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Lovelymo79 has 4 years experience and specializes in CTICU/CVICU.

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  1. Lovelymo79

    Do you lie when they ask, "how long?"

    LOL! I like the question "In dog years?" That's almost like when someone asks how much I weigh...in kgs or lbs? LOL! All that being said, I never lie..I see no purpose in it. But, I will start giving funny remarks before telling them from now on ;-)
  2. Lovelymo79

    New Travel RNs Can't Find Assignments?

    I just accepted my first assignment, which happened to be my first interview. It came fairly quickly so I consider myself lucky. I wonder if it has to do with speciality. I'm in CVICU.
  3. Lovelymo79

    Staying prn at "home" hospital

    Well, I just accepted my first travel assignment...14 hours away! Lol. BUT, I am able to block schedule so I can work 6 days in a row and have off 8 (I do that all the time now) so I'll be able to fly home often. I'm leaving my dog at home with a roommate so I'll have even more incentive to return home. I'll see how it ends up working.
  4. Lovelymo79

    Ga Board of Nurses by Endorsement questions & Frustrations

    I am trying to endorse my license from Texas but I just got an email stating 1) that my transcripts do not reflect a graduation date nor the type of degree I received. Well, I'm a diploma student so I didn't get a "degree". Also, my fingerprints were rejected (I figured they would be because my cousin's were rejected twice and she warned me that they would probably be rejected. I have 2 more sets to send so I'm going to send them both but I'm wondering if I have to pay the $60 fee to Cogent AGAIN.
  5. Lovelymo79

    Texas Hospitals

    To each their own. This "argument" comes up on here every once in awhile. I live and work in Texas and I have absolutely no complaints. I've never experienced any of the above. I'm about to go out of state to see how they do things in other places but I have met lots of travelers from other states who have come here and loved it. I'll definitely be back here in Texas once I'm done traveling. I say if you want to come to Texas, come. Try it out for yourself. What others "hate", you may love. I, for one, never base my decisions on other people's opinions, especially third-party opinions.
  6. Lovelymo79

    Endorsing a license to GA -- urgh!!

    So, I'm trying to endorse my license from TX to GA (actually keeping my license. I'm got a travel position) and I just got an email saying my fingerprints were rejected. I heard that this is common practice with GA. So, that means I need to send Cogent another $60 to process and potentially reject another set of prints?? Also, I'm a diploma nurse (who just got her BSN). I sent in my diploma transcripts and the BON ruled that it didn't show a degree that was earned or a graduation date. Umm..I'm a diploma nurse..there was no degree! I will send them my BSN info also but my diploma was what got me started in the nurisng career..are there no diploma schools left in GA?
  7. Lovelymo79

    Medical Solutions

    I haven't taken my first assignment yet but I plan on gettin gmy own insurance. That way, I can take it on the road with me, no matter who I'm with.
  8. Lovelymo79

    Staying prn at "home" hospital

    Thanks for answering, NedRN. I have actually worked a year agency in addition to my full-time job so I'm pretty comfy with my skill-set and being at a new hospital. The 3-month leave would probably have to be agreed upon by my manager and director and not sure if she will go for that. But i do like the idea of staying close to home to test out the waters and yet keep my prn stays at home. Pretty sure I won't be able to make the shift requirement of 2 shifts a month if I have to fly in. Thanks again!
  9. Lovelymo79

    Medical Solutions

    I've been talking to Medical Solutions to secure my first travel assignment. But as NedRN said, I have 3 other agencies working for me too. May the best offer for me win! ☺️
  10. Lovelymo79

    Staying prn at "home" hospital

    Anyone leave a full-time staff position to go travel but stayed prn at home hospital? If so, were you able to easily maintain your prn status? How far away from your home hospital did you travel? I am am looking at start travel nursing in mid-Februry but depending on where I end up, may stay on as prn at my current positions. Just seeing if others have done the same thing.
  11. Lovelymo79

    Any young african american travel nurses?

    RNChet, which agency are you using? I am in Texas now and am itching to get out of the state..but will stay around for Houston. Thanks!
  12. Lovelymo79

    Any young african american travel nurses?

    Drea_bRN, I'm looking to join up with Medical Solutions, possibly in Houston as well. I'm not starting until mid-January, however. Which facilities have they placed you with our brought to your attention?
  13. Lovelymo79

    Any young african american travel nurses?

    Anything interesting so far? I am a charge nurse in CTICU and have about 3.5 years experience. I'm looking for any ICU, however. I signed up with about 4 agencies (looking to add one more) and will see which one gives me the better deal!
  14. Lovelymo79

    Any young african american travel nurses?

    Hi all! I'm looking to start traveling or the first time in February! I have my compact license in Texas so looking to start there or Arizona. But applying for my California and NY licenses (I'm originally from Jersey) in the meanwhile. Would love to know more about the hospitals in Houston since I would like to start there if I can't get anything in Arizona or my other licenses. Glad to meet all of you :)
  15. Lovelymo79

    RN-BSN in 6 months is DOABLE!

    It just showed all the pre-reqs that transferred in, not the required courses for graduation that I still needed to complete. I just took the courses for the BSN and crossed out the "MET" classes from my transcript eval. Thanks.
  16. Lovelymo79

    RN-BSN in 6 months is DOABLE!

    I just got my transcript eval done. Where can I find a complete list of all the CUs I need to do? Is it under our student portal? I'm starting in December (hopefully) as well!