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newbebop has 13 years experience as a ADN, BSN, MSN and specializes in critical care nursing, ED, education.

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  1. Anyone interested in filling out a questionnaire for data collection on a paper I will write for my Cultural nursing class? I am required to include a variety of age ranges and genders and will do my minimum of 3 interviews in person within my own community, but was hoping for a more diverse population for the sake of my paper. Under no obligation if you might be interested, send me a message and I will send you my email address and the questionnaire. My program is an accelerated BSN program and this is a 4 week class. I of course am in the specialty group with the longest assessment tool (Gieger ans Davidhizar) which can be filled out as completely or as partially as my gracious volunteers are able. Thank you in advance. Betsy
  2. Allnurses is full of guidance and support, but best of all piece of mind. A reminder we are not in this alone. newbebop RN, (Michigan)
  3. newbebop

    Hope for New Grads- I got the job!! :D

    Congrats! I love reading about new grads getting jobs! I hope to be making a similar post soon! ;-)
  4. newbebop

    I got the JOB!

    Congratulations! I am anxiously awaiting a callback for an interview for a new grad internship program myself. I have also been gathering my interview resources from here and have been reading as many happy posts as possible. Thanks for sharing yours. ;-)
  5. newbebop

    Can you check quick results on weekends?

    You are probably stuck waiting till Monday. Although sat is a business day for pearsonvue Sunday is not. Best of luck the waiting is the worst.
  6. newbebop

    Calm my neurotic nerves please!

    I have seen some pretty rapid results. I however, live in one of the states with SLOW return. (Michigan) I have been out of school for 3 weeks now and have heard nothing. Our grades were mailed the day after graduation. All my paperwork that could be was turned in weeks before graduation. We were told it could take 6-8 weeks just to get our ATT. I am trying to just be patient. it gets harder every day.
  7. newbebop

    No one can make me leave the student forums!

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! I graduated Friday and am SO jealous that you have taken NCLEX so fast. Our state is pretty slow and we were told 3-8 weeks till we will even get our ATT. Can't wait to be legal. ;-)
  8. newbebop

    T-Shirt Ideas

    I have seen a great one with the faces pain scale and under it listing the range of nursing student stress.
  9. newbebop

    Pinning ceremony.

    CONGRATS!!! my pinning is today and right now it still feels a little surreal. It hit me yesterday when we went and "Practiced" pinning on the stage and everything. wow! looking forward to reading a book for fun and having a little more time for my family and myself.
  10. newbebop

    Is anyone commuting really far away?

    My daily commute is just shy of an hour one way. Last semester for one clinical rotation I had a 2hour drive each way. Luckily for that one I was able to share a ride with another student. I try to use this time to decompress. I have a busy household with 3 boys and a husband so I enjoy the quiet time and I also love to listen to loud music. for some reason it clears my head. I also like to listen to lectures or my own recorded notes. I have talked myself through material out loud, and even studied with a friend via phone (on speaker). It gets in the way some when we are trying to plan study group time, and they all have 15 min or less to campus. I live in rural Michigan, so I am use to everything being a commute of sorts. some winter days that commute can grow by at least a half an hour!
  11. newbebop

    I called in today, no I mean ..I called Out! / huh??

    I always assumed the term changed from "calling in sick" to "calling in" so some people didn't have to lie twice. ;-) We tend to have more "sick" employees during event weekends, sunny afternoons, and holidays.
  12. newbebop

    How did you react when you were accepted into nursing school?

    Waiting was the worst! i think I stalked and cursed out my mail lady for a full week. ;-) One night I got a frantic phone call from a fellow nursing school hopeful. She had me log in to my account at our school website. she kept saying "what does it say?!" I wasn't sure what she was talking about till I saw what it listed as my major... "accepted nursing" !! It was late and we live in neighboring towns so we met at a bar and shared a celebratory drink. unofficially of course, as we both did not want to tell anyone until the hard copy letter was in hand. It arrived in the next days mail. ;-) Needless to say a LOT of phone calls were made that day.
  13. It wouldn't hurt to talk with a nursing adviser at your school to get a better idea of what challenges academically you may or may not be up against. If you are an older or returning student there is often an issue with outdated classes not transferring. (our math and science could be no older than 5 years at time of admission.) also to get a feel for the time line of how much needs to be completed before you can even get started in a program. My nursing program is a 2 year ADN program. but the pre reqs to get in can not be accomplished in less than 3 semesters. It is a smaller school and some classes are only offered certain semesters. Different schools will have a different path to your degree. I have seen some follow a path of CNA, to LPN, to RN/BSN. Others (like mine) are a straight to an RN program. Both have their + &-. like how early you might enter the workforce. I would not let jobs and economy be too much of a deciding factor. Who knows what another couple of years will bring. One of the nurses I followed last semester told be that whenever she has wanted or needed a job in nursing, she has had one. It my not always be in your dream department, but there will always be a need for nurses. (long term care, home health, community health, Hospice, etc) Hope you find some of the answers you are looking for. I will graduate in May and cannot wait to begin my career in nursing. ~Betsy
  14. newbebop

    Does anyone get their books unbound?

    I had my skills book cut and spiral bound. Not to make it lighter, but to make it easier to use. I also did this to my care plan book. I don't think I could ever do it to the big one. (you know that big 2-3 semesters worth of med surg text book) the pages in mine are super thin and I can't imagine it would hold up very well.
  15. newbebop

    Is anyone else's school increasing tuition?

    My school was happy to claim in the local news paper that they were not raising tuition this fall. However, instead of charging us by the credit hour they are now charging us by the contact hour. So although the price per unit did not go up, the clinicals I have for 2 credits each are 6 contact hours each. ouch!!!
  16. newbebop

    Staying awake to study?

    I am never an advocate for staying up later than your body can tolerate to study. The value of waking up rested will be better for your studying and memory retention than a few extra hours of stimulant induced studying. I have better luck calling it a night earlier and setting the alarm for an hour or even 2 earlier in the am.