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Hi, I'm Melissa. I'm from NY. I graduated nursing school 5/2011 and currently work on a medsurg floor. I have 3 kids and a husband who keep me busy when I'm not at work or sleeping. 🙂

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  1. CrunchyMama

    Can you recommend a RN to BSN school to RN to MSN ?

    I too am slowly looking into programs. It's so overwhelming! I've been an RN for 8 years. I've applied to a handful already and need to figure this out because I'm sick of wondering where I should go. I think I may want to become a NP. From what I understand WGU has a pass/fail grading system....not sure why. This is what has steered me away from them. However, there's many reviews from former students who haven't had any issues going further with their education because of this. Apparently on their transcripts, it explains that a pass means a B. Doesn't matter if you got all As. So, this I don't like. So it depends on your comfort level and if you plan on going further than a BSN. I've looked into and applied to a few is Chamberlain, GCU, SNHU, Aspen (not regionally accredited), Capella. I think that's it, lol. Anyone have thoughts on any of these? Anyway, good luck with your search.
  2. CrunchyMama

    Circumcision and Pain?

    Absurd that doctors use sucrose for pain relief such as that endured by a circumcision.
  3. CrunchyMama

    Circumcision and Pain?

    I know, I've read some articles on the sucrose. And I do support it. However, heel sticks are a big difference then a procedure such as a circumcision, don't ya think? No worries about my son....I haven't projected my guilt at all. We simply explained to him the difference between him and his brother. He's 9, he has common sense enough to know that putting a knife to a penis doesn't sound like a good idea. I didn't need to put that thought in his head at all. And like I said, he doesn't dwell on the fact that he doesn't have a foreskin. He knows, we made a mistake and we did what we thought had to be done at the time. It's just every once in awhile he'll bring it up as a joke....and I'm not talking about every day, it's more like every couple months. It's not something we frequently talk about, lol.
  4. CrunchyMama

    Circumcision and Pain?

    I don't work in OB but have done plenty of research on circumcision and unfortunately it's fairly common for a doctor to not use any pain med or not use enough or not wait the correct time for the numbing med to take effect. It makes me cringe when a mom says "oh he was only gone for 10 minutes and came back sleeping"....poor baby felt everything then, before going into shock. Some people (doctors included) think that a baby's nervous system isn't mature as a newborn, so he can't feel his genitals being ripped into, makes no sense at all. I'm extremely against circumcision, obviously. It's appauling that doctors are only seeing money signs when they look at a newborn baby boy instead of not giving out correct up to date information regarding this topic. New parents should be required to watch a video beforehand on how it's done because many have no clue what they're signing him up for. My first son was circ'ed because I knew nothing about the topic, like many I thought it needed to be done. I regret it everyday and he's almost 9 years old. My 14 month old is intact. The circumcision rates are decreasing, but not fast enough. I would definitely talk to this doctor or if you don't feel comfortable doing so, talk with the charge nurse and/or supervisor. Someone needs to stand up for these babies. :/
  5. CrunchyMama

    Mandated flu vaccine in RI for healthcare workers

    Yes it's to protect both the nurse AND the patient. But the vaccine isn't 100% effective, so to force someone to do something that may not work is just insane IMO. A vaccine isn't unnatural? Injecting formeldehyde, mercury, aluminum, aborted fetal tissue, animal tissue and/blood, etc is not something I think is natural. Getting the sickness/disease is and provides you (most of the time) with life long immunity and the added benefit of not having such chemicals floating around in your body doing damage at the cellular level. Formeldehyde alone can cause cancer. It's just scary. IMO, it's not worth the risk. I'd rather take the slim chance of catching something. HOWEVER....I do see the pro vaccine side of the issue, I do understand that people feel more protected having the vaccines.
  6. CrunchyMama

    Mandated flu vaccine in RI for healthcare workers

    I refuse because I try to be careful about what I put in my body and I'm young and have a good immune system, the chance of me dying from the flu is pretty rare. As a matter of fact, I survived already, lol....my kids and myself just got over it a few days ago. I just feel (for me) that it's unnecessary. I think giving employees the option of wearing a mask IS fair, NOT forcing vaccines. No there's no vaccines that are "required"...well maybe the MMR I think.
  7. CrunchyMama

    Mandated flu vaccine in RI for healthcare workers

    I think it's crap. Nobody should be forced to inject chemicals in their body. Those at my facility who refused the flu shot (myself included) just have to wear a mask until this outbreak dies down. It's pretty ignorant AND arrogant to call someone a fool because he/she refuses. Why not educate yourself and find out why before judging. :)
  8. No, just 1st name. Our last name is on the back which nobody can see it, I don't know why it's there. I'm glad our last name isn't on the front. I live in a small community and there's patients I've had that come to find out I know them and this is without them knowing my last name, lol. Plus, I don't want some random patient looking me up on facebook when I walk out their door. Or looking up my address...whatever.
  9. CrunchyMama

    What would cause Hgb to plummet?

    I'm slowly getting the truck analogy, I think it makes sense but I'm going to read over the posts again. Can someone explain to me why her blood was so thick? Dehydrated? But nothing was said if she was.
  10. CrunchyMama

    Frustrated in BSN program

    I never wanted to go back after my RN degree. But hubby mentioned it one day and I thought what the heck, why not? I was accepted and all set to begin a BSN program next spring. I was almost 2 months into taking statistics and after much annoyance from that useless crap, I dropped out. NOT because of that class but because I busted my butt for 3 years to become an RN, took much time away from my family, spent countless hours reading, studying, doing online quizzes and tests. Why do it all again for another title? It's not worth it to me. I feel 100% confident with my decision and have such a weight lifted since I quit a month ago. :) Only you know what's best for you and your situation. Good luck!
  11. CrunchyMama

    The new person is a germaphobe.

    I consider myself a germaphobe. I'm constantly squirting my hands at work. I even keep squirty stuff in the van for after we leave a public place, I have the kids squirt their hands too of course. We flush public toilets with our feet and open the public bathrooms with paper towels. Nothing too outlandish but it works and makes me feel better. I'm rarely sick....maybe a cold or 2 a year. :)
  12. CrunchyMama

    Please give me advice. (future nurse)

    It depends on where you live and the schools in your area. I read on here that some people are on waiting lists and some get turned down because of not having perfect GPAs. Where I live it wasn't that hard. I did my prereqs for a year and started the nursing program the following semester. Good job on doing so well so far! Good luck!!
  13. CrunchyMama

    Do you expect the CNA to wash all patients in the day shift?

    Before becoming an RN I was a CNA in a nursing home and worked on he dementia floor. As CNAs we were expeced to bathe all residents who couldn't bathe themselves and even possibly had a shower to do on some days. It was part of the job, so yes as a nurse, I expect that the aids bathe those who can't. I work on a medsurg floor for now and I'm sure every patient doesn't get bathed and it's a shame because I take a shower EVERY day and patients in the hospital especially should be washed everyday.
  14. CrunchyMama

    Online stats. Anyone take it this way?

    I'm taking it now, online, and I'm having a really hard time. It's an awful useless class! My sister is taking the same class but at the campus and she's not having to do half the stuff I'm having to. :/
  15. http://www.utica.edu I'll be starting there this spring.
  16. CrunchyMama

    The flu shot making people sick

    I wouldn't feel comfortable working somewhere that forced me to inject toxins into my body. Luckily with nursing, there's plenty of other places to work. If someone wants the vaccines, that's their choice. If someone doesn't want the vaccine, he/she should also have the choice. None of this forcing people to do it, that's BS IMO.