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BellasMommyOBRN specializes in Maternity.

I've wanted to be a nurse since my grandma pulled stitches out of my ankle LOL It wasn't until then, that I knew how much I admired her :)

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  1. Longing and Wanting

    All you can do is apply and try! You never know. Sometimes employers looks @ no experience as a positive thing, believe it or not. They don't have to re-train you how to do things their way. Just have a good explanation as to why you haven't had work...
  2. Anyone else find nursing school not as tough?

    I think most people who are capable of getting into a nursing program are very intelligent and ver capable of the work. I think the "difficulty" sets in when fatigue takes over. It gets hard to stay on your "A game" for such a long period of time. Gl...
  3. New grad--should I specialize in ICU or L&D??

    No offense taken, seriously! I wasn't trying to be rude in my reply.....sorry if you took it that way! I realize that what I may consider "difficult" is very subjective and is subject to change with each person! Just sharing my two cents and experien...
  4. New grad--should I specialize in ICU or L&D??

    I guess it depends on our own strengths and weaknesses that will determine what is easier vs harder but I completely disagree with above. L&D is extremely faced-paced and requires quick critical thinking during a rapidly progressing process for a...
  5. I finally landed my DREAM JOB!!!!!!

    Congrats! It's a great feeling to do what you love!
  6. new office job, help?

    It will be a huge learning curve but you will get it! I started at an ob/gyn office 2 months ago and am still learning how to function in the office setting. Your assessment skills you gained from the SNF will help you. The hardest part is assessing ...
  7. Any OB triage nurses?

    Hi! I just started a job 2 months ago as an ob/gyn telephone triage nurse in a busy office......maybe I could help you? It is MUCH harder than I expected. And it is MUCH DIFFERENT than hospital nursing. You will get a lot of patients calling about la...
  8. Does anyone else experience pain from standing all day?

    Compression stockings are good too! Especially for you OR nurses. I used to wear them at the hospital :)
  9. Do you remember your first day on the job?

    It's not my first day anymore....but I did just switch jobs two months ago. Scary as heck and unbelievably challenging! Thanks for sharing this!
  10. How long?

    Where I live, ANY nursing experience will help you get a job that isn't intended for "new grads." With 9 months experience, I would apply to any jobs intended for "experience of 1 year." When I was working maternity/OB, I only had 7 months experien...
  11. OB/GYN nurses!?

    I am new to the ob/gyn office setting so its too early for me to say "what I see the most given" is.....but we still do implanon. We only have 1 provider trained to do it so I don't see it a ton (we are a huge practice with 7 providers). The majority...
  12. Is she trying to intimidate me?

    I would just ignore her and move on. Don't dwell on petty BS since that can be worse than the person giving you BS.Good luck!
  13. 5 interviews no offers.NEED HELP

    You may not be doing anything wrong, it may be that the competition is really high. It's hard to say without knowing what you actually say in response to questions. The best advice I can give is to tell a possible employer why you want to work for...
  14. Waiting after interview advice...the suspense

    I know the suspense can kill!! I was told for my current job that I would know the decision by a week after the ended up being 3 weeks after that I finally heard that I got the job.Just hang in there!
  15. Med/surg first?

    Some hospitals allow you to start in l/d as a new grad. It's not necessary but because of the competition for those floors those spots normally go to experienced nurses.Good luck! OB is a wonderful place to be!