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~Mi Vida Loca~RN has 6 years experience as a ASN, RN and specializes in Emergency Dept. Trauma. Pediatrics.

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  1. ~Mi Vida Loca~RN

    Made a med error

  2. ~Mi Vida Loca~RN

    Will 200 mg Ibuprofen show up in urine test?

    You are going to drive yourself nuts if you're already giving yourself panic attacks over googlepedia before nursing school even starts. Let's just say for WebMD sake that your 200mg Motrin caused some crazy false positive. (which only 200 mg?) but let's just say it had some wicked crazy reaction that caused a false positive, the lab would send it for further testing that would clear up you did not infact go on a binge snorting lines of coke off your nursing books ,but instead simply took a kids dose of Motion during your period. Find a way to unwind and stay off google if you want to make it through school! Best of luck to you!
  3. ~Mi Vida Loca~RN

    Manager reporting confidential info to state board

    There is something posted I think in the recovery forums here, I was actually shocked to see it. But someone liked information (that I went and verified) that stated health care providers have a duty to report other health care providers if there is known mental illness, substance abuse and some degenerative diseases. That they can get in trouble for not reporting and HIPAA apparently didn't come into play in these situations which completely blew my mind. I mean basically the way it read, you check into the ER for mental break or substance abuse or something and you think your patient privacy will be protected. Someone recognizes you and knows you're a nurse. They can report you and not violate HIPAA. Regardless if you were working at the time or even currently. Same with reporting Doctors. I am about to leave so I don't have time to search it right now but I was shocked to see it and I didn't think it could be true. But then something else said since HIPAA is federal law it supersedes anything. (although your situation wouldn't be HIPAA violation). Anyway, I am not sure of her motives and why she reported you. She however might be protected if what I saw was true and still valid. (I honestly don't remember the ins and outs of it and I have tried to google things regarding it sense and have yet to pull up the exact thing they linked in the recovery forum) but might be worth searching those forums for. It's a crappy situation to be in. I wish you the best in your recovery.
  4. ~Mi Vida Loca~RN

    What do I do now.

    I am pretty firm in my faith, like completely 100% resolved in it. I would almost bet though from what I have seen only in this thread, you're not going to be able to pray yourself out of this situation. Personally, I don't think that's how it works. However I suggest maybe pray for clarity in self reflecting and the ability to see what you might have done in this situation. If you're willing to throw away your entire career and all you worked for because of this bad experience, that might tell you right there if you're meant for this profession. Me? I would fight with all I had to come to a solution or do everything within my power to at least save my license. But Nursing is very important to me and I worked really hard and for a very long time to get it.
  5. ~Mi Vida Loca~RN

    Unprofessional to mention you have other patients?

    I think in the other thread the bigger part that people felt was unprofessional was saying you had other patients you have to give meds to, and then holding up your hand and shaking the meds to show them. Like if they were children you were speaking to. Just my take on the comments from that thread. As far as if it's unprofessional I think it's completely situation based. "Oh yea I have heard of that, I have another patient that happened to" "I am gonna go medicate my other patient and if we still haven't heard back about your results I will go ahead and call lab again and check" Etc. Etc. Opposed to, "I have other patients too you know" "I will see if I can get a CNA to do what you're wanting because I have other patients" etc. etc. Majority of patients are aware they are not your only patient.
  6. ~Mi Vida Loca~RN

    ESI practice thread

    This would be set as a 2 at every hospital I have worked. We would have notified the doctor right away and started the line and obtained EKG and all that. But I would have put him at a 2 with just that info. I know not everyone will agree and it can be argued either way. Just what my experience has been.
  7. ~Mi Vida Loca~RN

    Does surrender/revoke license question :(

    Call a lawyer that deals with professional licensing agencies and get a free consult. All I know is that a few Lawyers have said to never surrender your license, they said it makes it 10x harder to get it reinstated then if it was suspended or anything else. He said it's the worst thing you can do if you ever hope to work in the field again. Don't listen to what "they say" the BON is not here for you. They don't have your back. I would take the suspension or whatever over surrendering. I don't know how it all plays into unemployment and stuff,. You're going to have a long battle regardless. Don't make it harder. But always best to get legal advice. I have met many nurses that have had nothing but roadblock after roadblock getting their licenses back after surrendering them.
  8. ~Mi Vida Loca~RN

    New to ED, not a new nurse though...

