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  1. night owl

    How is this fair?

    :yelclap: THANK YOU! :yelclap:
  2. night owl

    Drug seeker t-shirt?

    These are absolutely brilliant! Thank you!
  3. night owl

    fear of vomit?

    I've always had a fear of vomit. In my 30 years in nursing, it has never gotten any better. My biggest fear is having a noro virus run through my facility. It happened about 4 years ago and I'll tell you, it was a living HELL! After day two I had to call out sick not because I was sick, but because I couldn't stand it any more. People were vomiting everywhere and I hope to God it never happens again! When my kids were small and they would get sick, my husband had to take over because I was useless. As a nurse, that's pretty bad and I was ashamed of myself, but thank God for my husband and my savior.
  4. night owl

    med carts/control freaks

    My new pet peeve...people pouring lactulose or any syrupy med over the computer keyboard! When you go to type in your code to log on it looks like this...BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB because the keys stick! I can't stand it!!! Why can't they pour away from the keyboard??? A lot of times we need a whole new keyboard. When we get one, the same thing happens not too far down the road! I placed a sign, "Please do not pour over the keyboard." t.y. But to no avail...:smackingf I give up.
  5. night owl

    LTC big dogs at the top

    Some do get incentive awards if they keep the budget down... nice big fat bonus checks! But to get them for not providing basic comfort needs??? I will silence myself before it's too late!
  6. night owl

    LTC big dogs at the top

    That's criminal!!! These people should be locked up! God bless the staff...they are truly angels of mercy!
  7. night owl

    Are you paid when you clock out, or end of shift?

    Hmmm, I KNOW we need time clocks at our facility. We just might be the last place on earth who doesn't have them and I know it would solve many of our problems. Too many problems with people leaving early and still getting paid, people coming in late and not getting docked...it's cRaZy and so ridiculously unfair.
  8. night owl

    Rn not giving scheduled meds

    I sure agree to this. Where is the professionalism?
  9. night owl

    Sleeping on the job..acceptable or not?

    We had a CNA that would sleep every night, snoring louder than any pt. The supervisor who seek him out to ask him if he could do overtime never saying anything to him about the sleeping. Finally she wised up. Caught him sleeping again one night, woke him up and warned him. The second night she asked me to come witness him sleeping and her waking him up. She wrote him up and he was suspended for a week. We tried to tell her years prior to his sleeping, but nothing was ever done. I'm not sure what suddenly provoked her after all these years to finally do something about it. Jacho coming any day maybe and it'll look like they're doing something about certain problems? I don't know. Just before they came the last time a girl was fired for sleeping. It was her third warning, but any time between Jacho visits nothing was ever done. Just a thought.
  10. night owl

    Getting everyone else to sign their books

    That's why I love the Bar Code medication Administration which is all computerized. We always complained about it, but it really is the best system. The pt's wrist band is scanned to make sure they are the correct pt who will to recieve the medications that come up on the screen then we scan the meds as we give them. At the end of a med pass we print out what they call a "missed med" sheet and all the meds that were NOT scanned that were due during the med pass will show up on the missed medication sheet so you must go back and correct the missed med. We print a final missed med sheet before we go home. If there are still any missed meds you MUST go back and correct them whether it was HELD, REFUSED, or GIVEN before you go home. We have zero missed medications every time. We also print out a PRN effectivness sheet which means every PRN that was given that DOES NOT have an effectiveness along with it will only show up on the sheet. Again we must go back and add the effectiveness before leaving. It's a very expensive system, but it's well worth every penny and in my opinion the system goes above and beyond pt safety, which is what every facility strives for. If you can afford it, by all means you should get it. You won't regret investing the facilities money on this system one bit.
  11. night owl

    Giving report in LTC

    It seems that our facility thinks Jacho wants us to use the kardex and go through each pt, one by one with age, Dx's blah, blah, blah which is absolutely crazy. I can understand doing this in a hospital setting where pts come and go all the time with changing conditions, but in LTC? I don't see the need unless maybe you're giving a report to a new nurse that's working in a certain district or hallway and wants to know every detail or maybe to a floater, but we always used a census sheet and went down the line like everyone else. And that illegal report book? I really miss it. I think it was the best way to communicate from shift to shift and from day to day. Why is it illegal?
  12. night owl

    Giving report in LTC

    I am very curious on how everyone gives report. DO you all sit with the kardex and read off the names of course, age, diagnosis etc. etc. etc for each resident??? For our 60 residents, this takes us almost 45 minutes. Can someone please enlighten me to the purpose of all this. I would absolutely appreciate it.
  13. night owl

    ANOTHER new CMS guideline

    This IS funny. The other day after the residents had breakfast, they were sitting in their geri-chairs/w/cs and snoozing. I said to the lady standing next to me, "Look at them all sleeping like babies... I can't wait for those days!" Lord knows we will certainly have earned the right to sit and sleep or watch TV. Where's that remote??? Better days are ahead! :biere:
  14. night owl

    I got fired!

    And you weren't able to explain anything to them? Or they just didn't want to hear it? To me that's just crazy. You should have at least been given a chance to speak; you have that right or don't we anymore??? Be assured, I would have made myself heard whether or not they wanted to hear it especially if I knew that I didn't do anything wrong and the whole thing was a set up. I'll agree though with that kind of work environment, you're better off getting out of there.
  15. night owl

    Low beds, falls and incident reports...

    Thank you all for your replies. I just love this place and how your fuzzy questions can bring out such clarity in the end. :) Thanks again.
  16. OK, I've got a question. If a resident is found on the matt on the floor by his bed, assuming the bed is in the lowest position, do you all make out an incident report? We've been told two stories by two different people and that is as long as he/she is on the matt and the bed is in the lowest position that no report is necessary. Then we've been told that whenever a resident is found on the floor it is considered a fall, hence a report. Ok ladies and gents, which one is it? I'm thinking incident report anyway just to CYA.