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  1. I'm wrapping up my second semester in the RN program at CCSF. Maybe I have a little bit of information for all of you considering commuting. (I don't actually commute myself, however.) There are many students in my class that commute to the city for school, some from as far away as Novato and Santa Rosa. It can be done, but you have to think about the picture as a whole. The student who comes from Santa Rosa leaves for school at 4:30 in the morning. Clinicals during the first semester are two days every other week, broken up into two groups, A & B. Group A goes one week for two days, group B goes the next week, etc. You have to be at the hospital at 0630, and they definitely frown on tardiness, so take that into mind. Also, for first semester, you go to the hospital the day before your clinicals to do your pre-lab work. The hospitals we went to for Fall 2009 were CPMC, General, St. Lukes, Davies. Not sure if they have changed or not. First semester of CCSF will rock your world. It will run you into the ground. It's possible to have a tiny bit of a life, maybe. It can be done by commuting, but you need to take all that time and energy into consideration for your lifestyle. It may be worth it to just live in the city. And yes, BART is very expensive.
  2. runtagua

    Anyone starting at CCSF this Fall?

    I think I just sent you an email. :)
  3. runtagua

    Anyone starting at CCSF this Fall?

    Hello! Yes, I can give you lots of stuff! It's a wild ride, for sure. I'd be happy to give you a head's up. Maybe we can meet somewhere (somewhere with a copy machine close by, perhaps?) I can't post my email, though. So we have to communicate here. Joy
  4. runtagua

    First Semester Clinicals--anyone else need to vent?

    Don't worry, you're not the only one. Dealing with real patients is a bit overwhelming at first. Everyone in my class was sharing stories and more than a few of us put the blood pressure cuffs on backwards! The point is, it was little stuff like that that was throwing all of us off our game. It will come around, don't worry.
  5. to prevent adduction to keep the joint in place, like the above poster said.
  6. runtagua

    Pathophysiology of the Disease...I DON'T GET IT?!?!

    yeah, a good patho and med surg book will really help you here.
  7. runtagua

    Just a vent about nursing school

    I hear ya. All this touchy-feely fundamental stuff isn't my favorite either. But it will get more interesting, trust me.
  8. runtagua

    I really need some advice...long......

    Definitely sounds like a crappy experience and a crappy week. But here's the thing... You ARE a good student. And you CAN do this. But don't fight the losing battle. Hold your head high, take that class in January, and ACE THAT SH!T. Six months is nothing. You've come a long way. Failure is not an option at this point. But don't fight what you can't win. Part of this is knowing when to quit. YOU CAN DO THIS.
  9. runtagua

    The First Days of Nursing School by the Fall 2009ers!!!

    I'm in an RN program.
  10. runtagua

    The First Days of Nursing School by the Fall 2009ers!!!

    I'm still here... We're into it full swing... and yes, school totally interferes with my allnurses time and my beer drinking time! Hanging in there, though, and with pretty good grades. I am, however, deeply, deeply exhausted. Joy
  11. runtagua


    I definitely agree with the fact that we are out of it for a while after having a baby. Was she like this before the baby (jealous, even though you weren't in nursing school yet)? She's definitely having self-esteem issues. Part of it might be that you are getting out and learning new things and she's at home with the kid (as joyful as spending time with a baby is, it can take its toll). Definitely do what you can to boost her up for now. If it doesn't get any better, maybe you could suggest that she talk to her doctor about her feelings and fears. You can both get through this! It might take a bit, though. Good luck.
  12. runtagua

    why is ibuprofen taken instead of tylenol?

    Right. LOL I've been studying all day and my eyes are crossing and my brain is fried... so I'm glad you got it.
  13. runtagua

    why is ibuprofen taken instead of tylenol?

    I don't think the NSAIDs help to curtail bleeding (in fact, I believe they thin the blood a bit, which is why they are avoided during pregnancy - especially in the last trimester). I think the big points with the Ibu here is the anti-inflammatory action & prostaglandins. The prostaglandin blocking definitely helps with the cramping, and maybe that somehow helps with the bleeding (makes sense), but I don't think the bleeding is the reason it's given. Does that make sense? LOL
  14. runtagua

    why is ibuprofen taken instead of tylenol?

    That's another big reason, for sure.
  15. runtagua

    why is ibuprofen taken instead of tylenol?

    throwing this out there... Tylenol has NO anti-inflammatory effects, ibuprofen does. Ibu is also a more effective analgesic because it inhibits prostaglandin synthesis and is also a Cox-2 inhibitor (so it's good for nociceptive pain). so, pain relief and anti-inflammatory effects... relatively no side effects (compared with say the nausea effects of opioid drugs like Vicodin)... that's my guess. Ibuprofen was the drug I asked for after my delivery. I didn't want the Vicodin they were trying to push on me.