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calivianya is a BSN, RN and specializes in ICU.

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  1. calivianya

    NP or Physician for men?

    In general, yes - doctors work longer and for less freedom. Definitely during training, especially. Four years of undergrad (need a bachelor's to get accepted to med school), four years of med school, variable length of residency, variable length of ...
  2. calivianya

    This is not what I thought it was

    Haven't seen you in forever - hope you're doing well.
  3. calivianya

    Furosemide med error

    You almost always have to give the Lasix "late" in this case - in general, the provider has no idea what time you're going to be finishing up the blood and just throws the order in, assuming you'll know to give it after. You know, now - and you'll kn...
  4. calivianya

    This is not what I thought it was

    Haven't been here in forever - glad to see you landed a job! Sorry it sucks, though. Can't really advise about the knee pain beyond what everyone else has been saying (Danskos and Sockwells are my jam), but I wanted to say I feel like most acute car...
  5. calivianya

    Leaving my comfy throne to go into LTC, comfort vs skills

    +1 I'm personally of the opinion that the best job is the one you're good at, that's comfortable, that you get paid the most money for. I'll move so a higher paying job is more convenient before I take a lower paying job because of location, but that...
  6. calivianya

    Your FAVORITE job

    My current job, for sure. With a few exceptions - the clique people - my coworkers are great. Our intensivists are really great, too. Good coworkers, good doctors, high acuity... love my MICU. Just wish we could get people to staff it!
  7. calivianya

    How to deal with a bully patient?

    Since I was the first on who mentioned dumping on the travelers - to be fair, when I am charge, I end up spending half the night in everyone else's patients' rooms. In the case of the very difficult patient mentioned earlier, I was there whenever he ...
  8. calivianya

    Did I harm the patient??

    I've placed an IO in a code situation before... but that's totally different, because it's last ditch, and the patient is pretty much already dead anyway (hence the code) so it's less pressure. What I can tell from that guy's reaction is it really, r...
  9. calivianya

    Did I harm the patient??

    I agree that 99% of meds are given IV... but when I'm giving IMs to a patient, I'm giving a lot of them. I'm usually giving IMs to the totally out of control violent delirium/psychotic patients... so when I do give IMs, I probably give 10+ a shift. O...
  10. calivianya

    How to deal with a bully patient?

    Rationale was none of the rest of us could stand him. He was with us for over a month and we just couldn't do it anymore.
  11. calivianya

    Running into former patients

    Then I don't think you were inappropriate. I probably would have handled it the same way you did. In general, I don't drink with my patients - but I can think of one or two I would have made an exception for because we were just about friends, not ju...
  12. calivianya

    How to deal with a bully patient?

    We had a detoxing meth patient who just got out of jail for assault with strangulation and kidnapping. Demons and swastikas everywhere on his body, and outright violent with us. After he returned to his normal and was healthy enough to move out, he s...
  13. calivianya

    New nurse having a hard time with coworkers

    Give it some time. I won't use the NETY phrase because everyone here hates it so much... but it wasn't until I hit about the 1 year mark at my current job that my coworkers became tolerable. Mine are famous for just about ignoring the new people to t...
  14. calivianya

    "I Narcanned Your Honor Student"

    I think my attitude here is just a product of the type of environment I was in during high school. The parents who had the "honor student" bumpers on their cars were typically the same people who paid for the expensive private tutors for their kids.....
  15. calivianya

    "I Narcanned Your Honor Student"

    I think it's hilarious. A dear friend of mine was a C student at my private high school, kept bouncing in and out of academic probation because she'd get occasional Ds... then she transferred out to a public school and all of a sudden had a 4.0 and w...