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applesxoranges is a BSN, RN and specializes in ER.

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  1. applesxoranges

    Epinephrine Error - Broken Heart Syndrome, Part 1

    Root cause analysis. This is why I try to scan everything that I can. Technically you could push epi for an allergic reaction but not ideal and it was the wrong concentration anyway. Most of the paramedic protocols have pulled it. We also could start epi drips for anaphylaxis but usually they have them ordered for cardiac reasons under the wrong order set.
  2. applesxoranges

    Do I take the CFRN or the CTRN?

    I applied to a few programs and they really don't care as much as you have a certification to satisfy CAMTS if they are CAMTS certified. I think they updated their standards to remove the CEN as an accepted cert. From what I hear CTRN and CFRN are very similar since ASTNA made the test. I took CTRN since I was on the ambulance at the time. However, a lot of people haven't heard of the CTRN since it is newer and not published as much but that will probably change since CAMTS has it in their new standards pdf. They also like the CCRN.
  3. applesxoranges

    Ohio State Cadaver Labs

    How did the cadavers work for OSU? Can someone explain how Ohio State used them for the nursing program to settle a debate. More specifically, a paramedic is claiming his brother "flipped open bodies to identify structures." I could see them pinning items and having the students identify the pins but not having the students removing parts or opening up sections and risk damaging the bodies for other students.
  4. applesxoranges

    Central Line Placement and Masks

    In your hospital or facility, is everyone in the room supposed to wear masks for CVC placement? Notice I said supposed to and not do you.
  5. applesxoranges

    Medical Response?

    No. Anywy, the guy's blood pressure is going to be through the roof anyway. Better to load and go. Basically, intrcranial pressure is already ******.
  6. applesxoranges

    Can I please get a Parking Spot!

    I quit a large hospital over the parking. Many hospitals are moving towards getting rid of specialized parking lots with the exception of cath lab and surgeons since you don't want them floating around delaying surgery. But honestly, all staff needs decent parking. Doctors should not hsve special privileges. Large facility with ridiculous parking was 65 a month. Current one is 15 a pay check. The difference is the employee parking is a lot better
  7. applesxoranges

    BLS/ACLS renewal question

    Most hospitals combine the two. Yes you can renew early. However, will the hospital pay for you to renew early is another qurstion. Look and ask HR what the rules are if you get paid to go to class.
  8. applesxoranges

    I want to be a nurse but im not good at math

    If you want to be a doctor, don't go to nursing school. Go to nursing school if you want to be an RN. There are easier ways to get into medical school and being a nurse will do you no favors.
  9. applesxoranges

    New grad hired as charge nurse

    The RNs are usually charge RNs in the LTC or so I thought.
  10. applesxoranges

    First clinical. Forgot to document vital signs.

    It is still the responsibility of the staff to make sure stuff gets done?
  11. applesxoranges

    Jockey Scrubs

    Thry have two pairs of the size I need
  12. applesxoranges

    Hoping they fire me

    I hope they fire me. This place is tied for worst job. It beats out the EMS job that made me paranoid. II am not too worried if they fire me. I have a job lined up November and I can work my other job for overtime. Like the stress is crazy. I am not sucking up to a doctor and playing that game. I thought that **** stopped back in the 80s. I have never worked with an ER doctor who is so rude before. Most are fine and a few are tolerable. I also don't like the staff. i have worked here for 5 months and I am gone before six. If they fire me, so well. I have another job lined up. I am quitting ER due to how disgusted I am here.
  13. applesxoranges

    As a RN, which would you choose?

    Probably no CPR. I am okay with dying. We all have to die sometime. Which frustrated me when the ER ICU section creeped on my patient and flipped out that we didn't save a patient who was a dnr and did not want to be vented. They also were frustrating when the fellow was looking in through the window and motioning for us to put a pulse ox on the obviously dying patient. (ER ICU nurse's station has windows into the bays so the ER ICU nurses can see what ICU admit holds they may get). I ignored him.
  14. applesxoranges

    Which brand is better and more durable cherokee or dickies?

    It really depends on the line you are buying. Both have similar cheap products to more expensive. I have switched to different labels but the Dickie's line that was more "youth geared" was pretty good six years ago. Cherokee was okay but I think I bought a cheaper line. I think I may have liked the equivalent "youth" line but the pants ripped. I can't think of what their names were but basically a lot of pockets and cargo pants style. Edit: I think it was gen flex for Dickies that held out pretty well. I think I may have used Cherokee Workwear since a top looks similar and that line seems to be a bit cheaper than thd gen flex.
  15. applesxoranges

    Mandatory Uniforms

    I like scrubs. They can look neat and less likely to be wrinkled. Although somehow one of our doctors looks like he slept in his scrubs (you live down the road from me so you live close to the hospital...). I hate mandatory scrub brands. They tend to rip. I liked to pair Jockey black scrub pants with different color tops. It looked nice. However, most went to a solid option for RNs and I refuse white scrubs. I am regretting not keeping the black pants now that my new facility requires black.
  16. applesxoranges

    Jockey Scrubs

    I haven't had to buy scrubs in awhile but are they discontinuing their line? They weren't the most popular but I loved their line and they lasted years (well, the ones made in Asia were of a different quality than the ones made in South America). Trying to find a retailer with more than 2 pairs in stock is practically impossible. I think I snagged the last two petite pants in my size.