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  1. Oh trust me #2 is very true. Maybe not with the mood disorders, but certainly with the psychotic disorders. If only I had a dollar for every time a delusional pt tells me, "No, don't you see, the police CAME into my house and left those three beans in my colander to harrass me, you must be Tue crazy one if you don't believe me". #1 is so true. If I had a psychotic disorder, I would rather have hallucinations than delusions. Hallucinations are far easier to treat with meds than delusions. Once we get into delusions, you're dealing with a person's core beliefs and damn if that isn't hard. Thank you for this. It's helpful to know people out there understand that the mentally ill don't leave their somatic issues at the door. In fact many of them get substandard somatic care because , "its all in their head". As a nurse and a person with Bipolar type 2, I thank you.
  2. TerpGal02

    Seriously, why do they come to class?! shut up already!

    Wow. Any of our instructors would have a FIT if that kind of thing was going on in lecture. Now granted, our class is only 32 people and it would be VERY easy for our instructors to spot that kind of behavior but Lord A'Mighty if someone dared to behave that way in our class, they would def be called out, and if it kept going, they'd probably be asked to leave the classroom.
  3. TerpGal02

    Does anyone take Lamictal?

    I have never taken Lamictal, but did take Trileptal for a time for treatment resistant depression/possible bipolar (therapist and pdoc could not agree on this). Trileptal did give me some cognitive fog, but it really made me feel human, better than I had felt in a long long time. It took me a little longer to come up with certain words sometimes, but in all, having the cognitive fog from an anticonvulsant was nothing compared to the cognitive functioning problems I was having due to my illness. It might take you a little extra effort in school, and you might have to develop new strategies for learning, but I personally would go for it. I started back to school while on Trilpetal, and it DID take me a little longer to learn things, but I managed to make quite good grades.
  4. TerpGal02

    Frederick Community College?

    So-prereq ladies, how's it going this semester? I'm in Med/Surg 2 and Psych this semester and let me tell y'all right now OMG is this the most trying stressful semester yet. NOTHING in the first year even holds a candle to this. So far I have an 86% in Med/Surg 2 and 88% in Psych, so I don't think my pristine 4.0 is going to hold up, but really I have come to terms with that at this point and am just looking forward to graduating!
  5. TerpGal02

    Injured nursing student. Not sure of my options.

    Good to hear! One of my classmates fractured her femur s/t a car accident last semester and she is still with our class, going to clinical and everything. From what I understand that administration of our program has been extremely supportive of her. I have found that is typical in my program, one of the many reasons its a really great program :)
  6. TerpGal02

    How many semesters of nursing classes do you have?

    4 semesters plus 2 8 week summer session classes each summer. God willing I pass this semester I will only have this summer and one more semester left!
  7. We have a separate psych class in our program. I'm in it now. It's been a great class so far, LOVED clinical (we were in psych clinical the first half of the semester, med/surg 2 the second). The only thing of it is that we didn't get as much clinical time in psych than we do in our med/surg classes, but my experience was still a good one. In fact, I felt more comfortable in my psych clinical than I've felt in any other one so far.
  8. TerpGal02

    HR recruiter sending me friend request on FB??

    I'm with everyone else. Deny, deny deny. I have never had any coworker as a friend on FB nor would I ever. I dont think Facebook tells her that you denied the request, and if she asks you about it and you just simply told her that you don't like to mix work and personal she shouldn't be offended. Many people have this personal policy.
  9. TerpGal02

    Favorite Dr or Nurse Name

    MIL's GI doc: Dr. Corkum orthodontist: Dr. Toothman
  10. TerpGal02

    Lament of the White Clinical Pants

    We have all white uniforms also. I hate it. Not so worried about the whole thong issue though. I have quite heavy periods and during clinical I double up tampon/pad JUST to make sure there are no accidents. I hate how the tops are basically see though. I have a nude colored bra but it STILL shows through under our tops. I wear a tank top under my uniform top for this purpose and that sucks because I end up getting really hot. Our school changed the uniforms this semester, so the new students that started Fundamentals this semester get navy bottoms. They would not allow any other class to switch uniforms. I am so jealous LOL! I will DEF be burning these god-awful things next December :)
  11. TerpGal02

    MD vs DO

    My primary care doc is a DO. I do notice that she takes a bit more of a holistic approach to the care she provides but other than that, I really don't see a difference between the way she practices medicine vs an MD.
  12. TerpGal02

    Excited for psych clinical!!

    I have psych next semester too and I am SOOOOOOOO excited! Psych is the area of nursing I feel most drawn to as well. I can't wait!
  13. TerpGal02

    Another nurse bites the dust due to facebook

    Why why WHY do people post questionable stuff on FB, MySpace, Twitter, etc and are SURPRISED when there are ramafications to what they say? The internet is NOT private, in fact I think you lose a certain amount of privacy posting on social networking sites. That is why my FB privacy settings are VERY tightly controlled and I have NEVER friended anyone that I have worked with in the past. Too many things can go wrong.
  14. I think its a smart, professional idea not to friend pts on Facebook. Mine is private, I have no desire for the world to see ANY pics of me, but still I am VERY careful what I post. It is weird to see your caregivers out in social situations. My PCP is next door neighbors and VERY good friends with DHs cousin and she's at EVERY social gathering his cousin has. (She was my PCP WELL before becoming E's neighbor). We avoid eachother like the PLAUGE when we are at E's. What was really awkward was having E as my medical assistant when she did her clincal hours (did them with my doc, of course) and the fact that I freakin know ALL her personal business now because E has a big mouth and tells her mom and my MIL EVERYTHING.
  15. TerpGal02

    1st semester down!!

    Congrats all! I just finished my first year last week :) Its a good feeling. We lost a few people after the first semester, but no one because they failed. We lost a few that dropped before summer classes started for personal reasons. We have def already lost one due to failing clinical, and I have a feeling we will be losing more before next semester starts. GOOD LUCK next semester everyone, and get started on your reading over break if your instructors give you the first few weeks' reading assignments.