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  1. seasidesoul

    That Magic 1 Year Mark

    As an update - I transferred to a daytime clinic position and am so, so happy. The experience I received in the hospital was valuable to my ability to assess over the phone now, and I feel confident in my ability to teach my patients in clinic. You guys can make it, too! Also, I'm sleeping 8 hour a night. It's glorious.
  2. seasidesoul

    Average pay for office RN

    Clinic pay is the same for clinic nurses and hospital nurses (our clinic is associated with a hospital). So, when I switched I just lost the night/weekend differential, which is fine with me!
  3. seasidesoul

    Newbie Nurse Starting Nights, suggestions please!

    Keep in mind that even with a 15 minute commute, you likely won't be home until 8am or later. You definitely aren't out the door at 7am. As for general night shift advice, stock up on ear plugs, eye mask, black out curtains, noise machines, etc. I know many night nurses who make it work with kids - that being said, I don't have them, so I can't give you specific advice in that arena.
  4. seasidesoul

    New Nurse Dilemma

    That sounds crazy to me. Don't do it.
  5. seasidesoul

    That Magic 1 Year Mark

    YES! I think that's exactly what it is. Unfortunately, I've tried nearly everything to get the sleep I need, and my body is still fighting it. I've always been a great sleeper, so it's been difficult to deal with. I can't wait until I return to days again! I wish it were an option on my unit, because I do love the staff and patients.
  6. seasidesoul

    Scrubs: Are Colorful Ones Unprofessional?

    If I were a patient, I think I'd love to see a nurse in fun scrubs! They give you the option, so I don't see how it could be unprofessional. Maybe try it out and see how you feel?
  7. seasidesoul

    That Magic 1 Year Mark

    Sending a hug your way. Hope things get better for you.
  8. seasidesoul

    Patient Assignments

    So everyone is free to choose regardless of acuity? Or is acuity factored in somehow? If it isn't, that's absolutely terrifying. Even though I'm not always thrilled with my assignments, I'm grateful that they're pre-assigned and based on how heavy each patient is. I'd be interested to hear how common your unit's method of assigning patients is.
  9. seasidesoul

    New Graduate Nurse Residency on Resume

    I'm curious, too!
  10. seasidesoul

    New graduate nurse

    To clarify - you are not graduating with a registered nursing degree. You are not an RN until you pass the NCLEX-RN. You are either graduating with a BSN or an ADN. For NCLEX, I found that answering questions was most beneficial. Hopefully you've already been exposed to the information, so now it's time to become more comfortable with the style. That being said, it doesn't hurt to review lab values and the like. Confidence comes with experience. When it came to delegation at the start, I was also nervous. Each month I grow more comfortable. A more seasoned nurse may be able to give you better advice regarding that.
  11. seasidesoul

    Inpatient vs Outpatient

    Coming here for more information, hence why I created the post. Yes, I'm interested based on the information I have thus far. I love my specialty and my patients, and going outpatient with my hospital system would allow me to continue with both. :) Yeah, wouldn't selling sea shells by the sea shore be grand? I'd enjoy it, but some people might see it as "settling."
  12. seasidesoul

    Inpatient vs Outpatient

    Good to know! I may actually be looking for something a little slower paced. It would still be in my specialty, so there's always at least something going on.
  13. seasidesoul

    Inpatient vs Outpatient

    I'm considering switching to an outpatient position for day shift/shorter hours/holidays off. I find it difficult to work for 12 hours straight and am not enjoying night shifts. Outpatient in my specialty seems like a great option. Could I bother some of you with experience in both to tell me some of the differences? Why do you like (or dislike) working outpatient? I know the pay is generally less, but that doesn't concern me.
  14. seasidesoul

    New grad rn job search!

    West or South. NYC is a rough market, especially for a new grad.
  15. seasidesoul

    That Magic 1 Year Mark

    I'm so grateful for all of your responses. It honestly feels great to know that I'm not alone. I wish we could all text each other in the middle of the night during our off "days" - but I guess that's what this forum is for! For now I'm going to do my best to hold out until I hit a year, but it's good to know that I have options. Working nights makes me feel anxious and depressed, which leads to feeling trapped. Reminding myself that I AM still marketable definitely helps.
  16. seasidesoul

    That Magic 1 Year Mark

    Thanks for the responses! I'm definitely counting down.