PERRLA-Like Program?

by applesxoranges applesxoranges, BSN, RN Member Nurse

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Is there any recommendations for a tool like PERRLA that will format my paper for me and allow me to create citations? I had a lifetime subscription to PERRLA but with the switch to the add-in, it no longer works and they haven't updated their general online program to the 7th edition of APA.

Based on other reviews of the product, it doesn't look like PERRLA has much experience fixing the problems of the add-in if it doesn't work and doing their three recommendations doesn't work. I even uninstalled Word and reinstalled it.

It really is sad because I used to recommend PERRLA to everyone. Now I have to tell people that it may work for them but there is a good chance the program won't work. It isn't worth the risk if I spent several hours trying to get this program to work. Even if somehow the support staff finds a way to fix it, I probably won't ever recommend PERRLA to someone because of this situation and the headache it caused me.

Heck, I should have just continued to cite my stuff manually although having the database was convenient.

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