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New RN who just passed NCLEX and feels thrilled and terrified at the same time. But mostly thrilled.

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  1. Hating Nursing Currently

    "Crying before (and after)"....and sometimes sneaking into the bathroom to cry *during* the shift.
  2. Hating Nursing Currently

    This is exactly how I felt as well. I would say that it was about 6 months before I started to feel ok about coming into work. The first year is difficult, but just remember that you are learning and becoming a stronger nurse with each shift. And onc...
  3. Legalities in Flight Emergencies

    I wonder if it would be appropriate to have someone record the event? I'm not sure if that would breach HIPAA law, but people usually do whip out their phones for anything these days. I feel that I would feel better knowing that someone was recording...
  4. Ask a CRNA anything...

    This might be a long shot, but do you happen to know any CRNAs that went the military route for CRNA school? If so, did they find that commitment to be worth it?
  5. working holidays

    Did you specifically ask off for any of the holidays? Some people like working the holidays, so if you didn't request to have any of them off, they may have just assumed you wanted to work it. I actually had this schedule as well for this holiday sea...
  6. Does it ever stop?

    I can understand why you wouldn't have thought immediately to ask about what drips to DC. Sometimes our jobs get so insanely busy that we barely have time to think, and it certainly doesn't help when it's somethhing you're unfamiliar with. Bottom li...
  7. Do you invest?

    Awesome thread topic! I was literally just starting to think seriously about this! Right now I have 4% going into my 401k, but I need to start researching other investment avenues. Following.
  8. This person outranks me?!

    I was going to say....true critical thinking should lead a nurse to this conclusion. I could see needing to get a new sputum sample from a policy and procedure standpoint, but critical thinking is what has made multiple nurses here ask OP if gastric ...
  9. This person outranks me?!

    To be honest, I could say the same thing about myself! Haha! The other day I was just staring at an acronym in a doctor's note...a really simple acronym that I see every day at work and I could NOT for the life of me remember what it stood for and ha...
  10. I honestly think you may have been let go because you're on a witch hunt. Every single facility on the planet is doing at least something wrong, and I'm not saying you shouldn't advocate for what's right, but it's how you do it that matters. I have a...
  11. The risk is skin breakdown, which you can very politely educate a patient on, but if the patient is alert and oriented and requests two *briefs* then at the end of the day, two briefs it is. When im old and gray I'll be demanding my whiskey and heav...
  12. I like my job

    I like this. Gotta focus on the positives sometimes and get perspective. And if you've tried focusing on the positives and still feel super negative and depressed about your job for a prolonged period of time, maybe it's time to freshen up your resum...
  13. Are new grads prepared for the bedside?

    This is it! Schools maintain accreditation based on NCLEX pass rates and not job performance. You nailed it.
  14. Are new grads prepared for the bedside?

    I would imagine the length and thoroughness of actual job orientation makes a big difference in preparedness. At hospital A, a new grad on med surg may be promised a 10 week orientation and wind up taking 6 to 8 patients by week 2 because the hospita...
  15. How late after your shift do you stay at work?

    I usually clock out on time. The latest I've ever clocked out is 30 minutes past my shift. Our ER isn't allowed to give us new admits close to shift change. I also work night shift, so I usually am not the one discharging patients. My unit's patient ...