The First Days of Nursing School by the Fall 2009ers!!!

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Alright well I have been wanting to post this for a very long time! Since I first logged on to allnurses I couldn't wait until it was my turn to say, I am a nursing student!!!

So, technically, yesterday was my first day but I was only there for a couple hours. We went right into lecture about the history of nursing and how it's ever changing. We also learned about the different educational paths a nurse can take, but I already did that research beforehand on allnurses :p

Today was mainly orientation and a welcome to our nursing class. We went more in depth about what to expect and also dissected our huge textbook-like syllabus. I am not joking about the size of that syllabus, it's insane. Since starting I have been reading nonstop. We have already been assigned about five chapters to read from our fundamentals book, which is not the most interesting of reads, but it's doable. I'm just overwhelmed really, probably because they talked a lot about what is to come. Over the next month, three papers are due and at the end of each semester we are taking the ATI tests. If we fail those, well then we have to take the course over.

Today was also one of our lab days. So for lab, we watched two videos about ensuring infection control by washing hands and applying ppe and then of course we had to do it. The basics for right now. Tomorrow is another lab day, bedmaking and body mechanics. So I guess I should get back to reading a couple more chapters and stop playing around on allnurses. I am just so happy to have finally made it. I'm still in a state of shock. Somebody pinch me.


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What a cute post!!!

yippee here we go for a wild ride.

i have my orientation tomorrow and start on monday.


excited and scarred all at once.:nurse::nurse::nurse:


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i just can't believe that i'm finally in the "general nursing student discussion" forum! :chuckle

i start in a couple of weeks and will enjoy every last little minute of this vacation, i know i'm going to need it!

I have orientation next month! It looks like I won't be on allnurses as much either when I start my actual classes!

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I start on the 24th! We have orientation from 8-4 and then real classes start the next day.


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My first day of classes is the 20th. We have orientation the next day, and nursing classes start the following Monday. I can't wait!

Awesome! I have orientation next Thursday and then classes start on the 24th. I got my books last week and have already started reading, lol. I'm already on chapter 4 of the fundamentals book. I wouldn't of started already if it weren't for allnurses....because I always hear how everyone has to jump right in to keep up and there's so much to read. So I figure, why wait? LOL....doesn't hurt to get ahead. Anyway...good luck all!!


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The countdown has begun for me... I start on Monday the 17th. I'm in a little bit of shock, but I'm super excited... it's really happening - for all of us!

Good luck, everyone. I know we can do it!


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I start the 24th (9am-5pm) and have orientation on the 127th from 9am-1pm! I got some of my books today (mosby's medical dictionary and my fundamentals book) i still have to get my book package which will cost $848...that brings my total for books to a whopping $1200 :eek:! But its all worth it! Can't wait til orientation! Congrats everyone!:yeah:


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I start on the 24th... a long time coming. We had our orientation way back on July 19th so I've been so overwhelmed since. Finally tomorrow we are able to purchase our textbook packages from the campus bookstore. So excited, better get started on the dosage assignments due first day of class!

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i’m surprised at how early everyone starts! i have a cpr course this weekend and orientation next week but class doesn’t start until september 10th. i am in an asn program and have all my pre-reqs done so it’s just the actual nursing courses from here on out. it was easier and cheaper for me to go the asn route then rn to bsn program so here i go! if all goes well in 3 ½ years i’ll be completely finished with my bsn…. here goes!!

i have also started reading my fundamentals book to try to get ahead. we only received our assignments for the first month and there are 2 tests, a paper, and a ton of reading so id like to get ahead with what i can now. i’m so excited to start but bummed our first clinical round doesn’t start until november. i’m so nervous to be in the hospital but anxious to start!


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