The First Days of Nursing School by the Fall 2009ers!!!


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So its been a while since i have been in here. I was just reading over my post and everyone's from 1st semester and i am so glad that we all made it and still hanging on strong!!

I have one more semester to go and am very excited and super scare of NCLEX.

how how is everyone in their program?

I will be starting the final semester in January! This has been one heck of a ride and we are on the downhill. I hope you all are doing well and are enjoying your winter break.

I am stressed about the NCLEX but one step at a time. I can't believe we only have one semester left.

Wishing you all the best!!




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When I saw this thread title I smiled. One semester to go! This one was kind of tough on me and I ended up with all B's, but I guess that is still okay. B = Boogie forward? :p Next semester, our schedule is going to be kind of tough. Are any of youse guys :) going to have longer days next semester? We will have 3 relatively long days per week and one very short day, instead of one long day, one medium-long day, and 2 short days.


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Can you believe we are here guys?!?! Didn't the time FLY by!!! I had my final on Tuesday...grades should be posted by tomorrow! Graduation is in six months!!:yeah:

Congrats on us making it this FAR!!! We'll be nurses soon!!! Well..after we pass the NCLEX!!:lol2:

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It's going great, enjoying winter break before I go into my Last Semester in JAN! We are almost there. WOOOHOOOOOO It's crazy to look back. I got so much info from this site when I was still on the wait list and doing pre reqs.


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Funny how time flies by when your super busy with nursing school. I am actually done in March because I am in the accelerated program. Just finished my last clinical days in ICU last week. Block 4 seems to be rushing by me. We signed up for preceptor positions last week. It just seems so fast now, and I can't believe it is almost over. Good Luck to all of you starting your last semester. It is tough but extemely interesting, especially in the ICU. We were all so nervous in the beginning and now we are almost done :). ---Kelli

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I have 2 semesters left. I will graduate in Dec 2011. It's been a wild ride so far. Good luck to everyone!

The NCLEX isn't that hard. Just don't change your answers after you pick one and read everything first and rule out the absolute wrong answers.

Good Luck. I graduated last December and am now in a BSN program and working part time. I'm glad I did it.


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i can't believe i'm almost done! soooo excited!

It's amazing how quickly the time has went by! I'm planning my work shedule for the next 3 months and getting all my NCLEX materials together. I'm looking forward to graduating in May '11!


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Congrats on all who are almost finished. I start my 1st semester next month, and I feel just as you did when you all started. But this site is AMAZING! I have gained loads of info, and I know I can turn to you all for help as I'm sure that I will need it. CONGRATS TO ALL!:yeah:

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