The First Days of Nursing School by the Fall 2009ers!!!


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Stethoscope $

Dansko Shoes $

Textbooks $$$

Tuition $$$$

First Day of Nursing School.....Priceless!

My orientation starts next week (4 days!) and first day of class on the 24th. Good luck everybody! We have already worked hard just to get to this point and the fun has only begun!


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Awww...I am a third semester nursing student, but it is always nice to read about everyone's first day/semester in nursing school. Good luck to all of you guys and remember to hang on and enjoy the ride! And most importantly CONGRATULATIONS and welcome to the student nursing family :yeah::yeah::yeah:

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How exciting for all of us!!! I start this Friday! I already had orientation a month ago. We tried on uniforms, went over our calender, got a tour and listened to the second year students tell us their tips and tricks. I have my book and lab kit, which has my IV kit, needles, syringes and all kinds of cool stuff in it. I have already read two chapters in fundamentals, took notes and have my One Note notebook all set up for class. I'm so freakin stoked and will come back friday night and post about my first day!!

Good luck to everyone out there who is starting! We can do it!!!:redbeathe


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I have orientation tomorrow and friday and classes start Monday....:wink2::yeah::cry:

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We didn't get a lab kit. Those sound like fun! I knew I should have started reading my fundamentals book early, but I just was not motivated enough. I wanted to juice out the last of my beach going days because I knew I wouldn't be having those for a while. I'm keeping up with it though. I could only imagine if I missed one night of reading, how easy I could get behind. We have our first test on the 27th and our first skills evaluation next Tuesday. Er....That scares me. By the way, I did not know that bedmaking could be complicated. Lol. Also I am really excited because we start clinicals September 2nd and we met our clinical instructors today. All the staff seems really great. Yay! I can't wait to read everybody's first days. Hope they all go as well as mine have been.


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Ooooh boy, my orientation is tomorrow and school starts on Monday! I'm pretty excited about starting school but unfortunately I dont feel ready to go back to school plus I'll be working full time while attending nursing school. I think I've enjoyed my summer "too much" if there's such a thing and my mind doesnt feel ready to go to school. I've managed to cram a trip to Panama, 2 cruises, a backpacking trip, and 3 trips to vegas with one pending this weekend over the last couple of months and I'm in a total party mode.... School..... :zzzzz:zzzzz:zzzzz:zzzzz

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i'm surprised at how early everyone starts! i have a cpr course this weekend and orientation next week but class doesn't start until september 10th. i am in an asn program and have all my pre-reqs done so it's just the actual nursing courses from here on out. it was easier and cheaper for me to go the asn route then rn to bsn program so here i go! if all goes well in 3 ½ years i'll be completely finished with my bsn.... here goes!!

i have also started reading my fundamentals book to try to get ahead. we only received our assignments for the first month and there are 2 tests, a paper, and a ton of reading so id like to get ahead with what i can now. i'm so excited to start but bummed our first clinical round doesn't start until november. i'm so nervous to be in the hospital but anxious to start!


it just varies on the part of the country. i am in co, my kids get done with school end of may and start next week, the colleges here in my city end first week of may and start the last week of august.

when i lived in wa, the kids got out mid june and always started after labor day and the college got out beginning of june and started the end of sept.


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This is so cool! I have orientation tomorrow and Friday from 8:30-4:30... Then classes start on the 24th. YAY, CAN'T WAIT! :yeah:


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I'm so jealous!!!!

I'm reading all these posts of ya'll starting Aug/Sept. My first day of classes is Oct.5. We're on a qtr. schedule and we're using this qtr. to get everything done. Can't get books until 2 weeks before classes :( Once we start though, it's 18mos with only a week break in between qtrs. Exciting though...the last step to a new beginning in nursing.

Can't wait to hear about everyone's first day!!!! Good luck you guys!!:redbeathe


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Well I have orientation on Friday, where I will order my uniform and my patches. Monday is my first full day!!.... I have already read a couple of chapters in my Pharmacology book and have done chapters 1-6 in my Calculating with Confidence book. I am told there will be a math test given on Friday and truthfully I am glad I read over those chapters.....OMG...ratios and percentages....I hated those when I was in junior high!!! But, today I went to Walmart and purchased pencils, pens, highlighters and etc....And had so much fun doing it. I know I'm such a dork, but I'm so excited!!! Good Luck everyone on your first days of Nursing School!!!!


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Orientation for me starts on the 25th! And then it's class and clinicals that week! We had to take a nursing assistant course in I'm pretty much settled..but still excited!!

I'm finishing up Chem tomorrow so that has taken all of my energy lately. Next week, I'll be relaxing and preparing for school..I haven't even gotten my books yet!!


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I can't believe I am FINALLY a nursing student!! I start on the 24th. Our orientation is the first day of class. I'm so excited and nervous and scared all at the same time. I haven't started reading my Fundamentals book yet because I've been studying for my Micro final. Now that that's over (took them yesterday) I will start organizing my reading and get started. I have all my books, just finished getting everything I need for uniforms, got my stethoscope, notebooks, pencils, pens, highlighters, etc. I am waiting on one thing in the mail to come and I think I am all set. I just need to get a couple of programs for my Ipod touch, but I might just wait until I get my financial aid disbursement a few weeks after the semester starts.

Good luck everyone!!

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