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  1. skimpstah

    LPN in IL with charges from CA

    After passing my NCLEX-PN (yay!) and going through the excitement of that, then applying for licensure, I received in the mail today the dreaded letter. I knew about these charges, but since they were resolved, I thought they were no longer on my record. I have 2 charges in CA from Dec. 2005: Under the influence of controlled substance, and vandalism. Now IL wants a detailed statement in my own words of what happened, and court documents indicating the disposition. I am so bummed out right now. Any advice on writing my statement would be greatly appreciated :/
  2. skimpstah

    Questions about JJC nursing program

    Content for both day and evening programs is the SAME.
  3. skimpstah

    Joliet and JJC former and current students

    The nursing program at JJC is highly competitive. Therefore, the more pre-reqs you have done the higher the chances you have to getting in, though there are some pre-reqs that MUST be taken prior to applying to the program. And no, you can not get a bachelors degree from JJC, it is only a community college, the highest degree you can get there is an associates degree. What I am doing is taking all the liberal arts requirements I need for my bachelor's so that I can transfer them to a university when I am done at JJC. Hope this helps
  4. skimpstah

    JJC Spring 2011?

    I had the teacher who quit last minute... All of us who had her are wondering what happened. I feel bad for you guys who should've had her because she was AMAZING! I can't believe only a couple of you guys passed the first exam. You'll get the hang of it soon. Take advantage of classes that Michelle and the rest of the NSL team has to offer, they are great tools. Take it day by day and feel free to ask any questions should you have any. Good luck guys =)
  5. skimpstah

    JJC Spring 2011?

    Don't get too worked up about teachers. You get who you get, the ultimate goal is to pass right? I'm in the evening program (2nd semester) and have been very fortunate to have had last semester and this semester (so far) fabulous clinical and theory instructors. I have heard bad stories about day teachers and one particularly difficult teacher who teaches 3rd semester. But I try not to get distracted with that stuff.
  6. skimpstah

    JJC Spring 2011?

    I'm in the evening program. Clinicals are once a week from 4pm-10:30pm. Let me know if you have any other questions! :)
  7. skimpstah

    You know you are a Nursing student when...

    When you start diagnosing characters of a movie or T.V show.....I did it the other night while watching "The Crazies" *sigh*
  8. skimpstah

    Am I the only one?

    I've actually lost about 5 lbs. I don't have time to eat.
  9. skimpstah

    Medical words that make you cringe.

    smegma and cheese used in the same sentence makes me want to gag. Those two should never be used together.
  10. skimpstah

    ADN to BSN to CRNA = Realistic Goal?

    Mke sure that whatever program you are interested in accepts ED/PACU as ICU experience. There is a CRNA program I am looking into, and they are very specific as to what they consider "ICU experience"
  11. skimpstah

    Nursing Student Assessment Worksheet

    KUDOS x 10000
  12. Neither. My safety, especially the safety of my back comes first.
  13. skimpstah

    which med do I give first

    I'd be ****** if i got a question like this on a test.
  14. skimpstah

    mi vida loca

    Congrats...I always enjoy reading your posts.
  15. skimpstah

    A/P II in summer with another gen ed??

    I did AP 2 with an intro to art class (online) last summer. worked full time and my son was 3 at the time. Got A's in both classes. Only you know what you can handle. I say go for it though.
  16. skimpstah

    Have you ever had a pt have sex...

    better than a c-section