Nursing School Scrubs Nostalgia

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Oh, how I remember those school uniforms. I couldn't wait to be rid of those things. I had a female friend who graduated from her program years ago who told me I was lucky because her uniform was a straight skirt with a kick pleat in back. For the life of me, I don't know what a kick pleat is, but sounds really uncomfortable. What is your Nursing uniform like and are you going to save one for posterity?

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Mine is white and green. I honestly don't mind the colors at all :) But good luck to any person who tells me I have to wear a skirt!

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We didn't have scrubs. We had navy blue, A-line "shirt dresses" that could be worn plain for some clinical rotations, but had to be worn with a white apron over top of them for others. White support hose, white "clinic shoes," and the white cap were also required.

We "liked" the old style ones that were 100% cotton -- hard to take care of with all that ironing and starch required. But we didn't like the newer ones that were polyester and supposedly easier to take care of. The newer ones just seemed "cheap and fake" as opposed to the old traditional, challenging -- but traditional -- 100% cotton. They were more difficult to maintain, but we took pride in them.


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I was one of those Nursing Students who had to wear straight skirts below the knees with a kick pleat in back. The top was a short-waisted blouse. And, it was all blue pin stripes.

The cap, white, was a triangular box that sat right on top of the head.

Of course, I was proud of my uniform, but it was truly impractical.

My uniform from my first program that I didn't complete was Caribbean blue pants and a white button up tunic with the school's patch on it. I kept it for awhile (when I thought I was going back to the program), but then got rid of it. I would've kept the pants, but I gained weight and they didn't fit anymore.

My uniform now is wine colored pants with a white v-neck scrub top that has a thin wine colored line around the edges of the sleeves. I'll probably keep it because it's not bad at all and if I work somewhere that allows me to wear any scrubs I want, I'll have less to buy.

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We had ceil blue scrub tops (one chest pocket only, THE WORST) and matching scrub pants.

I'm 6'3", and the shirts were navel grazing on me. The company that made them had no concept of sizes, fit, etc. I wore a long tank top underneath.

As for the pants, they came up to my shins. I had to special order ceil blue scrub pants in the proper length. It was horrible.

To this day I have a strong aversion to ceil blue.


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WHITE. PANTS. I celebrated after my last clinical. Never again.

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seasidesoul said:
WHITE. PANTS. I celebrated after my last clinical. Never again.

I would've hated wearing white pants!


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Nursing school, as I am sure, was not a most pleasurable experience for many of us. I worked full-time in the operating room as a scrub tech in a level I trauma cenbter, took call and carried as many as 18 credits in a semester. When school was over and after I passed my boards, I gathered my uniforms, name badge and medication cards, made a little pile in the back yard and doused it with gasoline and threw a match into it. Watching it burn was one of the greatest therapies I ever went through.

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Black scrub pants of our choosing, ugly white flat shoes that were all leather, and an ugly white zip up shirt with a school patch and red/black lining on the sleeve. They had white button blouses before that looked professional bu they must have had issues with women popping buttons or something since only men had the button up shirts. I think they went back to button up shirts now though.


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seasidesoul said:
WHITE. PANTS. I celebrated after my last clinical. Never again.

Me too.

We had a white scrub pants burning ceremony after graduation.

If you tell me white pants are required, it's a no go.

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We had these awful white bottoms and white tunic tops that zipped in the back with our school patch on the sleeve. They were made of this awful polyester/rayon synthetic blend and they were SOOOOOO itchy, They switched to navy scrub pants for the incoming first semester students the semester I graduated. We were so jealous.