    I knew I always liked you for a reason!!! I am with a group in my town and we do random acts of kindness in groups in hopes it spreads!!! However, I have to ask for lots of forgiveness after driving often. In the ER when I find that my co-workers become unbearable and it's constant negativity and gossiping and all that, I go hang out with a patient and their family for a few. It reminds me why I am there and they always appreciate that I pull up the stool and chat and always understand if I have to jump up and go.
  9. ~Mi Vida Loca~RN

    ESI practice thread

    ESI 2 and we would place her in a room with kind of altered neutropenic precautions until blood works comes back. To confirm if they need to be fully in place.
  10. ~Mi Vida Loca~RN

    Does surrender/revoke license question :(

    Absolutely do not surrender your license. You can consult with an attorney, usually consults are free but they will tell you the same thing. If you ever plan on nursing again do not surrender your license. If will save you a lot of uphill battles in the end with the already battles you're going through. But I have heard many attorneys say the worst thing professionals can do is voluntarily surrender your license. Just my advice.
  11. ~Mi Vida Loca~RN

    ESI practice thread

    I would love to know if he was drunk at the time. I agree with the 2 though since he had already "come to" by the time EMS arrived.
  12. ~Mi Vida Loca~RN

    Been working in the ER for a while but I don't feel like I've improved

    Absolutely, I feel it annoying the doc couldn't come peek real quick. But with a newer nurse still getting his feet wet and learning I definitely would rather error on the side of caution then not and have it be missed because without fail it would be, the patient had numbness and decreased strength why didn't you call it. Got to love hospital politics sometimes. For the record. I loathe stroke patients. Well not the actual patient themselves obviously. But stroke cases.
  13. ~Mi Vida Loca~RN

    Been working in the ER for a while but I don't feel like I've improved

    I was thinking it would be a 1 for the sensory and we don't really have the info for the arm if there was a drift and what that score was, just decreased grip. But the sensory would be a 1 on the scale. We had a similar patient once, almost to every detail except he also had neck pain and trouble with deep breaths from the chest pain. 43 yrs old with no prior hx. I was working with one of my favorite residents and he was like Mi Vida, I almost wonder if he has a tamponade. He was like I wouldn't normally jump to that but take into consideration this is also your patient and you're a black cloud for nursing, and I am a black cloud for residents and well wouldn't you know the patient had a cardiac tamponade. Patient had been for the most part stable, I say most part because that condition isn't stable in itself as it can change quickly obviously. Resident grabbed the U/S and checked and called cardio and they thought he was absurd and said they will be down after CT results. By the time the patient got back from CT there was no longer time to wait for Cardio and I got to assist in the trauma bay with a pericardiocentesis. Not sure what caused it because patient denied any of the common things that would cause it. Plus he went to cath lab after the initial draining anyway and I am sure I had a stemi or O/D or DKA or all three come in right after per my normal shift and never had a chance to check.
  14. ~Mi Vida Loca~RN

    Psych pts protocol

    I would imagine so. I don't know on what planet having a bunch of acute psych patients in a confined closed area with chairs is ever a good idea. I am actually surprised the various agency's having jumped all over this.
  15. ~Mi Vida Loca~RN

    Inappropriate nurses?

    #thatsnoneofmybusiness But I am almost positive I saw these sketchy family members lingering about the teapot.
  16. Doubtful being the people that liked my post. You do realize in the last 26 or so posts, 18-19 of them are yours??? Twilight zone for sure.