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Q. has 7 years experience and specializes in LDRP; Education.

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  1. Q.

    Lack of daycare or neglect?

    Absolutely NOT a daycare issue. As siri pointed out, if it wasn't this that killed the baby, it would have been something else.
  2. Q.

    Online Translation Services

    Attached is a link to quality, tested translated documents that meet standards: http://www.healthinfotranslations.com/about.php
  3. Q.

    Online Translation Services

    Word of caution about free translation websites: most do not adhere to translation and fluency standards; you could be setting your organization up for liability.
  4. Q.


    Not really sure why my position was called what it was (Patient Education Specialist). The position title itself connotes more of a consultant type role, which I'm fine with that, except the expectations of my job require, imo, a Patient Education ...
  5. Q.


    I love my job, but I am frustrated at my lack of influence; part of it being the title I hold and all that. Essentially, I function as a manager (as a program manager) attend all the same meetings to get things done, work directly with Vice Presid...
  6. Q.

    Title of "BSN" on badge?

    I just love how people put down a BSN like it just "two" extra classes and essentially a few fluffy courses - nothing really substantial. I often wonder then, if a BSN degree is so insignificant as far as amount of work, why doesn't everyone get ...
  7. Q.

    What do patients say that irks you?

    You know, it's been 4 years or so since I've staffed the OB floor, and so many times I miss that, but reading this thread made me laugh and in a way, understand WHY I miss some of that stuff! Thanks!!
  8. Q.

    BSN vs BS title

    I agree with llg. The 2 designations, while similiar for all practical purposes, are two distinct degrees. Using BSN because it sounds better but if you did not in fact, earn it, would not be wise. BSN (Bachelors of Science Nursing) is it's own ...
  9. Q.

    Don't Rough My Newborn Up!!!!!!!

    Ditto. I haven't had any parents comment about how I handled their newborns, but my DH and my Mom sure did when I'd handle my preemie twins!
  10. No bashing. That's actually kind of funny. I usually say "I hate people" too.
  11. Looking for some guidance from any executives, administrators, etc. I'm a new role (since October 05) and part of my condition of employment was a salary review in 6 months. This was because I originally asked for $6 more than what they offered m...
  12. Q.

    African American Care

    Excellent post.
  13. Q.

    Nursing-Sensitive Quality Indicators

    I have; your first think is the one dated 1999. The second link that is more current I've looked at, but it doesn't mention the patient education measure. That's why I'm trying to figure out if the patient education measure is still applicable. ...
  14. I'm looking for some help from those familiar with the ANA. In 1999 I read a bulletin from the ANA regarding Nursing-Sensitive Quality Indicators, such as staffing, patient falls, decubti, etc and in that was "Patient Satisfaction with Educational...
  15. Q.

    How much for your soul? (This is very long.)

    Bipley - ROCK ON. I'm not a people manager but I work in an administrative role. And I totally get the "management food poisoning" you describe. Top leadership needs to see evidence of patient education documentation. Staff nurses complain ab...
  16. Q.

    Poll for RN's: Do you have an ADN or BSN?

    BSN completing my MSN.