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  1. semstr

    A question for our international members...

    There are two ways to become a midwife. Either after you finish basic nursing programs, it takes 2 years, or go the direct way, then it takes 4 years. Glad to be of help with this information! Whenever you want to know more, just ask! Take care, Renee PS: rstewart, you're very welcome too and I am glad you enjoy this board as much as I do.
  2. semstr

    Nurses, do you routinely do beds and baths?

    yes, that is an important part of my job.
  3. semstr

    A question for our international members...

    may I come back to the question aked here? (Rstewart, FYI, there have been many, many threads here on the theme you just wrote about...............) Here in Austria we have different diploma programs, or "inservice-programs" as they are called too. We have the general-, pediatric and psychiatry-diploma nursing programs. They all take 3 years. (you need at least 10 years of general schooling to enter one of these programs). After these diploma programs you can specialize in all kind of different areas of nursing. Since a few years there is the possibility to study nursing at university too, this study requires 4 years and it ends with a Masterdegree. The first students will finish this summer.
  4. semstr

    Professional women HELP!!!!

    You have to make amends. You can't have all in life, or better said, not all things at the same time. Once you decide to have kids with your partner, they are the most important things there are. Your carreer is very important too of course, but so is the life of a woman, well most women at least, that you can't have it all at the same time. (well, I think it is the same for men too, btw) When you ask for advice, or opinions, here, you're going to get them, what way ever...............
  5. semstr

    Worked twenty years as a nurse and still at the bedside--

    ^5 to that Suzy!! I've been in the "nursing field" now since 1978 and I've worked all kind of different fields, from med/surg to OR to dialysis to (now) educating. I had to learn a lot to be able to work all these different areas, but hey, without learning you stay put where you are now. My next job will be different again, since I just heard about a hour ago, I GOT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH! That job will be more into the organizing of things and management of others. For those, who decide to stay on the ward, or bedside care, great! We need experienced nurses there, and I would never say, you didn't want a career. You made a career by staying with the patients and the very complicated, holistic care they need.
  6. semstr

    Nursing profession-Ethics

    That thread was very good indeed! But there are numerous books and articles written about this theme too. It is always interesting to debate about this, but can't they find something new to write about? LOL (sorry, had a tough day, debating with my students in my ethics lecture)
  7. semstr

    peri-orbital edema

    My daughter had that just recently, due to Mononucleosis.
  8. semstr

    Nursing and Piercings?

    My students have all kinds of piercings, ears (multiple), nose, eyebrow, lips, tongue, between their teeth, navel and I guess other places too. They also have all kinds of haircolouring, from bright red, pink, green to blue. Some have tattoos visible on their arms or hands. No, I personally don't like it looking like a christmas tree, but times have changed. My own daughter looks pretty weird to me with her pink hair and nose and navelpiercing, but well, I looked pretty weird to my mum with my "big hair" looooooonggggg time ago! I hope,they are going to be good nurses, no matter how many piercings, tattoos or haircolour they have.
  9. semstr

    Stop Drive Thru Mastectomies

    OMG! Feel so sorry for all the women going through this ordeal, as it is so hard already, but being "kicked out" after 48 hours is the pits! Here women can stay at least 7 days, most of the time longer, after the stitches come out and then they get home-care.
  10. semstr

    Cheating In School

    sharing notes on lecutres is not cheating in my eyes. There always were and always will be students who cheat. When nobody notices, they did a good job on the cheating too! When I notice someone cheating his/ her test is automatically negative. He/ she may take the test once more under strict regulations. But, even for those who cheated and nobody noticed it, when the verbal exams come, there is nobody else but him-herself!
  11. semstr

    Home birth

    Well since I am from the country with the most homebirths in the western world, of course I voted yes. BUT, There are a lot of things to be followed, one of them the exact prenatal care and monitoring of mother and child. Next clinic must be in reachable distance. Direct phone to a standby pediatrician, or a "baby-lance" An expirienced midwife and nurse. Enough room around the birthingplace. When bigger kids are there, who is going to take care of them? And who is going to take care of mother and child after the birth? In the Netherlands insurances pay for a special trained pp-nursing aide, who comes to your home for a week and takes care of, not only mother and child, but also cooks and does "light" cleaning work and looks after people coming to visit. Midwife comes once a day for a week too, to check the mother. But in the Netherlands more and more women are going to the hospital or birth-centre to deliver. They deliver and 2 hours later they go home. In Austria almost all the women deliver in hospitals or birth-centres and they can stay a few days.
  12. semstr

    Circumcision Debate

    Cici is only done out of religious or health reasons here. There are no more men dying of penile cancer and European men certainly don't smell of urine. Well, not more as any other men, who don't know how to wash themselves. As for the cath of older men, that is always a hassle, with or without foreskin, isn't?
  13. semstr

    morning sickness remedies

    SEA-Bands and chewing little pieces of ginger.
  14. semstr


    Hi there, nice meeting you!
  15. semstr

    29 year old husband has brain tumor

    ((((((jaystrupp and family)))))))) What terrible news! But............... I also worked with patients who had this kind of braintumor, and a few of them got the same diagnosis, but survived many more years. Enjoy and cherish your time though, a soulmate like him is one in a miliion!
  16. semstr

    partial birth abortion

    I find it hard to believe, that a doctor, who sworn the Hippocrates, would do a procedure as unethical as this. I find it even harder to understand, that a woman would something like this to herself, but above all to her child. As one of the millions, not able to get a biological child, this hurts right into my very being.