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  1. That might work if you are not a union, because administration can just do whatever it wants to non-union employees anyway with or without your agreement & they could just then implement anything they wanted even if the nurses didnt accept it. Bu...
  2. So basically the nurses would have gotten the same exact thing from day one, all on their own, without all the upheaval? Why did those nurses even try to unionize in the first place if most of them didnt want it? What was gained by the effort? Its ...
  3. -jt

    Union nurses join forces at NY State Capital

    and a couple of weeks before that event was this one: NYSNA REPORT: April 2006 More than 1,200 RNs Storm State Capitol NYSNA Lobby Day a huge success by Nancy J.Webber It was an event of historic proportions when more than 1,260 nurse...
  4. -jt

    Hospital policy vs. nurse's union contract

    When an item isnt mentioned in the contract, the contract is "silent" on it, & hospital policy prevails. When an item is in the contract, the contract prevails - even if it is different from the policy. And since seniority is a basic union tene...
  5. -jt


    Chicago BSN 2005 writes: This might help but its alot of other data to get through to find what youre looking for: For nurses, having a union means many things, not the least of which is earning 15.6 percent more than those nurses without a ...
  6. -jt


    Geek, Nurses in Hawaii who had first hand experience with one of the organizations youre asking about tell about it in the following thread: https://allnurses.com/forums/showthread.php?t=85409&highlight=Aloha+Hawaii
  7. -jt


    I can tell you about the UAN but youll get more detailed info from our website http://www.UANnurse.org Karen got it right except that the UAN is not part of the ANA. It was initially created by staff nurse members of the ANA but it is now a separ...
  8. -jt


    heres a couple to add to your list, Karen California Nurses Association Targets ANA Members http://www.missourinurses.org/pdf/cna_response.pdf NNOC's Hype to Nurses http://www.laborlawyers.com/CM/ClientAlerts/Laboralert%20CA%20Nurses%20NNO...
  9. -jt

    Right to work states

    > And of those, despite the anti-union right to work laws, nurses in the following right to work states have unionized with the United American Nurses/AFL-CIO national RN union anyway: Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Kansas, Nevada, North C...
  10. -jt

    Why no Union in Louisiana for Nurses?

    Its illegal to be fired for unionizing, but the threat is usually enough to intimidate RNs into forgetting the idea. Especially in the South where the "right to work" laws allow the employer to lord over you. There is also different mind set amo...
  11. -jt

    Trying to Bust a Strike

    NYSNA REPORT: October/November 2004 Union-busting industry feeds on lies, distortions by Mark Genovese To the public, they portray themselves as "labor," "legal," or "management" consultants. Healthcare administrators know them by the polite ...
  12. -jt

    All NY State ADN's and Students

    >> >> Just to clear up a couple of things, it was not NYSNA that proposed this change. In fact, NYSNA has written OPPOSITION to it & is lobbying in Albany against it. It wasnt "the state" who proposed the changes either. A...
  13. -jt

    rent in nyc

    > Most of us dont live in Manhattan.
  14. -jt

    critical care pay

    I agree. I work in critical care & dont believe there should be a differential for that work either. Nursing in any area nowadays is just as hard as critical care. Because of insufficient staffing & high acuity levels, some med-surg nurses...
  15. -jt

    Jenna Bush..... teaching in NYC?

    For those of you who are not in NYC, have you seen Harlem in the last few years? Its being rejuvenated back to its glory days. If she lived in Harlem, her Daddy would have to pay her rent cause she wouldnt be able to afford an apt there on a teache...
  16. They may be working in healthcare but not all of the names on that list up there are actually Nurses.