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cardiacfreak is a ADN and specializes in Hospice.

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  1. cardiacfreak

    Breakroom Pet Peeves

    Bringing smelly food like tuna and then throwing it in trash for everyone to smell....ugghh.
  2. cardiacfreak

    Epic (Nursing) FAILS!

    I've had a few epic fails, but the most memorable was with a bottle of mucomyst. I was a new nurse and was trained to inject air into the vial and then draw back medication....nobody told me not to inject air into the mucomyst vial....Yep, mucomyst shot out all over me. I changed my scrubs but it was still in my hair, and nobody wanted to sit next to me for the rest of the night. Another epic fail, I was the only nurse in the nurses station and had eaten ham and beans for supper, just as I let out a loud long sound a GI doc walked around the corner and said, "That was impressive!". I no longer where scrub pants that don't have elastic, I was running to a code (back when we actually ran) and my scrub pants came untied, of course I was leading the pack.
  3. cardiacfreak

    Why am I asked to fix things that are NOT my job?

    1. Definitely a maintenance issue unless it's just unplugged 2. Depends if you work nightshift or dayshift. I have plunged many a toilet in my time. 3.Again maintenance unless it's unplugged. 4-6 Call maintenance. 7. Hand them the remote unless they are unable to push the buttons in which case do it for them. 8. I try to troubleshoot 9. I'll do it if I have batteries.
  4. Me too! I grew up in the 80s and I hope some one will play Prince, hand me a Coor's, light me up a Marlboro and let me reminisce!
  5. cardiacfreak

    How many jobs have you had in your career?

    1990-1992 LTC #1 1992-1995 LTC #2 1995-1998 Private Duty and part time LTC #2 1998-2017 Acute Care Hospital same floor the entire time but became ANCM the last 8 years. 2017 to present Hospice.
  6. Any changes in taste or smell, poor appetite, changes in her nails, hair, or skin?
  7. cardiacfreak

    Davey Do Toon Caption Contest | Nurses Week

    When your patient states he can only take meperidine.
  8. I don't know if I should respond to Davey Do or Silverbells or maybe Daveybells or Silver Do.
  9. cardiacfreak

    LTC vs. Rehab Patients: Who Is Priority?

    Yes, there is a chance for a hemorrhage, you will see signs and symptoms, that is why frequent scheduled neuro checks are normally ordered. Are you the nurse for this patient or are you checking up to make sure the nurse did her job? There is a difference there. If you are just following up and another nurse is in charge of this patient you should assist the resident with their meal. I was in management once upon a time, I was the Assistant Nursing Care Manager of a Progressive Care Unit. My assignment consisted of 3-4 patients, I was also part of the code team on top of management duties (chart audits, payroll, scheduling, etc).. I did it all in my 12 hours shift, sometimes 13 hours. It can be done if you don't micromanage everyone and everything.
  10. cardiacfreak

    LTC vs. Rehab Patients: Who Is Priority?

    Yes, you would be right in this case! Making sure a resident has his/her meal far exceeds "follow up" of a fall. Would the nurse on the unit not notify you if there was a change In condition? Would you want your loved one waiting for assistance to eat while someone went and "followed up" on something that happened yesterday? Correct me if I am wrong, I get the sense you like paperwork and hate hands on care. If that is the case maybe you should look into quality management or MDS positions.
  11. cardiacfreak

    Coworkers Competing For Vending Machine Food And Drinks

    I think you need an intervention.
  12. cardiacfreak

    Nurses aid**advice!

    I'm going to be honest, it seems to me you were being insubordinate. I understand your shift was over at 6, however, in the time you spent arguing with the nurse and reporting the said incident to a supervisor, you could have had the trays picked up, the resident back in their room and out the door before 6:30. Take the weekend and try to relax and reflect, is this a job you want to keep? If you and the nurse have a less than desirable working relationship, and you will have to continue working with her, can you do so professionally even if she is not? I hope the best for you.
  13. cardiacfreak

    New RN Already Making Mistakes

    Start keeping a journal. Include new learning experiences, the great job you did, the mistake you made, etc... At the end of 6 months go back and reread it. I guarantee you will see how much your skills have improved.
  14. cardiacfreak


    Have you tried to become active in shared governance or volunteered for committees? I know it sounds silly, but when I was an assistant manager at a hospital we often looked to see how active someone was within their unit even if they didn't have experience. It showed initiative, accountability and desire to learn.
  15. cardiacfreak

    Hospice Nurse Journal Club?

    I'm also interested.
  16. cardiacfreak

    Reporting a Patient to Police?

    I have been assaulted (received a broken thumb) and did not report it to the police, but my situation was not with an alert and oriented patient.