We are Nurses and we can do anything


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The Nurse's job description doesn't include "household maintenance" but how many times have we had to take care of something other than patient healthcare needs? Tightening a loose screw, switching out a soap dispenser, changing a light bulb are a few that come to mind. We wear many different hats in this profession. How about you? What non-Nursing duties have you had to perform?

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Mostly repairing broken eyeglasses.

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I work private duty in patient's homes. I have bathed, brushed, scratched and walked many dogs. All voluntarily, by the way.

On the other hand, when a patient's wife brought her stored silver down from the attic for me to polish while her husband napped?

Uh, NO.

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Housekeeping - because the housekeeping staff isn't allowed to touch anything potentially infectious. I really want to know why the heck anyone would work in a hospital in environmental services, a place where blood and body fluids are everywhere, if they refuse to touch blood and body fluids. And why they're allowed to get away with it.

I have SO MANY call me into a room they're cleaning, point out a spot of blood/puke/whatever on the floor, and say they're not cleaning it and make a nurse clean it. And the pointing out that there is a suction container in the room, can the nurse please take care of it. It's not rocket science to put the caps on top of the holes on suction canisters and throw them in the biohazard bin, but heaven forbid anyone suggest a housekeeper do it. And it's company policy for them to do that! I think we ought to just lay them off. I can probably clean a room and get it ready for a new admit faster than housekeepers, who always make the bed wrong anyway.

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calivianya --

Not be snarky in the least, but now ya got me really curious....how do the housekeepers make a bed 'wrong'?


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Fix the copier. I've worked on it more often than Canon!


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Going to the kitchen and making a sandwich for a late admit. The hair net is adorable (sarcasm) .


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Detangling IV cords! That is the worst!

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Fix the TV remote. Find the right TV channel, fix the beds...I should have applied to the engineering department!