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BellasMommyOBRN specializes in Maternity.

I've wanted to be a nurse since my grandma pulled stitches out of my ankle LOL It wasn't until then, that I knew how much I admired her :)

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  1. BellasMommyOBRN

    new office job, help?

    It will be a huge learning curve but you will get it! I started at an ob/gyn office 2 months ago and am still learning how to function in the office setting. Your assessment skills you gained from the SNF will help you. The hardest part is assessing patients over the phone(telephone triaging). You don't have them right in front of you and have to rely on your knowledge of what COULD be going on. You have to be really good at knowing what to ask providers and patients. I suggest pulling out that old OB book from school and having it on hand at the office. That's what I did :) Common things that I do from day to day are: Incision checks/telephone triaging/NST/injections/OB consults. You will learn as you go and will really enjoy it I'm sure. I do!
  2. BellasMommyOBRN

    Any OB triage nurses?

    Hi! I just started a job 2 months ago as an ob/gyn telephone triage nurse in a busy office......maybe I could help you? It is MUCH harder than I expected. And it is MUCH DIFFERENT than hospital nursing. You will get a lot of patients calling about lab/Ultrasound results,symptoms/should I see a doctor?, I think I'm in labor, postop/preop questions.......I also see a lot of s/p c/s patients for incision checks, to get their staples out/steri strips removed. You have to be good at assessing wounds in combination with symptoms. We also do OB consults which help a woman understand what is safe during pregnancy/office visit schedule/tests that will be done. As an office/clinic nurse you also are expected to call in rx's/refills into pharmacies for pts. We also fill out lab slips for pts if the provider wants a complete "RUQ panel" or wants you to check for "PIH"......... They don't always give you details either you just have to know that with PIH you need to check HCT/platelets/ALT/AST/bile acids....Things like that. It can be a lot of knowledge that your expected to know. I had previous ob/maternal experience which helped a lot. I'm not sure what your experience is in but, it's much different than hospital nursing. As far as tips......I don't really have any. A lot of the learning will be as you go with experience.
  3. BellasMommyOBRN

    Does anyone else experience pain from standing all day?

    Compression stockings are good too! Especially for you OR nurses. I used to wear them at the hospital :)
  4. BellasMommyOBRN

    Do you remember your first day on the job?

    It's not my first day anymore....but I did just switch jobs two months ago. Scary as heck and unbelievably challenging! Thanks for sharing this!
  5. BellasMommyOBRN


    Congrats! It is a wonderful feeling to achieve a goal! Good for you for not giving up!
  6. BellasMommyOBRN

    How long?

    Where I live, ANY nursing experience will help you get a job that isn't intended for "new grads." With 9 months experience, I would apply to any jobs intended for "experience of 1 year." When I was working maternity/OB, I only had 7 months experience before looking around my home town for a job. The recruiter said that L&D generally requires a year of experience but, she said she has seen nurses have an extended orientation time until they reach a year. I didn't follow through with it d/t getting an office job with much better hours but, hey, I got a call from a recruiter with only 7 months experience. I thought having less than a year of experience before looking for new job would hurt me too but, it didn't. Moral of the story: APPLY. You are very close to a year, and are probably too experienced to be considered a new grad.
  7. BellasMommyOBRN

    OB/GYN nurses!?

    I am new to the ob/gyn office setting so its too early for me to say "what I see the most given" is.....but we still do implanon. We only have 1 provider trained to do it so I don't see it a ton (we are a huge practice with 7 providers). The majority of the pts that get it are usually unable to tolerate the combination pills. They use it as a "last resort".
  8. BellasMommyOBRN

    Is she trying to intimidate me?

    I would just ignore her and move on. Don't dwell on petty BS since that can be worse than the person giving you BS.Good luck!
  9. BellasMommyOBRN

    5 interviews no offers.NEED HELP

    You may not be doing anything wrong, it may be that the competition is really high. It's hard to say without knowing what you actually say in response to questions. The best advice I can give is to tell a possible employer why you want to work for THEM. Don't ever let a potential manager know that they are a stepping stone to your "dream job". A lot of people do that and I think it only hurts them in the end. Practicing answers is really a MUST. My dad interviews applicants for the power plant that he works at and said it's more HOW they answer then what they answer. How quickly do you think on your feet? Are your answers well organized and easy to understand? Are they applicable to the question? How well do you follow the directions that you were just given? (how well did you do/say what they asked you to do?) interviews are extremely stressful. Have patience with yourself. Above all, let them know why they should choose you over the others! Good luck.
  10. BellasMommyOBRN

    Waiting after interview advice...the suspense

    I know the suspense can kill!! I was told for my current job that I would know the decision by a week after the interview......it ended up being 3 weeks after that I finally heard that I got the job.Just hang in there!
  11. BellasMommyOBRN

    Med/surg first?

    Some hospitals allow you to start in l/d as a new grad. It's not necessary but because of the competition for those floors those spots normally go to experienced nurses.Good luck! OB is a wonderful place to be!
  12. BellasMommyOBRN

    Resume help please!!!

    Your resume might come off a little biased when applying to floor like med-surg. You have everywhere that your passion is in woman's health which may make another type of unit weary. They might be left wondering how long you would stay. Bottom line (best advice I was given by an old instructor) "no one wants to feel like a second choice." You have to leave a job prospect thinking that YOU want to work for THEM. Don't leave other units thinking that you will 'jump ship' if an opportunity in gyn/ob/neonatal opens up five months down the road. Unless you are applying to a unit involved in woman's health, I would generalize your resume a little more. Good luck.
  13. BellasMommyOBRN

    Job Decision Help- Please!

    That's tough....and you have a baby-BABY at home. I will say from my experience that it's easier said than done. I have worked in m/b for 8 months with the same hope of working in l/d. I work straight nights. They said the same thing to me...."after a while you can cross train"....but the nights are grueling and were devastating my 5 year old. I just got a job at an ob/gyn office and know that it was a better decision at this time until my little one gets older. I WILL work in l/d one day, just have to wait until the time is appropriate. Your situation may be different than mine and you may find it to be more of an easier transition for you. Good luck. I know this is an older post but couldn't help but share my all-to-similar experience!!
  14. BellasMommyOBRN

    How to summarize clinical exp on resume.

    I agree with the poster above.....My new position required A YEAR of OB experience in which I only had 8 months. The HM said, "I consider 8 months close enough." I'm sure some workplaces enforce and strictly adhere by there "requirements" while others use requirements like a speed limit sign....(to give nurses a rough idea of what is expected for that area) They also have to consider what you learned in YOUR 7 months because it may be worth more than what someone else learned in their year. I wouldn't add clinical rotations. I haven't received good feedback from NR when I did that. Good luck.
  15. BellasMommyOBRN

    The good, the bad, the ugly - your first real patient contact

    I remember my first time with patients contact (in nursing school) was soo akward! It felt really unnatural lol It took a while for me to feel comfortable. I even felt nervous about patient contact when I started my first job as a nurse....it takes CONSTANT exposure.It's second nature to me now :)
  16. BellasMommyOBRN

    Searching for entry level RN postions in E.D. Help!

    What part of NY are you in? Upstate has a few hospitals that have ED new grad programs (strong memorial hospital being one of them) Strong also has an ED observation unit that takes new grads. Good luck!!