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cardiacfreak is a ADN and specializes in Hospice.

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  1. New here!

    I'm salary and work on call 7on 7 off. I normally average 25-30 hours per work week. So for me salary is better than hourly or visit pay.
  2. Breakroom Pet Peeves

    Bringing smelly food like tuna and then throwing it in trash for everyone to smell....ugghh.
  3. Coworkers Reporting Powerful Bowel Movements

    I have used "explosive" before. The patient was having diarrhea and when he went to sit on the BSC it just came out full force, spraying all over the room. As a hospice nurse we are taught "to paint a picture of decline" explosive was as descriptiv...
  4. Getting fired by a patient/ family member

    I have only been fired once and it wasn't a nursing job, I was working in my husband's detail shop, he fired me!
  5. How can I learn to be "rougher" with patients

    If I need my derriere cleaned I would appreciate a delicate hand instead of a rough hand. If I need CPR PLEASE don't be delicate, I need you to push fast and hard. Most little ol' ladies say, "You're being to rough!". So they would probably lov...
  6. Which patients are you most scared to take care of?

    Kids and babies scare the H E double hockey sticks out of me! When I worked Progressive Care I was assigned a 6 y/o that got into Grandma's metoprolol and amiodarone, I traded her for the trach patient in isolation who was on the call light every 1/...
  7. Epic (Nursing) FAILS!

    I've had a few epic fails, but the most memorable was with a bottle of mucomyst. I was a new nurse and was trained to inject air into the vial and then draw back medication....nobody told me not to inject air into the mucomyst vial....Yep, mucomyst ...
  8. Insight Peds and adult hospice

    I have no insight or advice, I understand your situation. I think you did what was right for you and please don't feel guilty. I do adult hospice as an on call nurse, I had a death visit for an 18 y/o boy and that is the hardest visit I have e...
  9. Why am I asked to fix things that are NOT my job?

    1. Definitely a maintenance issue unless it's just unplugged 2. Depends if you work nightshift or dayshift. I have plunged many a toilet in my time. 3.Again maintenance unless it's unplugged. 4-6 Call maintenance. 7. Hand them...
  10. Me too! I grew up in the 80s and I hope some one will play Prince, hand me a Coor's, light me up a Marlboro and let me reminisce!
  11. How many jobs have you had in your career?

    1990-1992 LTC #1 1992-1995 LTC #2 1995-1998 Private Duty and part time LTC #2 1998-2017 Acute Care Hospital same floor the entire time but became ANCM the last 8 years. 2017 to present Hospice.
  12. Any changes in taste or smell, poor appetite, changes in her nails, hair, or skin?
  13. Davey Do Toon Caption Contest | Nurses Week

    When your patient states he can only take meperidine.
  14. I don't know if I should respond to Davey Do or Silverbells or maybe Daveybells or Silver Do.
  15. Is it wise to work from home?

    Maybe you should see a therapist.