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  1. Perhaps, but that still doesn't address why we don't have one point of entry; why in the effort to state that BSN programs are responsible for such elitist thinking, the unstandardized education and fragmented entry into practice is still an issue and thus allowed to continue. How is this good for the profession?
  2. I don't believe you'll hear much, because the difference doesn't necessarily come on an individual level, aside from the personal fulfillment you feel in obtaining the degree, or apart from the job opportunities that you want. I know I would not be in the position I am in without my Bachelor's degree. To feel the difference you would need an entire profession to hold the credential, and after many, many years. Like medicine; they were quite fragmented, unstandardized and disjointed during their early years. They closed substandard schools and standardized education. Now, some 50 or so years later, I'm sure they are quite happy with that decision as a profession. Now they enjoy high pay, high power and high respect. But if the decision is made that we have standardized nursing education, why would we not choose the higher degree standard?
  3. Well now I have a question for all those who continue to defend three, separate and distinct nursing education programs (LPN, ADN and BSN). Please explain how having various standards of practice and non-standardized nursing education is a good thing, and why you feel that this helps our profession in any way.
  4. Q.

    Lack of daycare or neglect?

    Absolutely NOT a daycare issue. As siri pointed out, if it wasn't this that killed the baby, it would have been something else.
  5. Q.

    Online Translation Services

    Attached is a link to quality, tested translated documents that meet standards: http://www.healthinfotranslations.com/about.php
  6. Q.

    Online Translation Services

    Word of caution about free translation websites: most do not adhere to translation and fluency standards; you could be setting your organization up for liability.
  7. I agree with what you said, but the AMA running the show won't lead us to have autonomy in the least. We wouldn't be autonomous anymore; we'd be an extension of the medical profession and our practice would be dictated by such. It wouldn't be nursing anymore. The problems you site stem from our lack of standards and uniform practice. We have NO standard nursing education, we have NO standard nursing practice act. I feel that as a profession we should be able to fix this ourselves. But we're not; instead we argue about how much clinical hours and ADN program has. It's quite honestly, pathetic.
  8. And your vision of the ADN being the accepted standard, when our counterparts in healthcare are moving even further beyond a BS, is even more comical. So what's the difference? My reality check is already here: the AMA playing with our profession. Apparently YOUR reality check will come when you're reporting to a physician in the near future. If you're comfortable with that, hey great; I'm not. If that means I need to "get over myself" so be it.
  9. So in essence, you are requesting that I no longer be a proponent for BSN entry, that I abandon the cause to have a standardized nursing education and practice, and thus ADNs and others will not feel "put down" and then, and only then, will we unite as a profession? I have never put down any nurse; instead I have advocated for the two points above. If by doing so I am insulting others, so be it. But that is NOT the cause for us not standing together. We're an age-old profession that has always had several entries into practice - and we're still divided. It's time to try something new. And until we do, we'll never own our own practice. I said this 5 years ago: we'll still be debating the BSN debate while MDs or some other body, maybe the government? will step in and decide our standards for us. That time is approaching fast.
  10. Sorry to say, but my response to this is to just leave you two behind. I absolutely refuse to let another profession, let alone the AMA, take control of my practice simply because our own profession is too busy with attitudes like yours above. I find it rather alarming that you don't feel the same and instead are more concerned with defending your own personal educational level. Yes, there are great nurses all around. But "great nurses" isn't what gets us what we need and want: respect, money and TRUE AUTONOMY. The AMA had gone down this path years ago with its own profession when it regulated entry into medical practice. And now they'll do it with us. They'll do it as you sit there idle. Thanks, thanks alot for helping the profession.
  11. Q.


    Not really sure why my position was called what it was (Patient Education Specialist). The position title itself connotes more of a consultant type role, which I'm fine with that, except the expectations of my job require, imo, a Patient Education Manager title. I do hold my BSN, and to my knowledge, that isn't a requirement to hold the manager title. My boss told me that a while ago, it was determined that there were too many manager positions here so alot were eliminated. She doesn't think HR would allow us to change it. I don't even really care so much about any money for it; I'm happy with my pay right now. I just want to be able to function.
  12. Q.


    I love my job, but I am frustrated at my lack of influence; part of it being the title I hold and all that. Essentially, I function as a manager (as a program manager) attend all the same meetings to get things done, work directly with Vice Presidents, Directors and Managers, yet I cannot attend the leadership DEVELOPMENT seminars or classes, and because my title is "Specialist" and not "Manager," many other managers will dismiss my recommendations on patient education simply because, they CAN. And then, in order to get things done, I have to go my boss to get her to deliver the same message. Yes, some element of influence comes with how someone carries themselves, etc. But ALOT of perceived influence comes from title. Even down to stupid simple things, like my name badge. I can't have my last name spelled out on my name badge, only "managers and directors can." So there I sit in meetings with these individuals with my first name, last initial on my badge ~ many of them will ask if I'm who I am ~ because there is another person in my dept who has the same first name and last initial. So petty, yet so frustrating! It makes my job more difficult! I've spoken to my boss about this, essentially it was tabled. UGH! Just needed to vent.
  13. Exactly. We need to take ownership of our profession before someone else does. Looks like that day is getting closer and closer, while we still argue amongst ourselves over an ADN vs. BSN. It's sad, really.
  14. Q.

    Title of "BSN" on badge?

    I just love how people put down a BSN like it just "two" extra classes and essentially a few fluffy courses - nothing really substantial. I often wonder then, if a BSN degree is so insignificant as far as amount of work, why doesn't everyone get a BSN then? I mean, really, if it's just TWO extra classes?
  15. Q.

    What do patients say that irks you?

    You know, it's been 4 years or so since I've staffed the OB floor, and so many times I miss that, but reading this thread made me laugh and in a way, understand WHY I miss some of that stuff! Thanks!!
  16. Congratulations, Brian. You've done good. :-)

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