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craziechiq is a BSN, RN and specializes in Med-Surg.

Medical Assistant '08, Nursing Student '09, Registered Nurse '11, BSN Student '11

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  1. craziechiq

    SD New Grads: Jobs Available!!!

    Hey Panda, First of all, congrats on getting an interview and good luck. The interview process was actually really simple, especially compared to the rigorous sharp and scripps interviews. You will meet with the unit managers, just the two, and they are nice. It's just the basic questions such as strongest and weakest qualities. By the end of the interview, she pretty much told me I had the job and sure enough, the next morning HR called me. Take a deep breath, be confident and act professional. Don't forget to ask them questions too. It is an interview on both ends. Good luck again!
  2. craziechiq

    SDSU Fall 2012 admission hopefuls

    I'm eavesdropping on this thread and I noticed your question. I'm in the RN to BSN transition program at SDSU and just finished my international experience. During Spring, there are more opportunities and you travel during your spring break. The countries to choose from are Mexico (Border Towns), Switzerland, China, and Costa Rica. Some people went over winter break to India and are just taking the class over the spring semester. This summer I think Thailand is being offered but it is a longer trip. I also think there is another Mexico being offered in the fall semester. I wish the trip was more health related, especially since it is a health and human services class, but we did nothing nursing related which was disappointing. OH and to answer your other question, yes students get to choose which country they want, but spots fill up fast. I had to crash the course, but after a couple weeks, Mexico had a lot of openings. Also, you have to pay an extra course fee (for example, Mexico was $800) for the class and for airfare (No airfare for Mexico, obviously). Meals and accommodations are provided.
  3. craziechiq

    Resume Questions!

    Why is it AAS? Mine is similar except that: Name of School Bachelor of Science in Nursing Anticipated May 2013 Name of School Associate of Science in Nursing May 2011 I left my clinical experience out as employers don't view that as true employment since every school requires it. I did use my preceptorship, though.
  4. craziechiq

    Scripps New Grad 2012

    https://allnurses.com/california-nurses/scripps-new-grad-638445.html It's been posted in the California Nurses thread. You'll find that thread helpful.
  5. Yeah, my status changed from Active to Hired.
  6. craziechiq

    Feels like a slap in the face...

    WOW! Are you me? I worked at a hospital for over a year and I thought the least I would get is an interview. They did not even give me the pre-screen phone interview. I was completely disheartened and disappointed. I worked there for the experience and I love the hospital I work for, but I feel betrayed that they did not even give me a chance to speak for myself. It also made me angry that the new hire in my department who had only worked there for two weeks received an interview and I did not. Can you sense my bitterness? Anyway, clarify with your hospital to see if you can continue to work as a CNA while looking for other RN jobs. I know I am able to and no pay raise for me. Keep your head up and look forward. I was pretty down for a little while, but now I believe that I will get through this and I was meant to be somewhere else.
  7. Hello All, Congrats on getting in to City. It has been a long road, I know. I am a recent graduate from their program. To answer the previous question, most of my class is planning on returning to school for their BSN. During the fourth semester, this was stressed because of how the job market, especially San Diego, is today. Clinicals can be anywhere from all the Scripps, Kaiser, Paradise Valley, Balboa Naval, Rady's, UCSD and nursing homes. We did not really have many clinicals at any of the Sharps. Some people were able to do their preceptorship there, but it was very few. You can get an internship, but you have to apply to the hospital as well as sign up for the internship class. Some of my classmates did it and I think they only had to do one 12 hour shift a week. I wish I did it, but I had to work. Get all the experience you can right now. Good luck and always tell yourself that you can do it!
  8. craziechiq

    CA BRN.. How long should i wait? Pls help

    The same thing is going on with me and my classmates. Our school didn't send the BRN our transcripts until this past Monday, I took the NCLEX Tuesday and now I have found out that the CA BRN can take up to two weeks to process our transcripts and then they will give us our licenses.
  9. craziechiq

    California's 2011 New Grad Program

    Oh no I have not interviewed yet. I just was hoping to get an interview. On the PCU application, it says referred to hiring department.
  10. craziechiq

    California's 2011 New Grad Program

    I applied to three positions and one of them says referred to hiring department on 6/8. I hope I can at least get an interview. I had lost all hope getting into a new grad program.
  11. craziechiq

    Any June NCLEX Test Takers Out There?

    Just took the NCLEX at 1:00pm today. I did the PVT and got the good pop-up!!! I'm so excited. I studied from Kaplan only and stopped at 75 questions. I had a lot of SATA's too.
  12. craziechiq

    Any June NCLEX Test Takers Out There?

    Tuesday at 2:00pm...I come here between studying to read all the support.
  13. craziechiq

    Attn: All ADN nurses!

    What do you mean by qualified? Are you guaranteed acceptance in January? I would hold out and get the BSN. I just graduated with my ADN and am immediately going for RN-BSN, but that's going to take another 1 1/2 years totaling 3 1/2 years of full time nursing school altogether when you could get it done in 3 years. I don't think most hospitals completely pay for your BSN either. Some of them, if you do get hired, will give you $1000-2000 either per semester or year, I forgot.
  14. craziechiq

    Any June NCLEX Test Takers Out There?

    June 7th here! I just finished the Kaplan course. I'm getting anxious.
  15. craziechiq

    California's 2011 New Grad Program

    Hey Faeriewand, I think if I remember right, we went to the same school. Where were the graduates able to get jobs? That's encouraging news.
  16. craziechiq

    New RN's...do you have a job ?

    SoCal here, I worked as a NA for over a year at a hospital and did not receive an interview. I agree with the post that it is a gamble.

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