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  1. CNA vs. PCA vs. HHA

    I'm a HHA and we absolutely 100% do do VS and depending on the situation, administer meds (just about 3 weeks ago we were administering morphine to a client who was passing an on hospice/comfort care). Yes, we also cook and clean and bathe and ADLs, ...
  2. Scrubs and Name Tags

    So I don't really know why they gave us both nametags...most of the girls just have the one with their name written in big letters on, and the others have both clipped together. I have both clipped together. Right now I've got 5 sets of scrubs which ...
  3. Scrubs and Name Tags

    I agree 100% that 2 seems like overkill. I get that these people are old and probably can't read my name on the little tag, but there are 6 residents and 2 of us per shift, so I'm sure they'll learn quickly. Neither is magnetic, they're just your run...
  4. Scrubs and Name Tags

    There's still a misunderstanding going on with the name tag. I don't have one, I have 2. And two separate clips. There would be no question with just 1...I just don't really know what to do with TWO. As for scrubs, I ended up at Walmart because the l...
  5. Scrubs and Name Tags

    So basically I need another 4-5 pairs since right now I have 3. Ugh. Not good timing since I just paid rent! Doing laundry costs a lot. I live in an apartment complex, and a load of laundry (wash and dry) costs $4. That's $16 a month which is insane ...
  6. Scrubs and Name Tags

    I'm just starting as a HHA with an agency for the second time...but I got rid of all my scrubs from the first round since they no longer fit me, and its been about a year since I worked as an aide, so I'm in need of some new scrubs. I have one set th...
  7. TC3 Nursing

    Anyone here go to TC3? I'm going to be joining the class of 2017 this semester. (I applied for the second semester of the program since I've already completed fundamentals), and I got accepted! What I'm most curious about is where do you do clinical...
  8. What do you do in CNA class?

    Oh, that's really different. In NY nursing assistants aren't licensed, they're just certified.
  9. What do you do in CNA class?

    Nope. in New York you have to go through a state approved training and test. Also, what is LNA? Anyway, class is going well I guess. I honestly don't pay attention during theory, I've been getting homework done during it and I'm almost finished with ...
  10. Starting CNA Training next week

    You can't practice without a license unless you're talking about a licensed profession. You can also be a nursing assistant without being certified, but you'll have a hard time finding jobs without certification.
  11. Starting CNA Training next week

    I get that you have to be certified, but in many other states, if you've done a semester of nursing school, you don't have to take a CNA class, you just have to take the test...and I'm quite confident that I would pass the New York test if I took it ...
  12. Do I NEED to get my BSN?

    I've already spoken with my local community college, and they are well aware of my GPA as they've seen my unofficial transcript, and they still said it may be possible for me to get advanced placement in their nursing program, so I'm not worried abou...
  13. Do I NEED to get my BSN?

    I'm not saying a BSN wouldn't be helpful. It may or may not be. But I have to look at the whole, the amount of time it will take, schools I could actually get into (my undergrad GPA is only like a 2.7 or 2.8) I'm not competitive ...
  14. Do I NEED to get my BSN?

    Wow!! $46 per credit is like a dream!!! I don't think there's a single school in NYS where tuition is that cheap, because even within the SUNY system, there's a minimum tuition which is definitely over $100 per credit!
  15. Do I NEED to get my BSN?

    There's not. Well, I should say, there's not enough of one that would get my butt back to school. It's a wonder that I'm even considering getting my RN. I thought I was going to get 1 degree and be done -- and I have my 1 degree. I hate school with a...