new job working as a GPN right now. I just recently took the NCLEX and am awaiting results.

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  1. VicChic20

    What did you use to study for the NCLEX?

    I was using this review book called Master the NCLEX-PN by Peterson's. It went through all the content of nursing: basic concepts, pharmacology, mental health, maternity/newborn, pediatrics, oncology, then med-surg nursing and each chapter focused on a body system. The chapters were pretty short so it was easy to follow and review the content without getting too overwhelmed or your brain starts hurting. It was short and precise information. Then each chapter had a set of questions at the end with the answers so it gave me more exposure to NCLEX-style questions. I also used some ATI materials...I used the folder with multiple papers inside...I used the paper with lab values on it and that really helped.
  2. VicChic20

    Taking NCLEX January 4, 2017! HELP!

    Hi! I am in the same boat as you. I just took my NCLEX this morning!! I wanted to give myself enough time to study and refresh my mind with concepts or areas I wanted to brush up on. I think studying a chapter a night and being exposed to NCLEX style questions helped prepare me. I also utilized the ATI folder they gave us at the Live Review. I mostly reviewed the lab values, and I am SO happy I did because there were a number of questions and answers with lab values and reviewing those a lot helped me answer those questions. I felt surprisingly calm last night, and this morning I was calm until I went to the test center and I felt some anxiety...but once I sat down in front of the computer, the anxiety went away and I just did it. It felt strange seeing that blue screen shut me out after 90-something questions...I have a good feeling though. I wish you well on your results and hope we passed!
  3. VicChic20

    Wanna know what an LPN license can get you?

    Thanks for bringing the encouragement and positive attitude about becoming an LPN, we are just as important as other members of the healthcare team. I want to point out that LPNs and RNs have a few different educational differences and that's why each scope of practice is different. Nonetheless, LPNs are key players too.
  4. I think this is a great way to revitalize the nurses as a whole and as a team of professionals going out there and giving the best care and attention that patients deserve. I respect anyone who brings up the importance of nurses and their impact on others.
  5. VicChic20

    Resident lost her phone...

    I recommend reporting the missing phone right away since it is a resident's personal possessions.
  6. VicChic20


    I wanted to help others, and having a job to do that was why I became a CNA first. Secondly, I wanted to be a nurse all throughout high school. I figured out I simply couldn't just get into a nursing school without the steps to get there. So being a CNA made sense while attending a community college.
  7. VicChic20

    Honest Questions with Honest Answers

    I work at a nursing home for the last 5 years. Nursing homes are my only experience as far as facilities go, and I've been on night shift too. I personally enjoy working at nursing homes, it can get stressful and you're constantly on your feet on some shifts, some shifts have shortages in staffing because of call-ins, but mostly everyone is pretty good at working a full staff. I know on day and evening shifts, you have time limits on certain duties like on days, you have to get up your assignment by 8am for breakfast. When the day people come in, they're already in a frenzy and hustling. All in all though, I love working there. I have a good set of teamplayers on my night shift. I like the one on one time I get with residents. I find it rewarding to make someone's day because it's a lonely and sad time for the elderly. The pay I get is not higher than the other 2 shifts. The pay and benefits changes depending on where you live and where you work. There will always be a demand for CNAs, because they're always needed because some facilities get a lot of turnovers with their staffing. You won't be out of a CNA job for long is the bottom line. As far as LPNs dying out, I don't think they are. They are needed as much as any other kind of healthcare professional. They may not be needed primarily at hospitals, because I heard that from some of the nurses I work with, but I'm sure they're needed in hospitals regardless. They aren't going anywhere. I applaud you for getting into the healthcare field. It is rewarding and challenging. Also, being a CNA is a great decision in starting your healthcare experience. You'll learn so much.
  8. VicChic20

    Falsely accused of verbal abuse

    When the time comes, just tell the truth on what happened and who said what. Don't blame someone else or take your frustration out on others. Be honest when you are in the meeting for the investigation. I know you're frustrated, but don't blame the speech pathologist on having nothing better to do. She and everyone else working in the healthcare field are looking out for patient care and safety. She had to report it.
  9. VicChic20

    First real CNA job tomorrow and so nervous!!!!

