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  1. seasoned hopeful

    Does Oxygen need to be prescribed?

    I had a patient yesterday who had used O2 eariler in the day. His :eek: O2sats went down to 84%. I put up the head of the bed and checked it again and it did not go up. At that point I got the nasal canula off the wall, turned up to one liter and put it on him. I was told after by my instructor that That had to be doctored ordered to put on and to take off. Is that true?
  2. seasoned hopeful


    My guess is that it could happen to anyone. Everyone gets a chance to look and feel like an idiot. It will be forgotten, hang in there.
  3. seasoned hopeful

    is there a good way to get blood pressure right?

    What worked for me was to practice on everyone that you can get to sit down. When you feel more comfortable it will be easier to you. Go through each step in your mind as you do it, to keep yourself on track. There are also a couple of good websites on the sounds that you will hear. You'll get it!!
  4. seasoned hopeful

    All Nursing Students 50 and older! I need your feedback.

    I am 59 and will be 60 in February. I am in my second semester. I thought it would be more difficult for me than the younger because of lost brain cells, etc. However, my life experience and determination are great factors. I have always been the oldest student, older than the professors, the other students and even the School!!!! But this semester there is a student who is 2 years older than I and we have buddied up. That is very cool....... My advice? Hang in there, people are working well into their 70s now. People are not retiring at 62 when they will live into their 80s or 90s. Then the younger ones can take care of us!!!!:D:twocents:
  5. seasoned hopeful

    NG tube feeding

    Could you cut and paste it here. I would love that. Thanks
  6. seasoned hopeful

    I just lost my brother, hoping to get some feedback

    I am so sorry for your loss. Grief is its' own animal. I am sure you will suffer from guilt as well, "what if I....why did I not....." It can go on and on. If loving your brother would have been enough to keep him with you, he would still be here, however, It was demons that were in his head that took him. IT WAS NOT YOUR FAULT!!!! always remember that. Cry whenever you need to and talk it out when ever you need to. This is not something that will "go away" But in time it will be tolerable. Grief effects your whole self, holistically, body, mind and spirit. Grief counseling is not only helpful but a necessity. Maybe consider an anti-depressant or anti-anixety or both while you are still in school. I am so sorry this has happened, reach out to others on the internet, there are many sites of people who have suffered the same fate and connecting with someone who knows what you are going through will give you strength. Take care of yourself....as you WILL carry on. :redbeathe:redbeathe:nurse::redbeathe
  7. seasoned hopeful

    Have to repeat a course, in a year!

    I know EXACTLY how you feel. I did not pass semester two, Med-surg and OB peds. I thought my world was over. A WHOLE YEAR to wait until I can redo it. However, that was exactly what needed to happen. I took a semester and did classes that were fun and able to restore my self esteem with As again. Now I am back in and, believe me it makes more the sense the second time around. Hang in there, it is just a rock in your road. Just a minor setback!!! You Can do it!!:redpinkhe:redpinkhe:redpinkhe:redpinkhe
  8. seasoned hopeful

    Who else is starting their 2nd semester tomorrow..

    Hi All, I will be repeating my second semester tomarrow. I really appreciate the second chance. I know it will be easier the second time around. Excited and terrified about the roller coaster ride. Good luck to all!!!
  9. seasoned hopeful

    What kind of BAG do I carry all this stuff in?

    A Rolling Bag is the answer. The books are extremely heavy. Almost everyone in my class uses one. The only disadvantage is if there is snow, then it acts like a snow shovel behind you. LOL. Last semester I did not even take books to class. But this semester I am. If I follow in the book as the lecture is going on, highlighting what the instructor is talking about, I am more likely to remember it. Good luck to you, and you will find whatever works for you. :nurse:
  10. :redpinkhei know exactly how you feel. the first semester was very stressful and the 2nd i was such a wreck that i could not even think or operate. i did not pass that semester. i took regular classes last semester and was reminded why i loved going to school and learning. i went to my doctor and got on some antianxiety meds. i hope it will help. i am back to semester 2 on jan 7. i loved the challange and the learning that i experienced. this semester with the meds, i think i will be able to retain the info better, sleep better, make my study time productive and be ready to continue in the program. i have my fingers crossed...... are you on antidepressants? i would have never considered it, except i was in school when i lost my daughter now 4 years ago and the doc put me on them to help me. i really believe it did help. good luck to you. we are all in the same boat:nurse::eek:
  11. seasoned hopeful

    Rolling bookbags for nursing students

    I sure do use one. It is crazy how heavy our textbooks are. You can find them at walmart with the luggage. Good luck to you:)
  12. seasoned hopeful

    Golden Oldie Students?

    i am in my second semester of ns. i am 59 and will be 60 in feb. i did not pass the second semester last time but am back in to pass this time. i will be 61 when i graduate with my rn. how do patients and other students respond to me? most patients feel more comfortable with me, as they think because i am older i am wiser, and i guess that is true. i have had many life experiences that one does not learn from a text book. any way that is my story and i am sticking to it>>
  13. seasoned hopeful

    First Clinical - Feel totally lost.

    i makes a difference if you have had cna experience before. (i was in the same boat ...lost lost lost). i think what you are feeling is absolutely normal. how would you know how to do it if you had never done it. it feels different on a live person rather than a dummy. hang in there and ask lots of questions. you will do fine and it will get easier. [color=#483d8b] :yeah:
  14. seasoned hopeful

    Down and Out

    I SO know what you are going through. I failed my second semester which set me back a year. At first, I was so upset and depressed, but now I realize I did not have a good enough grasp on the information and it will make so much more sense and will even be familiar the second time around. ALWAYS REMEMBER, YOU FAILED A SEMESTER, YOU ARE NOT A FAILURE. That was a hard one for me to swallow, but it is true. Use this time to recover and prepare the the returning semester. It will Come!!! Chin up, what we are doing is NOT easy. :heartbeat:nurse::heartbeat:heartbeat
  15. seasoned hopeful

    How does it feel to fail a nursing course?

    You have to realize it is not the end of the world, (although it may feel like it). I was in the the Spring semester last year and did not pass the whole semester. It was not from lack of work, so i did not understand. However, now I realize I was not ready to go on. So I ended up taking a year off and I will jump back in in the Spring. I am not giving up, just taking a little longer. You failed a class, but you are not a failure@!!!!:redbeathe:redbeathe:redbeathe:redbeathe
  16. seasoned hopeful

    Graduation Gift

    give them each a framed picture of you at graduation in a really nice frame. dinner for two also for mom and dad. it is really refreshing to hear how much you appreciate them. you got it made!!~!~ oh, and of course congratulations!!!:yeah::nurse::nurse: