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nursedawn67 is a LPN and specializes in Geriatrics, LTC.

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  1. nursedawn67

    Hey you..with the trashy blonde hair

    Hey from one "trashy blonde" to another....run while you can. Serously I dye my hair blond, and if my...no let me correct that.....if anyone called me trashy I would tell them to mind their own business. You are most definately doing the right thing by leaving.
  2. nursedawn67

    Bling on the job?

    I too wear my wedding rings...one I wash them frequently (as well as my hands) and alcohol gel them. Two if you are concerned with damage/losing them put them on your hoouse insurance, that's what I did with mine, god forbid I lose a diamond or whatever my insurance will take care of it.
  3. nursedawn67

    LPN's just glorified nurse aids in LTC? Huh?

    I work in LTC, I am a LPN and I do exactly the same thing as the RN's with the exception of putting in an IV. I can pronounce, give meds, hang IV"s (just not put them in), tube feeds...all of it) But each facility is different in what a LPN is able to do.
  4. nursedawn67

    Witnessed a terrible death last night--pls help me...

    This person was going to die whether you gave the morphine or not, by giving the morphine you made that person that much more comfortable. Quit beating yourself up, you were in that person's life at one of their most precious moments and helped them.
  5. nursedawn67

    I'm so ANGRY!!!

    I agree with taking a break, she is probably too frustrated right now to take it, it will just set her up for another heartbreaking failure...but don't give up. The NCLEX is hard, it has so many answers that seem right, but (as you know) you have to pick the best one. Just keep up the encouagement, she can do this. And as far as "imbeciles" I know what you mean I have had some fellow students that you wonder how they tie their shoes in the morning et alone pass nursing school. And I have seen some really incredibally book smart people that absolutely cannot apply it to the floor work. Take care and good luck! :)
  6. nursedawn67


    Thank you nice to get some kudos! :)
  7. nursedawn67

    Sopranos Finale - How well was nursing portrayed?

    I agree is is just make believe, but I like to take the comedic look at it and laugh at all the weird things that they screw up or don't even do right and laugh at it. :)
  8. nursedawn67

    need ohio info

    Thank you! :smilecoffeecup:
  9. nursedawn67

    need ohio info

    Yeah I'll try there too, btw I forgot to mention the job he is checking into is in Hartville OH.
  10. nursedawn67

    need ohio info

    Hi well once again hubby is checking out a new job possibility....this time in the State of Ohio. So what I'm wondering is how much is base pay for an LPN...LTC...with 7 years as a CNA and 7years as a LPN (experience). Also any other info would be great. Thanks!
  11. nursedawn67

    Reality in the LTC

    I usually have about 25 residents (first shift) and on a good day yes I am out of there on time....On a busier day sometimes I am out on time (if I cut my breaks short) and sometimes I am over a bit charting. But we try to help eachother so that we can get out of there on time. And yes we do all our own charting, meds and treatments. I also carry my "brains" (scrap paper) in my pocket and I write down things, so that later in the day I can chart everything.
  12. nursedawn67

    a family member gave me five dollars

    When I have had residents do try to give me stuff, I accept it from that resident then I go to the DON and tell her what happened, I have had a A&Ox3 resident give me a Christmas present and since she is in her right mind I was told I may keep it. Any change or money I have put it in the resident fund. This way the resident isn't offended by me turning down a gift and I'm not actually taking it.
  13. nursedawn67

    Help name our ROBOT

    Dr Nueronator
  14. nursedawn67

    Help name our ROBOT

    Doc Bot?
  15. nursedawn67

    What is it with the nurses in LTC?

    Well at my facility yeah some of us can get an attitude...depends on the day and how much is being dumped on us by higher up nurses and if we have residents that have taken a turn ..that type of thing. But for the most part I think we do alot of laughing with eachother and our residents. We try to keep the attitude in check, because it isn't the residents faults that they are there and we are suddenly having a cra**Y day.
  16. I use lots of lubricant, which I try get all along the edges of the stoool i feel. I wear 2 gloves (nothing worse than finding my glove broke), very gently with my index finger I break up the stool and pull it out, being carefull not to disrupt the tissue of the rectal area. Can be a very tedious job I find, because I am careful and because I work in a nursing home and have some demented people that resisit it, but it is better then having that same resident impacted. We don't require a doctor's order to digitally remove BM, but we do chart what we did and what was removed (color, consistancy, resident tolerance). I don't know about a post surgical telemetry patient as far as orders go.