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  1. jojo489

    Is home health that bad?

    I recently started home health and I'm in training now. I can tell you that my agency is one of the good ones. I have talked to a lot of the staff and the feedback that I get is that management is very supportive and as an LPN there is always an RN to get a hold of to bounce things off of. We also have someone who specializes in wounds on staff that we can talk to or have come eval. Orientation is also very generous, it's very orientee centered and they want you to be comfortable before you go off on your own. I also got lucky and don't have to beat up on my car, the car is provided. I'm loving it so far. I'm coming out of LTC/rehab into this and I'm also in love with the fact that it's so autonomous and you get to spend time with and truly advocate for your patients. I can't wait to see what the next few months brings.
  2. jojo489

    Poll: Nurse and law enforcement couples

    My SO is not a cop, but he works in metal fabrication. He also used to be an EMT. But- half of my family is in law enforcement. And I've got to say, it's kind of funny because I'm pretty sure my family is supplying all these cops and teachers that are marrying nurses. Too many cops to keep track of, 4 or 5 teachers and three nurses, myself included.
  3. jojo489

    Nursing School Scrubs Nostalgia

    Me too. We had a white scrub pants burning ceremony after graduation. If you tell me white pants are required, it's a no go.
  4. jojo489

    I'm running away to PetSmart

    I've seen people throw hot coffee. Nope, I'd rather not get burned. My go to is that I should've become an accountant.
  5. jojo489

    Eww comes to mind... but if it works

    Yucky. Yuck. Icky. I wish I hadn't wondered onto this thread. This will make excellent dinner conversation.
  6. jojo489

    What nursing task do you loathe???

    See now, I can place a bedpan with the best of them...it's the taking it out that I have trouble with. Inevitably there is urine (and most often something else floating around) and when I go to take it out from under them, it's super glued to one butt cheek. Splash splash. Jo's having a bad day.
  7. jojo489

    Nurses turn to pet therapy

    Love this thread! Wish I had some furries right now to add to it.
  8. jojo489

    What nursing task do you loathe???

    I love wounds, and I don't even mind applying a wound vac. What kills me is taking the old foam out of the wound...when it's sticky. Gah it makes my skin crawl.
  9. jojo489

    PO Administration Route

    I think it depends if the force behind them is equal when they are thrown.
  10. jojo489

    About an LPN becoming an RN...

    Yeah, see this is what I was afraid of. Since I won't be in this position for a little while, I guess I should start saving money now.
  11. jojo489

    Video Game&Internet Addiction

    I think that's what I've got.
  12. jojo489

    HELP! PlEASE! Drug Test False Positive

    Thank you. I always wondered about that.
  13. jojo489

    About an LPN becoming an RN...

    Question for all of you.. I'm not sure if this belongs here or in the career advice forum, sorry if I put it in the wrong place. Now for my question: Is it ok to continue to work as an LPN when you have a registered nurse license? I have asked my state BON and the vague answer that I got was that as long as the LPN license is current, it's okay. My issue is with scope. Say I'm working as an LPN at a LTC after I'm licensed, and that facility currently can't bring me on as an RN. In the interim, I choose to stay in my position and continue making money as I search for an RN job, which could take months. While on the job, do I just stay within my scope of practice or what? Is that left to facility policy? Any insight from anyone who has experience with this would be greatly appreciated.
  14. jojo489

    HELP! PlEASE! Drug Test False Positive

    A little off topic here, but I'm gonna ask anyways, because I'm curious. When they do these as a pre employment thing, as opposed to a random drug test, is the process the same? Do any employers ever decide not to bring someone on because of the medications they take?
  15. jojo489

    Video Game&Internet Addiction

    I've noticed it mostly with the few younger ones I've had. One kids mom bought a 15 inch flatscreen and brought the game system in just so they could play it while in in-patient rehab. I also had a girl who was attached to her phone (who isn't, I know) to the point where she wouldn't even go to the therapy room without it even though it just sat on a shelf while they did PT. I don't know how much research there is on the topic, but I definitely believe it can be an addiction. I know an incredible amount of people around my age who have excessive video game habits. It got worse when they could go on live or whatever and talk to each other as they played together.
  16. jojo489

    I give in, I'm a COB

    So, when my generation qualifies as old, will it be original nintendos and flip phones that we remember? (Scary.)