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  1. SingDanceRunLife

    Crouse Hospital School of Nursing, Syracuse

    I agree. I would even go as far as to say it's one of the best nursing schools in the region.
  2. SingDanceRunLife

    I dont like it

    At the hospital where I go to school. Even the student nurse aides (who can start working that job after the first semester) take care of no less than 4 and can take care of up to 8 on the night shift!
  3. SingDanceRunLife

    Student working at a camp

    Thanks guys!
  4. SingDanceRunLife

    NYS DOH summer camp regulations

    Hi everyone, I'm a nursing student and I did some looking for an assistant job at a summer camp for this upcoming summer, and one of the things I did was put a profile on Camp Staff Nurses then sent my profile to a couple camps. I have been contacted (and hired) by one of the camps as a nursing assistant, but just today, I got an email from another camp that read: I don't see how that can possibly be true considering the camp that hired me is ACA accredited...wouldn't they absolutely have to adhere to the DOH regulations to be accredited? Anyone know?
  5. SingDanceRunLife

    Student working at a camp

    Thanks for the response... I actually ended up calling, and asking most of what I posted with some additional things, was offered the job, and took it :)
  6. SingDanceRunLife

    Are there any camps that hire student nurses?

    They hired me! The director offered me the job (contingent on satisfactory references) on Friday and asked if I was ready to accept. I said I would like a couple of days which she was fine with that. I called her yesterday to accept, and she said they were still waiting on references, but great, and that because they were still waiting on references, I probably wouldn't hear anything else for about a week or so, and that's when I would get my contract...but lo and behold, I received it in an email today! I decided to take the position because it seems like an awesome opportunity, the camp looks and sounds fun, the pay is great, and, it'll give me over a month of summer vacation before heading off to work since I end school in early to mid May, and staff orientation starts June 21! I'm super stoked!
  7. SingDanceRunLife

    Where are you doing clinicals this semester?

    What type of program are you in, what year/semester/class are you in, and where are you doing clinicals this semester? I'm a second semester Associate's student in my first med-surg class (out of 2) doing clinicals at the hospital my school is affiliated with. My first half of clinicals (7 weeks) will be in an orthopedic floor, and in all likelihood, my second rotation for the semester will be on a med-surg floor since that's where most of our instructors work outside of teaching. What about you?
  8. SingDanceRunLife

    Who else is starting their 2nd semester tomorrow..

    Ahh... I'm in Upstate NY, so snow is kinda what we do...it starts snowing in November, and it snows right through March!
  9. SingDanceRunLife

    Who else is starting their 2nd semester tomorrow..

    Wow...I'm surprised that you guys get cancellations because of snow! Last semester, towards the end, we got almost 2 feet of snow, and they didn't cancel a thing!
  10. SingDanceRunLife

    Who else is starting their 2nd semester tomorrow..

    I start my second semester tomorrow as well. I'm not excited. As much as I love nursing (and I do, really!), I absolutely hate school because I'm just not the academic type...so I'm not ready for break to end.
  11. SingDanceRunLife

    What kind of BAG do I carry all this stuff in?

    That may be true at your school...but at my school, out my class of about 97, there was exactly ONE person who had a rolling bag...and people definitely said things!
  12. SingDanceRunLife

    What kind of BAG do I carry all this stuff in?

    Honestly, I've never had that much stuff to carry with me. I'm going into my second semester, and last semester, we were only required to bring one of our books with us to class, and that was only on occasion (maybe about 5 times the entire semester). I would bring my folder, pens, pencils, highlighters, my food, and on clinical days, my stethoscope, penlight, scissors and watch as well. In all honesty, most days, I just used my large purse. If it was a particularly long day (i.e. clinical then class after), I brought my backpack, a regular, run of the mill Jansport.
  13. SingDanceRunLife

    Spring Step Shoes?

    I ended up buying them. I haven't yet worn them for clinical yet -- those don't start for this semester til the week after next...but I did wear them around the house for a good couple of hours, and they seem extremely comfortable, so I think they'll work out nicely.
  14. SingDanceRunLife

    Anatomy harder than nursing school classes?

    Compared to my first semester of nursing classes, A&P was much harder! I know I'm in the minority here...but that may have to do with the fact that when I'm applying things, they are easier for me. A&P had no application, it was just that I needed to know the facts and understand certain processes.
  15. SingDanceRunLife

    Student working at a camp

    Here are the questions I've thought of: - What is the housing like? (Toilet, shower, electricity etc) - How is laundry done (facilities there, service etc)? - Is there phone/internet access? - What does the training entail? - How much independence would there be as a NA? - Is there a uniform? - Is first aid training/certification needed? - Favorite part of camp? Are these good? Anything else I should ask? I'm planning on calling tomorrow. Thanks!