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Hi, I'm Melissa. I'm from NY. I graduated nursing school 5/2011 and currently work on a medsurg floor. I have 3 kids and a husband who keep me busy when I'm not at work or sleeping. 🙂

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  1. CrunchyMama

    Can you recommend a RN to BSN school to RN to MSN ?

    I too am slowly looking into programs. It's so overwhelming! I've been an RN for 8 years. I've applied to a handful already and need to figure this out because I'm sick of wondering where I should go. I think I may want to become a NP. From what I understand WGU has a pass/fail grading system....not sure why. This is what has steered me away from them. However, there's many reviews from former students who haven't had any issues going further with their education because of this. Apparently on their transcripts, it explains that a pass means a B. Doesn't matter if you got all As. So, this I don't like. So it depends on your comfort level and if you plan on going further than a BSN. I've looked into and applied to a few is Chamberlain, GCU, SNHU, Aspen (not regionally accredited), Capella. I think that's it, lol. Anyone have thoughts on any of these? Anyway, good luck with your search.
  2. CrunchyMama

    Online stats. Anyone take it this way?

    I'm taking it now, online, and I'm having a really hard time. It's an awful useless class! My sister is taking the same class but at the campus and she's not having to do half the stuff I'm having to. :/
  3. http://www.utica.edu I'll be starting there this spring.
  4. CrunchyMama

    The flu shot making people sick

    I wouldn't feel comfortable working somewhere that forced me to inject toxins into my body. Luckily with nursing, there's plenty of other places to work. If someone wants the vaccines, that's their choice. If someone doesn't want the vaccine, he/she should also have the choice. None of this forcing people to do it, that's BS IMO.
  5. CrunchyMama

    Night shift turning me into a witch?

    Totally understand! I've been working nights now since I went off orientation, so about a year now. I've hated it since then. I have an interview tomorrow for a day position....fingers crossed! I despise working nights....not good mentally (or physically) at all. Hope it gets better for you!
  6. CrunchyMama

    Maternity leave......

    I know my situation doesn't compare because you're a NP and I'm an RN but last October I had my 3rd baby...about 4 months after I got my 1st RN job. I was a stay at home mom for our first 2 kids, so leaving an 8 week old was a HUGE challenge for me. And I really didn't have to leave him with anyone except for my husband because I work nights, so hubby was there to take care of him. But still it was hard and I had him stay with me during the day because he was a good sleeper. Anyway....I was hired for full time but a couple weeks before going back I called my boss and asked if there's any way I could come back part time. She said no, there were no part time positions available. I cried constantly! Finally after much talking with hubby I called my boss a few days before I was due back and again asked if I could come back part time, I got the same response. So I told her if I couldn't come back part time, I couldn't come back right now. I think that kind of threw her for a loop, lol. Oops! She said she'd discuss it with another supervisor. She called me back shortly after and said ok, I had to switch floors, but whatever, I got part time! 3 nights/week is much better then 5 nights! I'm sorry, this is long and drawn out but I just want you to know I know how you feel! It's tough leaving a baby and I really hope you can go back part time. Babies are only babies for so long, it goes by so fast! I cherish the fact that I was able to stay home with my other 2 and had I of known we were going to be surprised with a 3rd, I maybe would've waited to go back to school. I would put your family first! Good luck....I really hope it works out for you.
  7. CrunchyMama

    Do you think the CDC is biased?

    Of course they're biased....as is any big organization trying to make money. Just like the AAP as well. There's HUGE amounts of money to be made, so of course they're going to say anything to make a buck. It's a perfect world when a big organization is truly concerned about the health of others, but unfortunately money is the root of all evil. :/
  8. CrunchyMama

    Disgusted - wipes for bathing

    We also use the wipes where I work. They're horrible! I can't imagine taking a bath with them. When I was an aid in a nursing home, we used soap and water. Wipes are for wiping after you go to the bathroom, not to bathe with. These patients are still smelly because the aids are forced to use them. It stinks...literally. :/
  9. CrunchyMama

    Working as a nurse and pregnancy

    I was about 3 months pregnant and still in school when I had my first interview. I of course didn't say a thing. Had my 2nd interview (same place) a couple weeks later, still didn't say anything. I wasn't called and hired for another 2 months after that....so I was almost 5 months pregnant. The nursing director called me to offer me the job and I felt the need to tell her, so I did. She said she would get back to me. @@ She called back about 10 minutes later and said it was ok. @@ Of course it was ok, otherwise the hospital would be named after me, lol. My babe is now 10 months old and I'm still working, part time now though. It can be done! I just wouldn't say anything right away....not something you want to bring up during the interview. Congrats and good luck!
  10. CrunchyMama

    Made it through three night shifts on my own...then...

    I assure you, that won't be your last mistake. You're going to make minor ones and hopefully nothing will hurt or kill anyone. I graduated a year ago and have been working ever since and I still feel like an idiot, lol....not as much as a year ago, but still do. I've learned not to get upset by the mistakes, you truly learn from them....so in a way they're a good thing. Things get better. Good luck!
  11. CrunchyMama

    Utica RN-BSN sept 2012

    I've registered at Utica. I'll be doing statistics at a nearby school and then starting Utica in the spring. Good luck guys!
  12. CrunchyMama

    fast accelerated RN to BSN online program?

    Sounds like too much work in such a short time. I personally wouldn't want to do it but good luck to you!
  13. CrunchyMama

    Still overwhelmed...

    After I was done getting my RN, I knew I never wanted to go back for my BSN. NEVER! Spent too much time in the books and away from my family. Well, now that I've been an RN for a year now, I've decided to go back for my BSN. Stupid me, lol. I'll be starting in the spring. Around here, RNs are hired, I was right out of nursing school. But I decided I want to become an NP, so a BSN is the next step for me. I'm taking it SLOW though, considering I work part time plus I have 3 young kids. I'll be doing online and the program doesn't have clinicals....there's 2 classes that are counted as clinicals. Anyway, good luck to you!
  14. CrunchyMama

    Just a couple questions....

    When giving dilaudid (IVP) or morphine....do you dilute it first? Do you normally take vitals before/after giving these meds? I've seen it done both ways and I'm wondering what's standard practice. Thanks!
  15. CrunchyMama

    How would deal with these type of CNAs?

    I unfortunately understand your frustration. I work nights, so there's only 1 aid on our floor (which sucks only having 1). She's not the best aid. She does a basic job and that's it. When she makes rounds to do the vitals, she doesn't check those who are incontinent. I know this because when I go in there shortly afterwards, the patient is either soaked or full of poopsie. She doesn't turn and reposition patients either. It's frustrating working with someone who doesn't do their job. And that's crap about the aids and/or nurses "breaking you in". It's not high school....they have a job and that's that, no need for games. These are patients we're talking about here! P.S.....Luckily they just hired a new aid, so we'll now have 2. Praying she's a good one. :)
  16. CrunchyMama

    Becoming an NP....

    Thank you for your input Annaiya. You've given me something to think about. :)

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