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calivianya is a BSN, RN and specializes in ICU.

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  1. calivianya

    Leaving my comfy throne to go into LTC, comfort vs skills

    +1 I'm personally of the opinion that the best job is the one you're good at, that's comfortable, that you get paid the most money for. I'll move so a higher paying job is more convenient before I take a lower paying job because of location, but t...
  2. calivianya

    Your FAVORITE job

    My current job, for sure. With a few exceptions - the clique people - my coworkers are great. Our intensivists are really great, too. Good coworkers, good doctors, high acuity... love my MICU. Just wish we could get people to staff it!
  3. calivianya

    Chewed out from family

    This is reason one of ten million why I work night shift. More often than not, I can convince people to leave, because "He's sedated and the ventilator is breathing for him now; he'll need you to get your rest so when he wakes up and we take the tube...
  4. calivianya

    Frustrating... ED is Not Critical Care

    Our ED nurses are absolutely critical care nurses. My unit (MICU) stays full all the time. It's daily that there are vents on pressors being boarded down in the ED... and a single ED nurse might be watching four unstable vents down there. They have a...
  5. calivianya

    Futile ressusitation

    Most CPR is futile. I'd say 90%, at least, of people that get their pulses back either code again within a couple of days and we can't get them back, get withdrawn on and die, or spend the rest of their lives in a LTACH. But. We had someone recently ...
  6. calivianya

    Renew ACLS?

    I would definitely renew it. If you struggle with rhythms, use this: SkillStat ECG Simulator It's how I learned my rhythms. They have a study option and then a game option where you see the rhythm and have to pick the right one. I'm of the opinion t...
  7. calivianya

    Compensation for BSN?

    One place I almost worked offered a $0.75/hr differential for a BSN. These unicorns do still exist. From what I understood from people I knew who worked there, it did not change their base pay - it literally just added a new line on the paycheck in ...
  8. calivianya

    New Grad Qualification Question

    I was hired for my first job weeks before I graduated. Don't wait any longer. If you keep waiting, you risk all of the new grads who started applying earlier than you snapping up all of the new grad spots at most hospitals, and you will be left witho...
  9. calivianya

    New nurse feeling hopeless

    The being so tired you can barely drive home part is concerning for me. Honestly, that may be a big part of a lot of this - just like with being depressed, handling any sort of stress at all is very, very difficult if you're not getting adequate slee...
  10. calivianya

    Is this reasonable or just over the top?

    This is very, very situational. I know there's research on it, but I can't help but wonder if the research was done on mostly educated people and not the blatantly ignorant general public. The most recent complaints I've heard have been: 1. "I'm a r...
  11. calivianya

    Is this reasonable or just over the top?

    I wish I was never late clocking out in ICU. Out of the past 10 shifts I've worked, according to my staffing software, I've clocked out on time three times. I've had patients where the report on one patient alone took greater than 30 minutes. Grante...
  12. calivianya

    Unit Clerk Reading ..

    I'm actually a very open person - I literally haven't said anything on here that I haven't probably said to my coworkers or unit leaders at least a few times before. Even the very snarky comments. I snark and cuss a lot in real life... even in front ...
  13. calivianya

    Religious accommodation means no Saturdays....ever?

    I wanted to make one point I hadn't seen yet (though I admit I haven't read through everything). It's not this person's fault she got hired and management acquiesced to her religious exemption. However, what IS a major problem is that she took up an...
  14. calivianya

    Older nurses

    Everywhere I've worked, the age gap has been more like OP is describing. I'd say the vast majority of my coworkers are under 40, with at least half under 30. I think bedside nursing is just too dang demanding, and I don't mean that in a condescending...
  15. calivianya

    Former ICU nurses - I need your help

    Just saying - you don't have to work somewhere that residents and fellows are. Nobody has to steal your spotlight. My favorite intensivist used to not only teach at a major top medical school, he also was the medical director for a number of their un...