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I cannot believe that we are 3+ weeks into this. Things are going well. Busy but well! My morning routine to get the kids and myself all off to school at the right time has become a crazy stressful few hours in the morning. I still have some kinks to work out of that system to not have it be so exhausting. I suppose it dosent help that someone has been sick at least one day a week since we started. At least there is a 30 min drive once I get the last kid dropped off for his bus, so I can crank the radio and decompress before arriving at school at 7:45am. (this will get a little trickier once clinicals begin and I have to be much further away by 7am)

The work load is immense! We have a quiz every day before lab, and just had our first skills test out and lecture exam. both went well, but as others mentioned, it is a little painful to see a grade that would have been an A but due to the new grading scale has become a B. I will accept that my first test score is usually the lowest, to figure out teacher testing styles. and look to improve for the next one.

I am loving the material, and cannot wait to get to clinicals. :D

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Everyone still hanging in there? We're all roughly a month into it. I'm finding my studying is interfering with my allnurses forum time LOL But I'm doing okay! Got my first bad grade - along with the rest of my class! A skills written test...ugh. We all focused on our lab reports, and the test was mostly over book stuff. Lesson learned! I was super bummed but I got over it. Now I'm just looking up!

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Only one more week of clinicals and one more lecture and of course our final exam and we are done with our first fundamentals portion! Wow did time fly or what. Next 9 weeks is Med-surg 1 and pharm. uh-oh. I think fundamentals was just a taste of what is to come. I am really enjoying clinicals, not the paperwork so much though. I'm doing pretty well on tests and written papers. I hope everyone is doing well. I'm still in awe that I am finally here.


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I'm still here... We're into it full swing... and yes, school totally interferes with my allnurses time and my beer drinking time! Hanging in there, though, and with pretty good grades. I am, however, deeply, deeply exhausted.


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Who all are in LPN programs, and who are in RN programs?

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RN program here and we are in full swing also and I got my first C and am bummed out especially since when I reviewed my test today it was such stupid mistakes. How I didn't see the (more then one answer can apply) in big bold letters on 2 of the questions I DON'T KNOW. Grrrrr. Oh well, I will survive. LOL

Anyway, hanging in there, actually enjoying it for the most part but the excitement has starting wearing off and reality has set in LOL

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I'm in an ASN RN program.

I start working nights next week...but oddly, I'm looking forward to it because this waking up early crap is taking its toll on me. Since class started I feel like I'm in a haze till about noon - when half the day is done. I function better when I stay up all night, get stuff done, then crash for sleep. I'm a weirdo, I know lol

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RN program


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hi again!

i'm in an rn program.

anywho.. i can't believe we are starting our 7th week on monday...time is flying by! i just hope it keeps going and 2 years ends soon. haha.. i am definitely exhausted and stressed. i forget what my friends look like (and my husband sometimes) and, as someone else said, what beer tastes like! i am actually enjoying a beer tonight for the first time in 7 weeks :eek: haha!

i just wanted to say that we had a little presentation at our school today where about 6 or 7 nurses from the community came in and talked to us. it wasn't mandatory that we attend but i thought it would be helpful, so i went. they all held different positions and talked to us about what that entailed, how to keep going in school and told us that the end result definitely will out weigh the stress/exhaustion/ridiculous amount of studying, etc. it was really motivating and inspirational. it gave me a little boost of excitement again. if any of you have this opportunity, i would definitely take it if you do not know any nurses/don't work in a nursing environment/have absolutely no experience! or maybe you can suggest it to your school...i really liked it. :)


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I'm in an RN program.


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I am officially a Student Nurse! lol We started the 16th and our first exam is monday! I'm very excited and nervous to see how well I'll do. It seems like I've done nothing but read my fundamentals book for three weeks. lol We started clinicals this past week and WOW paperwork galore! So far I really like it. Being here on allnurses has really prepared me for the long road ahead. So Break A Leg everybody and study hard!:yeah:


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I'm in an A-BSN program.

I had orientation Thursday. First day of class is Monday. Have a ton of homework already!! So glad to be in the program though. Will post more

after my first official day.

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