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  1. HyperSaurus, RN

    NICU Brain Sheet

    Heh, it makes a lot more sense since I've had a couple of days on the floor. Very nice, thank you!
  2. HyperSaurus, RN

    Smokers in Nursing School--How Are You Treated?

    Errrm, I get that. I'm a cashier currently, I sell 50-100 packs of cigarettes a day. Not only do I not give them their millionth lecture about how it's bad for them (unlike some of my coworkers and even other customers), but when THEY comment of the unhealthiness of their habit, I remind them that everyone has their vices, including me. I come from a family of smokers--I know just how addictive it is and how bad some of them feel about it. As a student, I have cared for people who have made very bad life choices or even hurt others. I don't let that get in the way of my care for them--when I am their nurse (student nurse, currently), they are my patient, just like everyone else, and thus receive compassionate, competent care. But--I still have very little sympathy towards smokers regarding things like public smoking or not being able to smoke on hospital grounds. There's no reason that non-smokers need to be subjected to the harmful cigarette smoke. Personally, it makes me very nauseous and several people close to me are asthmatics. It's wonderful for non-smokers to actually go to a restaurant for a nice meal and not have to worry about smoke any more. It's great as a patient (yes, I've been a patient) not to have to be as concerned about my caretakers reeking of smoke.
  3. HyperSaurus, RN

    Smokers in Nursing School--How Are You Treated?

    Honestly, I don't really have a great deal of sympathy towards smokers. Whatever you do in your home and car is your business. But like many other non-smokers, I hate the smell of smoke and it makes me sick. It makes no sense to subject others to the ill effects of your habit.
  4. HyperSaurus, RN

    I just lost my brother, hoping to get some feedback

    I am so sorry
  5. Yeah, I can't really think of anything that seems to fit your requirements. Even getting an LPN certificate/degree (depending on where you are) would involve 2 years minimum, plus loads of hands-on clinic work. An RN degree can often take 4 years (even for an associates) because of the amount of prerequisites needed and the competitiveness of the field.
  6. HyperSaurus, RN

    Hesi Exit Test

    My school originally tried a "Pass the HESI or don't go on policy", but d/t outcry by students and faculty alike, they now just use them for remediation materials. The only HESI we MUST pass is the Pharmacology test--this was dictated by the hospital we do our clinics at. They want us to pass the Pharm HESI before we go on to higher level clinicals.
  7. HyperSaurus, RN

    Excited for psych clinical!!

    I have Psych and Community this semester. To be honest, I'm not thrilled. I think that is mainly because I really don't know what to expect and I know that therapeutic communication is not a strong skill for me. We will be doing our psych and community clinics concurrently. For community, we are assigned a home health client and then self schedule the rest of our community hours to reach 120 hours.
  8. HyperSaurus, RN

    At what point did you start feeling like a nurse?

    I truly felt like a nursing student when I was reading a blog by a 'civilian' and the writer mentioned feeling VERY thirsty during two oral glucose tolerance tests. All I could think was "Yup, you're probably diabetic." Lo and behold, she was. I still have a year until I graduate.
  9. HyperSaurus, RN

    Handling chauvinistic male charge nurse

    DonaldJ, why are you arguing this so much? You aren't there dealing with what the OP is, so you don't have a leg to stand on here. You keep saying that the OP wouldn't have an issue if the cocky condescending charge nurse was a female. You must not read the threads here often, because there are NUMEROUS complaints about unpleasant and catty female nurses as well as female nurses that were unfairly promoted above others. You sound like you are making more of a gender issue about this than the OP. If what the OP is stating is, in fact true, that he is being treated with different standards than the female nurses, then yes, it is discrimination.
  10. HyperSaurus, RN

    Why Do Nursing Instructors Rely So Heavily On PowerPoints To Teach?

    You say this, but have you ever experienced a lecture like this done well? My prof in peds never used power points except to provide diagrams. We did case studies. She did guide and moderate--First, she'd provide necessary info on the condition being studied (S/sx, labs/diagnostics, treatments, prevention if possible), then we'd get to the questions, where participation was encouraged. However, if we answered wrong or were going down the wrong track, she would explain why that was incorrect. She never let the discussions meander too far off track, and thus we got a lot of workable information each period, without being exactly spoon fed.
  11. HyperSaurus, RN

    Ashamed of nursing school

    Well, since you're not one of those people, I don't see why you would be all worked up about them. Yes, I've encountered many of those at my school, but since I know the vast majority will not make it in the program, it doesn't bother me. The ones who do make it are usually the ones who should.
  12. HyperSaurus, RN

    Why Do Nursing Instructors Rely So Heavily On PowerPoints To Teach?

    Many of my profs use power points, but not all. Some make Word documents with blanks in them for us to print out and fill out through out lecture. I had one professor, for Peds, who did used case studies as her main format. Not many people enjoyed that, but I did. The profs who do use power points use them responsibly (except the one who skips 15-20 out of the 60 slides)
  13. HyperSaurus, RN

    Snow- at what point do you call out?

    Ok, this has some profanity in it, so avoid watching if that bothers you. But this sums up my feelings on Michigan winters (I was raised in North Carolina).
  14. HyperSaurus, RN

    Snow- at what point do you call out?

    I live in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan (Lake Superior side)--we regularly get dumped on. I suspect that the local hospital won't be very tolerant of call-offs d/t snow (I'm a student, and thus follow my campus's policy). This thread is making me very curious as to what my hospital's emergency policies are.
  15. HyperSaurus, RN

    The First Days of Nursing School by the Fall 2009ers!!!

    I have 2 semesters left. I will graduate in Dec 2011. It's been a wild ride so far. Good luck to everyone!