    First, take 5 deep breaths and let out that anxiety. It is normal to feel nervous going into any new job because you're walking into an envirionment you're not used to and it feels foreign. When I was fresh out of CNA school 5 years ago, my first and still current job is at a nursing home and I work nights. I was one nervous chick. Never had any real job experience at all. Just go in tomorrow, take a deep breath before entering and do your best to learn everything there is to know during you orientation. There is a lot of new information and policies that the LTC facility will have, so try to pay attention and engage in the training. I don't mind working in LTC workplaces, depending on how many residents you have, it can get stressful during the day shift/evening shift. Night shift can be hectic as well. There will be some nights that a few residents don't sleep at all and they are moving around in bed. Sometimes we have to get the resident up and come sit with us at the nurse's station because they are almost going to fall out of bed. Then there will be some nights where it is calm and there's more free time. At my facility, we have only 40 residents, all 1 floor. There are 2 aides and 1 nurse, and the main duties we have to do are 2 sets of rounds on the residents. The other aide and I go down each hallway together, so that when we do our 2-assist residents, we are close by. We also get 4 residents up and dressed between 6:30 and 7:30am, and that's the end of my shift. We have other small duties, too such as filling up new water pitchers with the new date and passing them and stock gloves in the resident's rooms, and answer call lights. I think the change in facility won't be too dramatic since you've already worked at an assisted living place, so you have some idea of what duties you'll have to do. I wish you luck and to just relax!
  10. VicChic20

    Should I load up my schedule to finish earlier?

    I am all for trying to get everything done as fast as possible, however will you be making school your first priority? If so, I don't think maintaining that 3.8 GPA would be hard. If it's that important to you, you will work hard and earn a solid GPA. However, spreading it out can be beneficial too. The biology classes are the most difficult out of all the pre-req's. So, be prepared and invest your time to school tremendously. Good luck in your studies! You'll get there whether you take the short or long route.
  11. VicChic20

    9/21 This week in PreRN I learned....

    This week: I am slowly enjoying Microbiology. The professor I have is so energetic, passionate and relatable in the content. I learned that microorganisms control us. In everything that we do. And they've been around for a long periods of time. I find that interesting. I am liking technology and software to do for homeworks for my Statistics class. We are using MyStatLab, and it is heavenly. Being able to compute large pieces of data for homework is HELPFUL! This online course I'm taking is my 1st one and it is really making me learn time management for all 3 of my classes. It's a balancing act.
  12. VicChic20

    Low overall GPA, High science GPA & TEAS score

    I agree, it seems like a 3.3 GPA would be a great standing for a nursing program, but because it's so demanding of a major its gotta be competitive I guess. Sounds like you have a knack for the sciences since you kicked butt in Microbiology and the TEAS exam score is great.
  13. VicChic20

    An open letter to the #NursesUnite movement

    I think it is essential to be able to unite at a group of professionals. We are in a profession where it can be hard work and time consuming, but it is also so rewarding. I am not a nurse yet, but will be starting a nursing school in January, and I know there is a lot of issues going on within the nursing profession. I think that the uproar in what Joy Behar said in The View was needed and gives me pride that nurses around the country felt disrespected and had enough of it. What that talk show host said is nothing but ignorance. She's not a nurse, nor has any experience, but it is nice to see how it effected people because the real issue is finding the respect and dignity that nurses deserve. I know that there are "dirty secrets" in the workplace, but that shouldn't deter nurses from being the best that they can be. They shouldn't let others take advantage of yourselves, you should have a voice and speak up, and you should be able to take care of yourself: go to the bathroom as needed, take your lunch break, and expect to stay late some days. The nursing profession is not a cake walk, but know that YOU have control of how you handle your shift and the millions of complaints that come at you. At my nursing home, we had a union but it wasn't being beneficial so they got rid of it. I am all for standing up as a group and speaking out on issues that need to be spoken about, but I also find that taking action on how you control your actions in your workplace can help, too.
  14. VicChic20

    My gpa is a 3.14

    Try looking up the recommended GPA for the school you're applying to. I would try to get the best GPA that you can, and good luck in your pre-reqs.
  15. VicChic20

    CNA pre-admissions test?

    I never had a pre-admissions test for the CNA program I had. I got my training through my high school. I signed up to take a CNA course during my senior year of high school where I left half the day to another school that was for technical trades and jobs like ours. Never had to take a pre-admissions test. I think it all depends on what facility you are taking it in. I wouldn't stress too much on the math. Just do your best.
  16. VicChic20

    Wage for STNA or CNA

    My hourly wage is 12.75/hr and I reside in a nursing home with rehab.