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nursecathi has 20+ years experience and specializes in critical care, LTC.

A convert from hospital to LTC and loving it. Two children--a paramedic son with a nurse daughter-in law, and a waitress daughter, 10 grandchildren, married with a dog, a cat, 4 chickens, 1 mean ol' rooster, and 4 ducks.

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  1. Bloodletting: *Is This Archaic Practice Still Being Used?

    That's funny. I (being an old nurse) was just talking to my young coworkers about this the other day. We had a patient whose RBC's were like way high! Of course, they'd never heard of anyone doing this. That's why it's so much fun to be a nurse from ...
  2. New grads in specialties without the basics

    I had a student nurse, a senior BSN student. The week before graduation, I still had to remind her that she had to chart the BP and pulse when giving a beta blocker and other such meds. And the intervention for pain. She has no initiative, no priorit...
  3. The nursing shortage is because no one wants to actually take care of patients anymore. Everyone wants to be management. I've been a nurse for 35 years. Have an ADN. Been floor nurse in ICU and other critical care areas, management in LTC, staff nur...
  4. Transfers to GIP

    GIP=general inpatient
  5. Transfers to GIP

    I have to vent. I work on s 5 bed inpatient unit inside a hospital. One RN, one LPN who work as a tech. Most of our admissions are transfers from other units within the hospital. It makes me so mad (and sad) when they transfer a patient to me who loo...
  6. Career change from ICU to Hospice

    I worked critical care for 22 years--ICU, PACU, Stepdown, ER. Got tired of all the adrenaline drama. Now in inpatient hospice and love it. There are worse things than dying.
  7. If You Give a Patient a Cookie

    Did he have a problem with gluten or perhaps an allergy to the peanut butter or chocolate in the cookie? Will the lawyer say you should have checked the chart before giving said cookie? Is it possible he aspirated the milk? Did you do a swallow scree...
  8. Best MD note

    Must be new protocol at my hospital but all H&P's now include "pt not currently breast feeding" That's good to know when the patient is 70-80 years old!
  9. Staffing ratios

    Not sure I want the government with no healthcare experience dictating how many patients I can safely take care of.
  10. What Is Your Most Gross, Yucky, Disgusting Nursing Horror Story?

    Leonca, as a dog owner I knew what you were saying. As a nurse,I'm ashamed of those you are saying you don't belong on a nurses forum. But you have to remember, those are probably the ones who eat the young nurses too. Welcome.
  11. Charting Bloopers

    More and more on H&P's, even on elderly ladies , we're talking 80's & 90's! Not currently breastfeeding. Not a blooper. Must actually be part of the docs new charting process!
  12. Nurse Slang Yo!

    Dang! I thought I coined that phrase. Was brain dead at the end of a wild shift and couldn't think of the words "anchored a foley" and "intubated his penis" came out instead.
  13. Why do you think nurses leave the profession?

    It is hard on the body! Been a nurse for 30+ years. Mostly days, some nights. Mostly bedside. Some management. Had to jump thru more hoops and be yes-woman in management. Not my style. Enjoy taking care of patients. Work inpatient hospice now. We're ...
  14. You are NOT allergic to...

    And everyone is allergic to codeine because it makes them nauseous.
  15. Over night family guests excluded for medical problems?

    You'd have to check your hospital policy. I work inpatient hospice and there have been times when we've had an elderly pt and the kids drop mom or dad with Alzheimer's or non-ambulatory in a w/c off to stay with their spouse. We are not allowed to d...